The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 15, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) We don’t have a humor section, but this could fit: Nick Knack Haley has announced her 2024 White House bid.

2) Senator FinkStink of Kollyfornia has announced her retirement. She is only marginally more brain-alive than Rutabaga or Fetterman Massacre. Indeed, the three of them would be fortunate to count five active brain cells.

-Are you ready for Senator Schiffty, the Human Lemur?

3) A House committee on oversight will investigate Dr. Fallacy. I’d prefer Torquemada’s methods of “investigation,” but for now, Jim Jordan and Paul Gosar will do.

4) John Basham of Democracy Institute blames GOP failures in narrow swing districts vs. their overperformance in deep red and deep blue districts as the cause of the 2022 fiasco.

-John ol’ buddy, there was more than a little fraud in there. If just Arizona and Nevada had been fraud-free, both would have U.S. Republican senators and Arizona a GOP governor.

5) Video shows sparks and flames well before the Ohio train derailment.

6) Animals are falling sick and dying near the Palestine, Ohio, train derailment site.

7) First, it was Baltimore; now, not a single student can do math at grade level in 53 Illinois schools, and for reading, 30 schools.

8) Damar Hamlin implies that the vax was what caused his heart to stop, but “that’s something I want to stay away from.” I’m sure the NFL had nothing to do with that view.

9) The ChiCom spy balloon program is connected to the military, said Rutabaga.

10) While just 12% of DemoKKKrats want Rutabaga to be the leader of the party, conservatives must realize that DemoKKKrats will vote for a pile of dog droppings so long as it has “D” behind the name.

11) More corruption news of the illegitimate jackal in the White House: Jim Biteme admitted he was hired to negotiate with the Saudis for a $140 million deal because of his position and relationship with veep Rutabaga.

12) Usually, I say this sarcastically, but this time I mean it: Shocked! The Georgia Senate has approved a proposal for a Clarence Thomas statue at the state capitol.

13) A new study says Alzheimer’s is driven by diet (fructose).



14) Inflation in services is at a four-decade high. Food and energy prices also rose.

15) To wit: Egg prices are up 70%, cereal up 15%, and coffee up 12%.

16) A new report says that electric cars threaten environmental disasters.

17) And while we’re on the topic, Ford stock dropped after problems with the lithium batteries were revealed.



18) There will be no general China Virus vax reckoning in Germany. I guess one Nuremberg was sufficient for all murderers.

19) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban vows to stay on the side of peace as Ukraine calls for more weapons.



20) Woke Hollywood layoffs continue with Showtime slashing 10% of staff.

-Next time, lay off all the creative people there except Mike Judge. “Silicon Valley” was da bomb.

21) Conrad Dobler, a great NFL guard and once dubbed “The NFL’s dirtiest player,” died at age 72.



22) The world’s first unvaxxed (pureblood) dating service has launched in Hawaii.



23) And finally, here’s one you don’t see every day: a man threw a 3.5-foot alligator through a Wendy’s drive-through window.

-He’s charged with attempted murder. Now that’s a true redneck murder weapon.



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