The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 22, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) President Trump has wisely concluded that Republicans “have to play the game” when it comes to mail-in voting.

2) Rutabaga visited Ukraine while it is in the process of losing the war.

3) Maryland, tending to the most important of business, has officially banned the declawing of cats. These useless, silly, unserious slapdappers.

4) James O’Keefe is officially out at Project Veritas.

5) Veritas fits the typical model of an institutional pathology.

6) Veritas board said that O’Keefe risked the group’s nonprofit status.

7) New York Young Republicans have suspended Matthew Tyrmand, the likely mastermind of James O’Keefe’s outsting.

8) While Veritas staffers told the board, “Quit, or we walk.” We’ll see.

9) If, indeed, equity is so important, why not eliminate varsity sports? Indeed, why is there an NBA and NFL allowed were the vast, vast number of all players are of a single race?

10) The Mormon Church has been fined for a scheme to hide its $2 billion investment portfolio.

11) Governor Mike DeWeenie will make home visits in East Palestine, Ohio and drink the tap water.

-Well, to some of us Mikey, you drinking a lot of Ohio River water is really good news.

12) Just the latest woke city collapsing because of woke policies that are blamed for street racing chaos.

13) Opposite rulings on free speech, “hateful conduct,” and government from different courts.

14) Twenty states have joined bishops in condemning the FascistBI memo profiling “Latin Mass Catholics.”

15) Some RINOs worried that RDS is taking too long to jump in the race.

-Oh? I thought he was the clear favorite, that everybody wanted him?

16) Rodent studies say men who drink Coke or Pepsi have higher testosterone levels and larger testicles.

-I drink gallons of diet A&W Root Beer. Let your imagination work.

17) The U.S. is now blanketed in fentanyl—a ninefold increase across the western part of the country.

18) ANOTHER near air disaster as two Alaska Airlines planes leaving Seattle scraped tails on the runway when a computer bug told pilots the planes were 20,000 pounds lighter.

19) Reading between the lines, this is a whiff. The Georgia grand jury in the Trump election probe has recommended charging multiple people but won’t say if Trump is on the list. So clearly, he isn’t.

20) A DemoKKKrat White House staffer pulled a Rutabaga and fell down the entire set of aircraft steps in Warsaw, Poland.

-Part of it is they are so full of spooge they are overweighted.



21) The Supes heard a case on whether tech giants could be sued for aiding ISIS terrorism.

-Yeah, but what about U.S. gubment terrorism?



22) Seven ways the Uke war has changed the world. One left out: the globalists lost huge in their attempt to eliminate Putin.

23) Russia “likely” to claim a big victory in Bakhmut.

-Maybe 'cause they have gained a big victory?

24) Per the Guardian, the Uke war is “over” unless the EU boosts military support, says a top diplomat.

25) The Japanese have blocked off a beach and are investigating a metal sphere of unknown origin that washed up on a beach.

-I’ve seen way too many “Pacific Rim” movies to even doubt where this goes next.

26) Some UK supermarkets are limiting fruit and vegetable sales.

27) The ChiComs were involved in helping Justa Turd-o win 2021 election, says Canada’s top intel agency. And we have to believe them, right because we know they never engage in misinformation.



28) Two Air Force vets testified to the Pentagon’s UFO office that they saw mysterious objects turn off ten nuke warheads and blast test missiles out of the sky.

-Well, alrighty then. So no need to worry about Pootie-poot.



29) Pootie-poot, pushed by Rutabaga, has suspended the nuclear arms treaty.

30) Bwahahaha. ESPN’s Randy Scott let the cat out of the bag when he was narrating a clip on women’s basketball and said, “let’s get back to the actual basketball [i.e., men’s basketball] in Ann Arbor.”

31) While this sports hub anchor told people on set to “watch out” for two black people behind him, warning they might steal his car.



32) New Zealand government data shows that the China Virus vaxxes make you more likely to die from the China Virus, not less.

33) New Zealand recorded its biggest increase in registered deaths in 100 years.

-But has nothing to do with the vax. Nahhhhh.

34) “Trials should have been halted” with the vaxxes because of the rate of “serious adverse effects.”

35) Pfizer knowingly allowed dangerous components in its vaccines.

36) This study says that the China Virus vax can REDUCE post infection cardiovascular risk according to “association.”

-I would remind everyone that the standard dismissal of dozens of studies now showing just the opposite is that “correlation” does not equal “causality.”



37) Gotta love this. A man stayed calm after being rudely cut in line at the supermarket, then bought a lotto ticket that yielded $1 million.

-We need more cosmic justice like that.



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