The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 31, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1)  West Point, soon to be renamed Karen Point, has reimposed the travel ban on unvaxxed cadets despite the repeal of the military vax mandate.

 2) Senate DemoKKKrats plan to take a ‘hard look” at the Sloth Durham probe.

-Why? This guy has done nothing. Probably a diversion.

3) Kollyfornia’s marijuana industry has gone to pot. Even the brand of Jerry Garcia pulled out of the Dimming State.

4) A jury has found Mark Houck not guilty on charges brought by the Biteme administration for helping women outside an abortion clinic.

5) New primary polls show Trump leading Ron De Santis by double digits in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

6) The Pentagon can’t account for $220 billion of gear given to contractors. And these guys are so sophisticated and clever, right?

7) New Jersey will investigate a county election after votes were counted twice, altering the result of a school board election.

-Great. Now do Arizona and Georgia.

8) The Supreme Court’s cowardice: By failing to rule broadly on the Colorado baker case, the state is allowed to continue persecuting Christians until the Court is forced to take up the case a second time.

9) The average church has to replace 32% of its attendance every year.

10) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won a legal battle over shipping illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

-Send. Them. All.

11) A sixth police officer in the Tyre Nichols case has been taken off the force.

12) A New College of Florida trustee wants to find a new president and fire all the faculty.

-Haven’t looked at the roster, but probably not a bad idea.

13) The chairwoman of the Kollyfornia reparations panel has pushed for wealth, mansion, or property taxes to pay billions to the descendants of slaves.

-Start with Hollywood first.

14) So most Americans now agree with Ronald Reagan that government is the nation’s top problem.

15) DemoKKKrats say that Kampuchea Harris is not “adept as a communicator,” is underwhelming, and has been almost invisible.

-Which is precisely why they cannot remove Rutabaga. Kampuchea is worse.



16) Thanks to soaring energy prices, it is now cheaper to drive a gas-powered car only 100 miles rather than the average EV.

17) The Trans war on the Family.

18) A pretty good economic primer on how Trump’s economic policies differed and will differ from those of Ron DeSantis.

(Industrial/energy-growth oriented vs. service oriented).



19) In Peru, the president caved to the leftist riots and proposed trashing the constitution.

20) Toyota continues to be the world’s top-selling automaker for the third year in a row.

21) The Pentagon has distanced itself from the Miniham Memo projecting war with China by 2025.



22) A major shakeup is coming at Disney.

23) The fools at SAG/AFTRA (or, if you like the “Team America” version of the organization, “FAG”) strongly support a China Vax mandate.

-Well, this is one way to get rid of these nimrods.

24) “It was as if a million heads exploded.” Well, that’s not in the article, but Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has thanked God that his ankle healed enough for him to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

-I rooted for the Bengals, but I thank God he healed ya too, man!



25) Evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein calls the China Virus vax the “biggest blunder in human history” and says the vaxxes may make the human immune system unable to fight off pathogens.

26) Pfizer has admitted “engineering” the China Virus in lab studies but insists it's not “gain of function.”

27) Doctor Brian Joondeph (a real MD, not an Ed Doctorate like “Dr. Jill”) asks, “Are the Covid yarns slowly beginning to unravel?”




28) And finally, would you accept less anesthetic during surgery to save the planet? Doctors say it could reduce the world’s carbon footprint by .1%.

-Well, the best answer to that was the story of the woman who went into the dentist's office, and as he started up the drill, she grabbed him by the privates and said, “Now, we’re not going to hurt each other, are we?”



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