The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 23, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The FascistBI searched Rutabaga’s Wilmington home and found even more classified docs.

-Now, do Hunter Biteme’s residence.

2) More than 60% of Americans think Rutabaga handled documents “inappropriately.” Well, that 60% is wrong. He handled them criminally.

3) And the corrupt Rutabaga was found in an e-mail on Hunter Biteme’s laptop dealing with Chinese acquisition of a gas company.

4) Is Elon Musk, the “Techno King,” the man who brings down the WEF?

5) An election-integrity watchdog found just a handful—10.9 million—midterm ballots from 2022 “unaccounted for.”

6) The Fifth Circuit has struck down ATF’s ban on bump stocks.

-Another win.

7) Here is yet another reason to drink coffee.

8) Anyone can say anything, but I think Bongino is right: what is inside the Rutabagta’s documents has the DemoKKKrats terrified.

9) An Indiana atheist group has accused the sheriff’s office of “pushing Christianity” after hundreds of inmates were baptized.

10) Bill (Manboobs) Gates has an “ask me anything” Reddit chat . . . then promptly dodges questions about Jeffrey (He didn’t kill himself) Epstein.

11) Here is a great infographic on the Twitter revelations.

12) More fallout from the criminal society foisted on us by the DemoKKKrats: in Houston, a “relentless wave” of robberies has forced business owners to sleep in their businesses with guns.

13) The thoroughly corrupt Department of INJustice has placed Patriot Day J6 defendants on a registry like sex offenders.



14) Brazil and Argentina are creating a common currency.

15) Personal savings are down 64%, and real weekly earnings fell for 21 straight weeks.

16) Treasury Secretary Janet Screamin’ & Yellin said she will tap into Social Security to avoid breaching the debt limit.



17) The Huns may transfer 19 Leopard tanks to the Ukes.

-Honestly, the Germans haven’t used them anywhere in years, so . . . .

18)  . . . while U.S. officials now are telling the Ukes to wait to go on the offensive. (Maybe cuz they are on the verge of losing Bakhmut?)

19) The problems of aging populations: productivity falls, even if not by as much as once thought.

20) A Ukrainian corruption scandal rages as a Uke government official is sacked. Now do Mrs. Green Screen’s shopping sprees.



21) To my surprise, “Avatar: The Way of Water” has broken even at $2 billion to become the sixth highest-grossing film ever.



22) A very large Cleveland Clinic study shows the more vaxxes you have, the more likely you are to get China Virus.

23) Steve Kirsch asks, “Where is their champion?” Who on the pro-vax side will have a real, open debate or discussion about the facts?

24) China now has its own China Virus vax to undergo testing. I’m sure that will be on the up and up.

25) Fascistbook’s China Virus fact-checkers are funded by the vax companies.

26) Influencer Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame, who blocked me on Twit for challenging his pro-vax views, admits the “antivaxxers have won. I don’t want to leave any wiggle room.”



27) This interactive map has the world’s fattest countries. Up to 90% of adults are overweight in the worst offending nations.

-I would think the United States is near the top because Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, skews any average.



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