The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 20, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) In a new policy video, President Trump has outlined a ban on the acquisition of American infrastructure by the ChiComs.

2) Don’t look now but the GOP majority in the House is getting perilously small: first George Santos is under fire, and now Congressman Greg Steube of Florida has sustained “several injuries” in a fall from his roof.

3) The Indiana Senate race could become “ground zero” of the GOP civil war as a MAGA Trumper faces a Loogie Lugarite.

4) Figures. Massachusetts. The lights have been on at a Massachusetts high school for a year because no one can figure out how to turn them off.

5) You don’t hear this every day: a Chicago homeowner held a burglar at swordpoint until cops arrived.

-Did the home belong to Oliver Reed or Michael York?

6) While this needs to be addressed, realize that it will entail state governments literally getting involved in college course syllabi. “Program, as Written, Violates Florida Law.”

7) Another major HIV vax trial has failed.

8) A private New Kabul school for special needs kids called “iBrain” conducted research on students without the consent of the parents.

9) The family of a benefactor at the University of Richmond has demanded a full refund of $51 million, including interest after the school removed T.C. Williams’ name.

10) A Pennsylvania woman killed both her parents then dismembered their bodies with a chainsaw.

11) America’s Police Exodus: The fallout of 'defund the police' is still unfolding.

12) WTH Are Democrats Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Midterms?[/embed]

13) Can Weimar America Save Itself?[/embed]



14) Boeing’s fuel-efficient aircraft design has won a $425 million award from NASA.

-Sooooo . . . they got the crash problems with the last Boeing aircraft fixed, did they?

15) Dan from Squirrel Hill has found that NPR admitted most recycled plastic ends up in landfills.

16) Single-unit family housing up 11% since November, multifamily down 21.8% since last December.

17) A man discovered that his GMC electric Hummer will take five days to fully charge.

18) Crypto exchange, Genesis, is “days away” from bankruptcy thanks to losses in wake of FTX, including owing $900 million to the Winklevoss twins.

19) Twit is downsizing its data center in Atlanta and shutting down the data center in Sacramento.

20) Southwest Airlines Pilots Association has called for a strike vote after the Christmas travel fiasco.

21) George Soros bought off at least 54 high-profile acolytes in the Hoax News media.

22) Has Capitalism Created a Wasteful Excess of Managers?



23) The Pentagon has asked U.S. forces in Korea to provide equipment for Ukraine.

-Imbecilic and dangerous.

24) Annnnd it never stops. The U.S. will ship still more arms to the Ukes.

25) Green Screen Zelensky used the Davos pulpit to slam western allies for insufficient hardware.

26) The tyrant witch of New Zealand, PM Jacinda Ardern, has quit.

27) The ChiComs saw a bigger gap with the U.S. last year—the U.S. increased its lead. Rutabaga deeply disappointed.

28) The Elephant in the Energy Transition's Living Room Makes an Appearance in Davos.



29)  The greatest actor in the world, “Awwwwweck Bawwwww dwin” will be charged with involuntary manslaughter in the “Rust” shooting.

30) Infighting between Stephen Crowder and Benji Shapiro that involved a $50 million feud.

31) Actor Julian Sands has gone missing after hiking in the Mt. Baldy area.

32) David Crosby dead at 81.



33) Steve Kirsch notes that the new bivalent booster makes it more likely you’ll catch the China Virus.

34) Funeral Homes In Fully-Vaccinated Norway ‘Overwhelmed’ With Corpses.[/embed]

35) Doctor tells skeptical CNN hosts that COVID deaths are being 'overcounted'.



36) Woman discovers she accidentally married her cousin while pregnant with his baby.

-Well, there is always the Jerry Lewis defense



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