The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 13, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Rutabaga downplayed the contents of the classified docs that ended up in his garage as “stray papers.”

-Sorta like “somebody did something.

2) Rutabaga blows off balloon concerns: it’s not a major breach.”

-“Somebody did something.”

3) Glad to see it: former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hottie-Hawaii) ripped Minion Romney over his prior comments accusing her of treason.

-“Some pot called some kettle black.”

4) Ron Klain out as Rutabaga’s brain. Was he a “moderate?” A “human guardrail” to Rutabaga’s demented frothings as this article suggests?” Wait for it: they blame Republicans for not winning the senate in 2020 for not being there to “moderate” the Demented Pervert.

COMMENT: I think this article is a pure smokescreen. Klain was as slapwhacky as anyone else in the demonic looney bin. More likely, he simply lost an internal power struggle that the radical racist fecalmonkeys and the environmental nutstompers had already won. Now those elements are joined by the Uke warmonger al-Qaeda klatchsnatchers. And Zero had no hand in any of this. He’s a corporatist/leftist who wants his money. None of this points to any “moderation” at the House of Baal.

5) The U.S. has shot down yet another “high-altitude object” over Alaska.

-If the aliens are comin’, they’re doing a crappy job of it. And we haven’t even sent up Will Smith or Harry Connick, Jr. yet.

6) However, this story says that the F-35 pilots who shot down the mystery object over Alaska said it interfered with sensors and had “no identifiable propulsion system.”

-Gentlemen, I think I discovered that system.

7) The mayor of Groomer City (SF) says the downtown is “coming back.” Guess she was referring to coming back as a drug den, a pedophile palace, and a haven for the demonic urinal heads who inhabit it.

8) Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, “hears voices” like the teachers in “Peanuts” and “struggles” to adjust to Senate life.

-Dunno why he would struggle. He can’t be worse off than the Rutabaga usurper in the Oval Office. Besides, all the Human Ox has to do is have someone tell him to sign on the dotted line.

9) Of course they do. New York DemoKKKrats have introduced a bill to ban children from playing tackle football.

10) Now they’re coming for the Mormons: the LDS Church’s investment arm is under investigation by the SEC.

11) Much of the transoid rage is derived from a susceptibility to popular delusions, made all the worse by Hollywood and Madison Avenue normalizing demonic perversion. (I added that last part).

12) Newly-reelected Witless Protection has attacked governor Ron DeSantis as “incredibly destructive.”

-Lessee, Witless, whose state is gaining and whose state is losing wealth, population, business . . . .

13) Shocked, I tell ya: energy giants are choosing oil over green non-energy.

14) Washington, D.C., may close its public schools due to plummeting enrollment.

-Gee, why do you think enrollment plummeted? Maybe maskies? Maybe forced poison vaxxes?

15) Burglary tourism on the rise in Kollyfornia. Thanks, Newsome. Thanks, Rutabaga.

16) The New Jersey school superintendent who revealed personal information about Adriana Kuch’s family—she is the bullied student who committed suicide—has resigned. The entire school district should resign over this barbaric incident.

17) Continuing his efforts to totally destroy America, Rutabaga has released al-Qaeda terrorist Majid Khan after 16 years at Gitmo.

-“I promise I’ve changed,” he said. Which is exactly what Hitler said after Munich.



18) Yahoo will lay off 20% of its staff this week (1,000).

19) An older piece related by David Blackmon that the Vermont government put in a lithium battery backup to its statehouse. When the insurance company found out, it added a fire risk to the policy. Vermonters removed the battery pack and started to look for other places to put it.

-I have some suggestions.

20) According to Forbes, there will be an oil boom in 2023.

21) Oh? The CPI just got revised higher for October by .2%, and “Core” gained another .1% after revision. Claims that inflation is falling had to be revised yet again.

22) The dash for $10 trillion in metals for “energy transition starts now.

23) Oh, and for the record, “Confounded Interest” reminds us that the U.S. debt grew by 264% since Botoxic became speaker in 2007.



24) Putin’s “major new offensive” has started.

-Oh? I thought the Russkies were finished and Pootie-poot dying of cancer-Parkinsons-MS-coronary disease.

25) The Office of the UN Commissioner recognized the authenticity of a video of Ukes shooting Russkie prisoners.

26) Moldova’s pro-EU gubment resigned.

27) This article says that Justa Turd-o “shot down” a UFO. I think they misunderstood: Turd-o probably had the UFO given a China Virus shot.

28) Even the ChiComs are “getting ready” to take down an unidentified object near Qingdao.

29) Even in Germany, it’s all about the subsidies for Evs.

30) A bull charged into a crowd in India, injuring 14.

-Reportedly, it was shouting, “I don’t want to be sacred. It’s too much pressure! Leave me alone!



31) Legendary guitarist Eric Clapner said, “I can’t sleep because of the pain—the vax took my immune system and just shook it around.” Sad to hear. But if “Clapton is God,” can’t you just heal yourself?

-Note: for those not old enough to remember, Bill Clinton’s Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders called Mr. Clapton “Eric Clapner” when describing how much she liked his music.

32) In a thriller going down to the last seconds, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles to win their second Super Bowl in four years in what is by far the most hyped entertainment event in America --the Super Bowl.

33) Super Bowl 57 (if I read my Roman numerals right) is set to bring my state $600 million in revenues.

-Thank ya’ll.

-Now go home. Seriously, we simultaneously have the SB, Barrett Auto Auction (one of the biggest in the world), and a PGA tour stop all in the same two-week period.



34) A new paper on vax deaths in Israel and Australia suggests that the death number due to the vax in those countries is the number of doses divided by 1,000. Some 3.7 million were killed in India alone. Death due to the vax rapidly increases with age.

35) Steve Kirsch, using that data, says that 13 million were killed worldwide by the vaxxes, or double the number who died from the virus itself.

36) And also Kirsch: What funeral directors are saying about the vax.

37) Brazil’s newly illegitimately elected crapweasel president says that all citizens must be vaxxed to get state bennies.

38) The Rhode Island Supreme Court blocked a mother from getting her kids vaxxed against the China Virus based on an appeal from the father.



39) Archaeologists have discovered a weird Roman-era pot in Switzerland filled with 22 oil lamps, each containing a bronze coin, each decorated with a gladiator, a lion, a peacock, and an erotic scene.”

-Well, alrighty then. Freeper “SunkenCiv” recalls that the great Hennius Youngmanius told a joke, “A gladiator, a lion, and a peacock walk into an erotic scene . . . .”



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