The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 27, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) First, the NYSlimes, now Politico, says Rutabaga is in trouble with the docs.

2) President Trump calls out Rutabaga over the escalation in Ukraine. So Trump is now the “peace candidate.”

3) New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Gills) could face a primary challenge from Occasional Cortex. Well, that wouldn’t be a challenge at all.

4) Schiffty the Human Lemur has vowed revenge against McCarthy for booting him from the Intel Committee. Dunno, but I never heard of serious Lemur attacks.

5) First, Arizona, now Iowa, has a school choice law.

6) One small step for mankind. In Kollyfornia, Shasta County has banned Dominion voting machines.

7) Classified docs found in former veep Mike (Tuppence) Pence include briefing papers for foreign visits.

8) Huge victory in Florida as more than half of the homosexual/transoid parents are considering leaving the state.

-Psst. Try Kollyfornia.

9) A rookie Georgia cop has resigned after the department barred him from expressing views on traditional marriage.

10) Cong. Matt Gaetz says that the Deep State is telling Mike (Tuppence) Pence not to run for president. The Deep State, he says, is against both Trump and Rutabaga.

11) A Kollyfornia judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking the China Virus “misinformation” law.

12) Rutabaga is ecstatic! New research has found that a certain variant of dementia is treatable.

13) A new study shows the U.S. would run out of long-range munitions in a week in a war with the ChiComs.

14) Just like that, much of Kollyfornia’s water problem went away.

(See the side-by-side comparisons).

15) Rutabaga had a big donor pal give his niece an $85,000 a year job while she was on probation for shoplifting, and she claimed it was a minimum wage job and wouldn’t take anything under $180,000.



16) The Rutabaga is indeed allowing new drilling permits to be issued—but not any new pipelines are being built, so drillers are just sitting on them.

17) Gas prices are now about to head back up as fuel supplies tighten.

18) Wise move. Tech firms have slashed diversity, equity, and inclusion departments to the bones.

19) US GDP growth at only 2.9%.

20) Southwest Airlines has posted a $220 million loss after its holiday meltdown.

21) While Boeing has pled not guilty in a Texas court to deceiving regulators about the 737 Max’s control system.



22) France has looked for ways not to send tanks to Ukraine.



23) The Communist News Network’s primetime viewers dropped to 444,000, with Blind Lemon Don hitting a record low.

-Just for comparison, Tracy Beanz, Richard Baris, and I had nearly double that on our first-ever election night coverage in 2020. From a computer camera.



24) The UK’s Office of National Statistics admitted “serious flaws” in its China Virus data.

25) A new Veritas video shows the Pfizer director of Research “giddily” talking about deliberately mutating the CARS-CoV 3 by means of “directed evolution.” But no, this isn’t trying to change your genetic structure. Nahhhh.

26) Heng He writes that the recent deaths of China’s top officials and elites amid the China Virus surge have exposed a massive organ transplant culture.

27) While the UK government has ended China Virus boosters for healthy people under 50.

28) The Swedish birthrate data suggests the vaxxes are “cause for suspicion and alarm.”

29) The epidemic of “died suddenly.”

30) While disability data also raises questions.

31) A 20-year-old college tennis player has “died suddenly” in his sleep.

32) The Department of INJustice has made a first-ever indictment of abortion extremists attacking pro-life pregnancy centers.

33) Detroit Lions' former linebacker, 25 years old, “dies suddenly.”

34) Pfizer exec who was on Project Veritas is Jordon Trishton Walker.

35) South Africa is now questioning the vax.



36) A “demonic” eight-foot gold statue with twisting horns and tentacles paying homage to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fight for abortion rights was erected in front of a New Kabul courthouse.

-I think this is unfair. Everyone knows Cankles owns the demonic horns and tentacles franchise.



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