The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 16, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The left has given up on ordinary Americans.

-No crap, Sherlock. They did this in 2016 and have never come back. It’s a mystery how they ever win a single election.

2) Funny. Nick Knack has just launched her “presidential run” and now is threatened by a collision with fellow South Carolinian Tim (“Dred”) Scott.

3) Gov. DeWeenie in OH has emphasized people near the derailment in East Palestine urge drinking bottled water out of an abundance of caution.

4) Family Heritage Alliance was attacked by Congresswoman Erin Healy—who blocked all Twit responses—who said that FHA’s view that a family with married husband and wife is “a dangerous and un-American belief.”

5) U.S. support for Uke aid is falling.

6) Yertle, whose sole remaining usefulness is in getting GOP judges through, accused the DemoKKKrats of “demographic box-checking” with nominees.

-Well, duh.

7) Rutabaga’s top China adviser is out after the balloon debacle.

-Gotta blame someone, right Biteme?

8) Sen. Marco Rubio (“Rubes,” aka “Sweaty Little Man”) has sparked an investigation into the Michigan EV deal with ties to China.

-“Sparked,” get it? As in lithium batteries? Don’t blame me. I just give you the headlines.

9) The Supes voted to reconsider the Brunson vote-fraud case in the 2020 election. This is automatic when someone files a motion for reconsideration. A date is set. Nothing will come of this.

10) Scientists have “switched off” autism symptoms using a $3 epilepsy drug.

11) Americans are wising up. Trust in the media is so low that half now believe news orgs deliberately mislead them.

12) And, just one good example: a West Virginia journalist was fired after investigating alleged abuse at state facilities.

13) Hysterical. Chris Christie says no one knows who Ron DeSantis is on a national stage.

-You only know who Christie is because the stage collapses. He’s on the Stacey M1 Abrams Human Planet Diet.



14) Ford has paused its shipping and building electric Ford F-150s due to potential battery issues.

15) This is resulting in Ford cutting jobs in Europe.

16) A classic restaurant, Coco’s at Pismo Beach, has closed. Good old Kollyfornia.

17) “Dystopian” homeless encampments have overtaken O’Hare Airport in Benghazi-by-the-Lake.

18) The Neiman Marcus CEO has been accused of snobbery for saying his chain will focus on the 2% of its wealthiest customers because they bring in 40% of all sales.

-Sounds like common sense to me. Like, what, Rolls-Royce should go after Prius drivers? C’mon, man.

19) About that falling inflation: the CPI increased in January at a 6.4% annual rate.

20) David Blackmon: Why EVs are a classic bridge to nowhere for consumers.

21) U.S. mortgage apps decline 7.7% from last week, purchase apps down 43%, refinance apps down 76% from last year.

22) While U.S. real average hourly earnings are now negative for 22 straight months.



23) “Poke-eee-stan” has gone all in on coal.

24) According to the UK Defense Secretary, the Russkies have 97% of their military in Ukraine.

-Other sources say they’ve lost half their forces in Ukraine, so they’ve lost half their army? Wouldn’t this be a great time for, say, the ChiComs to invade Russia?

25) The ChiComs blasted “vanity political appointee” Buttplugs over the Ohio train catastrophe.



26) NBA legend Michael Jordan has donated a record $10 million to Make-a-Wish Foundation to celebrate his 60th birthday, the largest in the charity’s history.

-For Mike, that’s about two Air Jordans.

27) Raquel Welch dead at 82. The legendary actress was the pinup queen for her poster in “One Million Years B.C.” and was a mainstay in big-set pieces such as “El Cid.” Easily one of the most beautiful women in history.



28) Top doctors reveal how the vaxxes turn our immune systems against us.

29) Legendary Hawaiian surf photographer “dies unexpectedly.”



30) This is getting exhausting trying to keep up with what sex is what: now an Arkansas “woman” was arrested over alleged bomb threats, but who is really a male with a female name.

-Either way, he should have fun in gen pop.



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