The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 18, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) It’s the web, baby, and nothing ever disappears from the web. Here are the Rutabaga’s “missing” taxes.

2) Even Zero’s ethics chief blasted Rutabaga for retaining classified docs: “Inexcusable neglect of the most basic security protocols.”

3) High-class prostitutes are hard at work in Davos. They probably make their entire year there, and I can’t blame ‘em. The globalists screw us, so . . . .

4) The entirely politicized Department of InJustice decided against having FascistBI agents monitor the search by Rutabaga’s lawyers for classified docs.

-You know, like they did to Trump?

5) Typical of this fecal snot-toilet: as veep Biteme insisted the “nuclear football” briefcase stay behind his motorcade in Wilmington to preserve his image as a regular guy.

6) A transoid school board member was accused of looking at a topless woman in a locker room.

-You know, cuz it’s A MAN, BABY!

7) Rutabaga is trying to bring maskie mandates back onto flights months after the Demented Pervert said the pandemic was over.

-For these people, it will never, ever be over. It’s their source of control.

8) Every time I want to see tougher sentences, I see a story like this: A man who pointed a “gun” finger at cops was jailed for over a year without trial and starved to death behind bars.

9) Almost 90% of Republicans support Harmeet Dhillon over Ronna McRomBush for GOP chairwoman.

10) LUNATIC ALERT: astrophysicist Natalie Gosnell said her field is riddled with “white supremacy.”

-This toadsprocket wouldn’t know white supremacy if it gave her a hood and cloak.

11) The latest war against Asians: 13 Virginia high schools delayed their merit awards until after college admissions as the state AG said they were targeting Asians.

12) The Washington D.C. Council has voted to reduce max penalties for burglaries, carjackings, and robberies.

13) Enough, enough, enough. The City of Cambridge, MA, has posted a sporting event flier for “girlx” to include kids who “identify as girls” through 5th grade.



14) Totaling up the jobs killed by the energy transition.

15) “I literally cried”: former Keystone XL employees still reeling two years after Rutabaga axed the pipeline.

16) At Davos, Citi chief says that work from home . . . isn’t working.

17) Microsoft will cut 5% of its workforce (11,000).

18) Disney shareholders are starting to fight back. Billionaire Nelson Peltz launched a bid for a board seat.

19) David Blackmon: Trading one energy dependency for another.

20) The New York State manufacturing index collapsed in January as Wells Fargo pulled out of the mortgage market!



21) Noooo, of course, they aren’t. A physics prof (we can trust them, right?) Says that the CERN supercollider is not a “portal to hell.”

-Not that Satan operates by physical rules all the time. . . .

22) Contrary to Hoax News reports, Douglas Macgregor says that the Ukes are nearly out of ammo, and running out of men.



23) One reason the Christian church no longer has a lot of credibility with many. Christian singer Amy Grant on criticism of her niece’s same-sex wedding: “I love those brides.”



24) A dad said that FEMA tried to bribe him after his teenage son’s post-vax death. He refused and went public. Now sue, my friend. Sue.

25) As we suspected. The FAA has quietly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are not normal.



26) And finally, Lurch, John Kerry, told the rectal mafia at Davos that an “extraterrestrial force” brought people there to “save the planet.”

-You know, I always suspected this guy was from Hisanus (as opposed to Uranus). Now he confirmed it.



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