The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 19, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) Nahhhh. Rutabaga ain’t compromised by the ChiComs: Hunter Biteme’s $49,910 rent exactly matched a deposit on the office shared with a ChiCom energy company.

2) More reasons to dismantle the FascistBI and CIA: a ChiCom mole in the FBI’s counter-intel division was responsible for destroying the CIA’s China network.

3) Payback’s a bitch: The House Oversight Committee is stacked with firebrands like Boebert, Perry, Greene, Donalds, and Gosar.

4) This obnoxious rectalscab Kinzinger was selling autographed copies of the Patriot Day (J6) report from his website.

5) Even Idaho is not safe from the slimy sex potatoes, as the Human Welfare “sexual orientation and gender identity training” is mandatory for foster parents.

6) Speaking of demonic spooge-pellets, here are tapes from a suburban homosexual/transoid pedo ring. (Part 1 of 4)

-So-called “married men” pimping out their foster kids to other pedos in Atlanta

7) Sad, and you don’t hear this every day: a Hawaiian fisherman was dragged overboard by a tuna and is missing. That had to be one big tuna.

8) Good: Florida governor Ron DeSantis has moved to scrap ESG from all Florida state-run fund managers.

9) File under Benjamin Button news: an anti-aging breakthrough at Harvard reversed the aging of mice, including having blind rodents develop eyesight and have smarter, younger brains.

-Please don’t tell George Soros.

10) Some 18 AGs have filed a legal challenge to keep Rutabaga from turning VA hospitals into abortion nests.

11) The food police think banning “processed meats” will cut down obesity. Nope. Try banning processed CARBS.



12) Bosses are being forced to contact Gen Z employees on Instagram because they increasingly ignore staff emails.

-Bet they wouldn’t ignore the one that said, “Your employment is hereby terminated.”

13) U.S. industrial production plunged in December.

14) West Virginia Attorney General announces $83M opioid settlement with Walgreens.

15) Twit revenue is down 40% from a year ago. Welcome to the tech world, where revenues are falling everywhere.



16)  Frostbite amputations hit a 10-year high in Edmonton last winter.

-“Global warming.” Only nine years left. Oh, wait, that was 10 years ago, according to Algore.

17) A helicopter crash in Ukraine killed 18 including the Uke Interior Minister.

18) Electric vehicle rebates in Canada are 153% over budget so far.

19) Six people died in India at a kite festival when kite strings sliced their throats.

20) Dubai is the #1 tourist destination in the world.

21) So even the ChiComs lost population last year for the first time in decades.



22)  Porn actor Ron Jeremy declared mentally incompetent and unable to stand trial for rape.

23) Jeremy Renner (“Hawkeye”) was released from the hospital after his snowplow accident and could take up to two years to fully heal—a doctor neighbor applied a tourniquet on his leg to save it, and injuries were “worse than anyone knows.”

COMMENT: This was not a small little snowmobile, but a 9-foot high massively treaded plow that started to roll away. Renner tried to hop behind the wheel to stop it when he was crushed. A doctor, stranded in a drift, raced to his aid. Renner’s chest had to be reconstructed.

24) Woke “Velma” now at 6% audience rating.



25) Steve Kirsch has put up a $1 million bet that the vaxxes cause strokes. And he has the data.

26) The ChiComs are hiding the real death toll—far higher than the official tally.



27) A knife-wielding North Carolina man on a tractor blaring the Dukes of Hazzard theme led cops on a (rather slow_ 20 mile per hour) chase after trying to mow down pedestrians.

-Reportedly, he told his lawyer they looked like corn stalks.

28) I know this isn’t new, but I just discovered it. If you’re a fan of Styx or not (and I was), this is so uplifting: Tommy Shaw and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra in Cleveland, live, performing “Fooling Yourself.” Just look at the joy on these kids’ faces as they learn how wonderful the music of an earlier generation was.


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