The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 21, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave the Tuckster access to 41,000 hours of Patriot Day tape.

2) A court filing shows that an undercover DC cop pushed protesters toward the Capitol, climbed over a barricade.

-And Michael Byrd should be in prison, if not on death row.

3) Former Maryland governor Larry “Hogan’s Zeroes” Hogan says that school curriculum reeks of “big gubment.”

-This guy is among the biggest of big gubment types.

4) Shocked, I tell ya! The five dirtiest cities in America are run by DemoKKKrats.

-I’d bet numbers 6-10 are also run by DemoKKKrats.

5) Speaking of poorly-run DemoKKKrat cities (but I repeat myself), Groomer City (S.F.) has found its boycott of red states is costing it 20% more on contracting. The city was spending $1.7 million on a single public toilet, and the Board of Supes has started the repeal process.

-Dang, I kinda wish they’d kept it till the city was totally bankrupt.

6) Transoidism and sex mutiliation for kids is now big business.

7) Oakland went dark as a fire ripped through a Kollyfornia power substation following a series of (in the words of the UK Daily Mail) "TARGETED ATTACKS across the U.S."

8) Now, an explosion at a metal manufacturing plant in Bedford, Ohio.

-Certainly people have to be asking if this is a coordinated attack and not by “white supremacists,” but Buttplugs is too busy “nursing” his baby to care.

9) Speaking of Biteme’s minions causing targeted attacks, start with Buttplugs. Here is a list of the debacles under his so-called “leadership” at DOT

10) Another winner, winner, slitherchicken dinner as a pro-BLM slimenugget teacher who was kicked out of a South Carolina school for claiming it was “white supremacy” to call theft a crime is accused of concealing a student’s “gender issues” from parents at his/her/it’s new Maryland school.

-There is only one place of employment for such “teachers.”

Riker’s Island.

11) Even the DemoKKKrat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says residents in East Palestine have a “right to be skeptical” and won’t say if he’d drink the water.

-Oh, come on, Brownie. Take a slug with your latest booster vax.

12) The mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake faces an early re-election knockout.

-I don’t understand. I thought all residents (who were still alive) loved Beetlejuice.

13) A pilot has spotted a large white balloon off Hawaii.

14) While the UFO shot down by a $400,000 missile was possibly a $12 hobby balloon.

-These incompetent analpockets . . . .



15) The Supes, having ducked as many important issues as they possibly can, are forced to “wade into the quagmire” of internet regulation.

-Teddy Roosevelt would have settled this one in 30 minutes.

16) A San Diego Roman Catholic Diocese now faces bankruptcy over sex abuse lawsuits.

-Now do Epstein’s list.

17) More than 800 big box retail stores are set to close this year, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Gap, Party City, and Walmarts.



18)  ChiCom e-commerce giant Alibaba is lobbying DemoKKKRats like crazy.

19) The European Union has approved an effective ban on the sales of gas cars by 2035.

-Let them eat diesel.

20) A ChiCom military transport plane is en route to Russia right now . . .loaded with weapons??

21) New Orleans’ mayor and big-spender-in-chief, LaToya Cantrell, was filmed yelling and flipping the bird at riders on a float at Mardi Gras who turned their back on her. That’s far better than what she deserves.



22) CNN has benched Blind Lemon Don as it is clear he is unemployable.

23) Seems like no matter how hard I try not to cover these two bibsnigglers, they encroach themselves back into the news. Now Megxit and the Ginger Duke are threatening “South Park” with legal action over the portrayal of them.

-Yeah, that’s gonna work.

24) Vice Media has borrowed $30 million from an investment group in hopes of selling the debt-ridden company. Wait, so they’re in debt—that’s why they have problems—and they borrowed more money?

-Sounds like the U.S. government.

25) “We’ve lost key battles”: Big tech companies quietly reduce censorship teams following legal battles and layoffs.

26) While big companies are dumping “diversity professionals” faster than anyone else.

-Faster, boys, faster.

27) Barbara Bosson, a regular on “Hill Street Blues,” has died at 83.

28) The number of Americans under 30 who are getting plastic surgery is reaching all time highs. Course, if you adjust for Hollywood, probably about the norm.



29) Who woulda guessed? The China Virus is a pandemic of wealthier, highly vaxxed nations.

30) Finally! Idaho lawmakers seek to criminalize injecting of mRNA China Virus vaxxes.

31) A 12-year-old Jersey boy has “died suddenly” during football practice with no contact.



32) “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” only slightly recovers some of the Marvel Avengers magic. Reasonably entertaining, good villain, incredible eye candy.

No, not CGI: Michelle Pfeiffer, who seems to be getting younger.

I’d give it a solid B. It’s clear Marvel needs to move on from the previous casts of the Avengers, and equally clear Ant-Man can’t carry the new phase.



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