The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 26, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Tucker Carlson repeats much of this page over the past few days, saying that the Hunter Biteme e-mail may point to the core of the docs scandal, i.e., Rutabaga allowed the drug-addled rectalscab of a son to traffic in classified documents for his own personal enrichment and may implicate many others.

2) As does Mark Levin: Bush, Zero, Cankles—they are all guilty of doc “re-positioning.”

3) The incompetent press secretary won’t say if Rutabaga is ok with the search of his University of Delaware corruption evidence.

4) The New York Slimes threw Rutabaga under the bus for the docs.

5) And now they are at least asking Zero if he has any classified docs.

6) And Jesus Carter says HE “found” classified docs in his home after leaving office in 1981. What an incompetent stoogesample.

7) This is good: Ronny Jackson, a critic of the vax, has been put on the Select Subcommittee on the China Virus.

8) Niiiice. Speaker McCarthy has kicked Farticus and Schiffty, the Human Lemur, off the House Intel Committee. Now there is absolutely no question that either of these analswabs lack intelligence.

9) A Las Vegas judge committed suicide after facing an ethics probe for demanding an investigation into a sex trafficking ring.

10) Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) to introduce a bill banning TikTok from the U.S. Conceptually, good. In practice? I don’t see how.

11) The Arizona election may be over, but the evidence of corruption is mounting, with a possible 400,000 ballots mis-tabulated.[/embed]

12) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! $45 billion in U.S. pandemic unemployment claims are flagged as potentially fraudulent.

-My only question is, “only $45 billion?”

13) Now we’re talking about sending 3rd generation fighter jets—F-16s—to “help” the Ukes. As in help them get shot down quickly.

14) This guy’s nickname had to have been “Lucky”: he was killed when his dog stepped on his rifle trigger.

15) Forcing elderly drivers to do mandatory brain tests cuts crash rates by 10%. I’m elderly, and I approve of this message.

COMMENT: You should see Arizona snowbird drivers. We know fall has arrived every year because the license plates change color. One person entered the double left turn lane from the wrong direction. Despite signs plastered everywhere, at least once a season, a snowbird tries to enter a freeway off-ramp. And don’t get me started about the 25-in-a-45 zone. I have long maintained that every new car should come with a one-time-only rocket launcher, but you can apply to the state for refills. I’d use mine up in a week.

16) The Atlanta terrorists are children of privilege. No surprise.



17) Major insurance companies are refusing to cover Hyundais and Kias because they are stolen too much.

18) Is the debt-ceiling fight different this time? (The new Republicans are not afraid of the bond market).

19) A woman is suing Fireball Whiskey for selling a whiskey-flavored drink that doesn’t contain whiskey.



20) The NORKS have locked down their capital due to an outbreak of “respiratory illness.” Would that be the Korean Virus?

21) Al-Jazeera asks if China’s high-growth era is over. If Al-Jazeera is askin’, it is. And just 10 years ago, we were told the ChiComs would quickly eclipse us.

22) France considers a 20-year extension for nuke reactors.



23) The Sultan of Brunei’s daughter Princess Azemah went Full-Alabama when she married her first cousin this week.

24) The latest weight-loss obesity cure is a slimming vax, Ozempic.

-Nope. Nope. Nope, and nope.

25) Jeff Bezos’s new hottie, Lauren Sanchez, was told she was too heavy to be a flight attendant at 121 pounds. Uhhh, has anyone looked at flight attendants these days? Many are in the Stacy M1 Abrams category.



26) The game is over, and they lost. Even a porn site admits the vaxxes don’t work and are dangerous. (“Why didn’t they warn us?”) Yep. She really said that.

27) A “bombshell” report by the Inspector General’s Office says that the NIH failed to keep tabs on the Wuhan lab.

-Oh, IG, I think Dr. Fallacy and his pals knew exactly what was going on.

28) Here comes their next attempt to make us take mRNA: a “no-needle” China Virus vax that you breathe in.

-Nope. Nope. Nope. And Nope.

29) Steve Kirsch has attempted to sign up for “public” forums but is blocked by the FDA and CDC at the email level, so he is suing due to free speech infringements.

30) As these numbers develop, they will likely increase. A new peer-reviewed study showed that 271,000 Americans were killed by the China Virus vax in the first year alone!!



31) The UK Daily Mail asks, “What does your orgasm face say about you?”

-Dunno. Maybe where are the cigarettes? And I don’t smoke.

At 111, America’s oldest veteran is still smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and loving life



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