The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 14, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) This is getting creepy. First, a “balloon.” Then over Alaska/Canada, a “cylindrical object.” Now over the Great Lakes, the USAF has taken down an “octagonal object.”

-Who the heck runs the UFO program on Uranus, General Motors? Like, a different model and color for every alien?

2) The Kansas GOP has picked an “election conspiracy promoter” as its new leader.

-Good. I think the headline means to say GOP picks someone with common sense who can spot fraud from Dodge City.

3) Now, what is Rutabaga planning? U.S. citizens were told to leave Russia immediately.

4) Axios warns DemoKKKrats that there is a “gaping divide” between their party and actual voters.

-Well, I agree, but we need to see it show up in elections if we can get the fraud out.

5) In Baltimore, 27 public schools have NO students who can do math at grade level.

-Maybe it’s the textbooks? “If Jimmy sells three fentanyl tabs at $200 each . . . .”

6) Senator Marco Rubio (“Rubes”) said UFOs have been operating routinely over U.S. airspace for years, but we have no idea where they come from.

-Well, there’s this: if they are aliens and they fly at balloon speed, and we shot a couple down already, I say bring ‘em on.

7) The Defense shows that the FascistBI planted manufactured evidence on Enrique Tarriot to frame him.

8) One of the first big elections of 2023 will be for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

9) “We basically nuked the town:” Hundreds of Ohio residents are demanding urgent testing of their homes after a train wreck released toxic chemicals into the air—but Rutabaga and other officials say it’s perfectly safe.

10) 60% of teen girls feel “persistently sad or hopeless,” and 30% have considered suicide, says the CDC.



11) Ford has announced a massive new electric vehicle battery plant in Michigan. Taxpayer subsidized.

-Right in time for all the studies to come out showing lithium batteries to be deadly.

12) Three Wal-Marts are closing in Benghazi-by-the-Lake.  Guess Beetlejuice’s anti-crime policies are going well.

13) Remote work is costing Manhattan $12.4 billion a year as employees take off Mondays and Fridays.

14) Love it! Meta (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) is planning a whole new round of layoffs during the “year of efficiency,” which began with “zero work” getting done.



15) A Hamas cartoon has depicted Palestinians of all ages eating the victim of a ramming attack.

“But they’re just like us.”

16) A study into sex abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church said victims may number close to 5,000.

17) Questions now arising about the death total claims in Ukraine.

18) China’s top airship scientist sent a high-altitude balloon called the “Cloud Chase” over North America four years ago.



19) I’ve stayed away from this because I’m not a huge gamer, and I certainly don’t care about the J.K. Rowling nonsense going on, but Hogwart’s Legacy is now beating “Elvenring” and any Harry Potter game.

-Critics hate it because it is absolutely non-woke.

20) Occasional Cortex whined that a Jesus ad at the Super Bowl was “fascism.” This is truly an evil, demonically possessed person, as are almost all of her DemoKKKrat Baal-worshipping pals.

21) Arizona’s real governor, Kari Lake, refused to stand for the bogus “black national anthem” at the Super Bowl.

22) A new “Flash” movie featuring Michael Keaton as “Batman” is getting high scores from test audiences.



23) In New Kabul (NYC), employees fired over refusing the vax must reapply for their jobs.

24) A list of China Virus lies: one of the most unexpected things from the pandemic was the low infection fatality rate. Globalists expected more bodies.

25) Insurance data shows that Blue Cross paid docs $40,000 for vaxxing 100 kids under 2; $80,000 for vaxxing 200!!

26) Lockdown protesters got a win in Moscow, ID: “Plaintiffs were wrongfully arrested, the City indisputably erred in interpreting its own Code, the City consequently misadvised its officers as to the Code’s application, and Plaintiffs are so far reasonable in their damages requests . . . .”

27) In Australia, Dr. Peter McCullough reports that regulators concealed vax-induced myocarditis from the public.

-Shocked, I tell ya.



28) The Black Tape Project held a New York Fashion Week runway show with models wearing nothing but nipple- and Kunis-covering tape. Let’s just hope no one gets any superglue on that tape!



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