The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 30, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) President Trump stopped for ice cream in South Carolina and prayed with a woman at the restaurant.

-Could never happen with Rutabaga. You’d have to cast out all the demons before you could pray with him.

2) Speaking of South Carolina, Nikki (Nik Knack) Haley will launch a presidential run against President Trump. This has crash and burn written all over it.

3) President Trump warns we are on the brink of a world war and says he would have a peace deal in 24 hours, which he probably would. A simple two-step process: Ukes, you ain’t gettin’ any more money. Russkies? You ain’t gettin’ any more land.

4) Trump’s new education policy is loaded with culture war proposals.


5) Despite local concerns, illegals will soon be moving into Chicago’s Woodlawn. Awwwww. Too bad.

-From the article: “You kind of have to be a little bit gullible to believe that they’re actually going to do their job and serve the migrant communities when they’re not even serving the current community that is here.”

-Psst. Dude. They ain’t “migrant communities.” They’re illegal invaders.

6) Speaking of illegals, now they’re coming from Canada (743% increase) cuz it’s easier entry than Me-hee-co.


7) That didn’t take long: a New House Intel panel member calls for a probe into our enemies’ control of the U.S. supply chain.

8) A pediatric group has been ordered to provide Florida documents on why it supports sex changes for kids.

9) A Memphis man, Tyre Nichols, was beaten by police and tazed, then leaned up against a police car without medical help for several minutes while paramedics looked on. He died of injuries days later. (All police involved in the beating were black, as was the suspect).

10) Here are two articles in my Twit thread about the same subject: teachers keeping transoid transitions from parents. A major battle is shaping up, and it cannot be fought at the school board level. It must involve teacher hiring.

11) In Kinshasa on the Delaware (Philly), animal tranquilizer has been found in 90% of the drug supply, eating users’ skin and leading to amputations.

12) Shocked, I tell ya! Partisan “fact checkers” spread misinformation about so-called “climate change.”

13) How Trump bounced back.



14) U.S. real disposable income fell for the seventh straight month. Rutabaga’s economy has lost $4 trillion in real disposable income since March 2021.

15) While U.S. pending home sales have declined for the 13th straight month.

16) The U.S. population center has moved South this decade. Gee wonder why?

17) Companies that tell you how to run a company are the least profitable.

18) Dodge has added a “range extender” to electric trucks. Wanna guess how it’s powered?



19) Germany’s green suicide.

20) The feds have adapted AI to combat American dissent on vaccines and elections.

21) Palestinians celebrate a terror attack that killed seven with candy, and fireworks.



22) Actress Annie Wersching died of cancer at age 45.

23) Well, that took cajones. The star of “Shazam,” Zachary Levi, agreed that Pfizer and its China Virus vax are a “danger to the world.” I may go see his movie now.



24) The Inspector General’s office is attempting to throw Dr. Fallacy under the bus without actually hurting him.

-Can’t be done.

25) Steve Kirsch: Pfizer does not deny anything on the Project Veritas video.

26) And also Kirsch: Death records show the China Virus vaxxes shortening lifespans worldwide.



27) And finally, the Spice Girls plan to reunite for King Charles III’s Coronation, although rumor is they have changed their names to Geritol Spice, Tylenol Spice, Prune Spice, and Depends Spice.




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