The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 7, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) Few Americans have any confidence in Rutabaga.

2) While ABC/Washington Compost say that a majority of Americans think Rutabaga hasn’t accomplished much.

-Oh, I think he’s accomplished a great deal. All bad.

3) Pretty good recommendations for the GOP to win in 24 here.

4) Over 400 products including breakfast sandwiches and fruits have been recalled amidst potential Listeria contamination. Symptoms are fever, headache, diarrhea, and nausea.

-Sort of like what you get watching Lizzo perform.

5) Miami’s black leaders have apologized to Governor Ron De Santis after a member called him a racist.

6) A North Dakota bill would make it easier to fire tenured professors.[/embed]

7) Jonathan Turley: Congress is set to expose the largest censorship system in American history.

8) Representative Waltz says that the DoD told him the ChiCom balloons crossed the U.S. during the Trump years, but Gen. Stray Dog Mattis didn’t tell President Trump because he thought Trump was too aggressive. (Other sources deny the balloons came in).

9) The latest hitpiece on Kampuchea Harris (aka, “The Cackler”).

10) There was a second near-miss air collision in a month as a FedEx cargo jet nearly landed on a Southwest passenger jet.

11) Degenerative brain disease was found in 92% of deceased NFL players’ brains. This is terrible.

-Wonder what they’d find with deceased DemoKKKrats?



12) So, BP’s CEO is scaling back his transition to green energy? Good move.

13) Oh, and remember that near-catastrophic collision with the Southwest Airlines plane? Southwest will cut the required flying time for prospective pilots in half to boost numbers after the holiday meltdown.

-Now I feel much better flying American.



14) Noah Smith argues that India can industrialize, but right now while its exports are good, its industrialization levels are lagging and it is still heavily service based . . . and no one knows if, in fact, service productivity can actually be increased.

15) 3,500 have died in an earthquake in Turkey.

16) The Russkies sent a mobile hospital to the earthquake region in Turkey. Meanwhile we send tanks to Ukraine. I thought the USA used to do this stuff.

17) The Israelis are “reaching out to our neighbor” with aid as well.

18) John Lloyd reviews the latest scholarship in colonialism and deals with the dirty little secret that colonialism did improve the life of most of the subjects. For liberals this is troubling, as it is exactly what they want to do today to people who have already attained high levels of socio-economic freedom and prosperity, and if it should be applied today to us, gee, it must have worked well before to “people of color.” But if it didn’t work for them, why impose it on us?

19) Ukraine’s defense ministry is in “turmoil” as the Russkies ready an offensive. Say what? I thought the Ukes were winning.

20) Justa Turd-o’s censorship bill has passed the Canadian senate.


21) Speaking of Justa Turd-o, it seems the Canadians aren’t too happy with him either—except they keep him in office. But in this poll, younger and female more likely to say “Canada is broken.”



22) The Disney Turd continues to swirl around the bowl as it produces a new cartoon that claims America was “built on slavery” and said Lincoln had no desire to liberate the enslaved.

-This once-beloved company needs to see bankruptcy sooner rather than later.

23) Bruce Springsteen fanzine Backstreets will cease publication after 43 years because the “Boss”’s blue collar fans lost interest. Some say it’s the $4,000 concert tickets, but I think it’s the fact that he last had a hit when the Jamie Lee Curtis was showing her breasts.



24) The China Virus vax mandate has finally ended for New Yorkers.

25) New York’s Kid vax collapse is the grim result of “expert” China Virus misinformation.



26) A New Yorker set off on a dream trip down under only to see snow, and realize he had booked a ticket to Sidney, Montana instead of Sydney, Australia.

-Folks, we MUST fix the public schools.



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