The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 12, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) A Capitol Hill Police commander has testified to failures in the Patriot Day evacuation response (i.e., the “failures” were planned).

2) Passengers stuck on an Amtrack train for more than 29 hours called police because they said they were being held hostage.

3) Rutabaga and Buttplugs were flummoxed by the first FAA stop since 9/11.

-Makes sense. Neither of these nimrods has a clue as to what is happening.

4) WONDERFUL NEWS. Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, plans yet another governor run in Georgia. Along with Betamale in Texas, she is the most prolific lib donor money-burning machine in history.

5) Speaking of the Human Planet, her group has been ordered to pay nearly a quarter-million dollars in legal costs for challenging Georgia’s voter laws.

6) In peaceful Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware three people are murdered by assassins lying in wait, caught on camera.

7) Ohio Republicans—actually ALL Ohioans—scored a major victory for election integrity with a new voter ID law. Too bad it wasn’t Arizona, or Pennsylvania, or Michigan, or Georgia, the Four Fraudsters.

8) Former NC Congressman Madison Cawthorn apparently ghosted his successor, who can’t find his constituents’ files.

9) The House will vote on a bill to abolish the IRS and replace the income tax with a “Fair Tax.” I prefer a flat tax, but anything’s better than what we have.

10) Congressman Matt Gaetz says the GOP will release the 14,000 hours of Patriot Day (J6) tapes that the DemoKKKrats hid.

11) Like we didn’t suspect: The FascistBI collaborated with the CIA and NSA to spy on Americans.

12) Biteme aides found a second batch of classified docs at a new spot, according to NBC.

-This kiddie-diddler has, in his Swiss-cheese brain, dumped docs everywhere and forgot about them. Evil and demented.

13) Glenn Greenwald exposes the “Enduring Media Lies Surrounding January 6, Two Years Later.”

-They kain’t hep it. They jes lie.



14) U.S. residential mortgage purchase demand has fallen 44%, refinance apps have fallen 86% naturally as interest rates soar.

15) Solar energy is useless.

16) U.S. Household debt rose to $16.5 trillion.

17) And actually, the climate is in great shape despite the constant agitation of analwarts.

18) The head of the Consumer Products Safety Commission has moved fast to tamp down the gas stove controversy.



19) Even CNN has to admit that the Russkies are winning in Soledar. Pssst. They’ve just about got Bakhmut as well.

20) China now publishes more high-quality science than any other nation. That’s cuz in the West, scientists are only allowed to publish acceptable science that supports climate change foolery and the China Virus murder hornet vaxxes.

21) A conservative Member of Parliament has been suspended because he repeated what a cardiologist told him, that the China Virus vax was a crime against humanity.

22) A Brazilian Judge, Grand Moff Moraes, is Bidenizing Brazil’s judiciary by approving warrants for the arrest of the Brasilia security chief and the head of the military police for not killing protesters on Sunday.

-I can just hear Abba singing . . . “Peterloo! Peterloo darlin’ Peterloo.”



23) The world’s greatest guitarist Jeff Beck died at 78, “suddenly” contracted bacterial meningitis weeks after touring with Johnny Depp.

-I get Les Paul, I get Jimi Hendrix, yada, yada. No one was more inventive and revolutionary on the guitar than Beck. I saw him twice live, both times came away gobsmacked.

24) Pakistani-born actor Kumail Nanjiani claims Hollywood is limiting non-whites in villain roles. Yep. Only Russkies are allowed to be villains now.

25) Kevin Sorbo’s new “Left Behind: The Rise of the Antichrist” takes a new look at end times. I think the False Prophet, Hariri, is already here.

26) The Golden Globes failed again with an uber-low demo.

-And here all this time, I thought Sophia Loren had the golden globes.

27) The weird Ezra Miller got off easy with a slap on the wrist for burglary. What a loon.



28) “All three vaxxes are breaking through.” Emails show panic about vax failure among health officials.

29) Robert F. Kennedy’s advocacy group has sued the legacy media over the China Virus censorship.

30) A cadet at the Air Force Academy “died suddenly” just walking to class.

-I’m sure it was the hard tackle to the chest.

31) Even DemoKKKrats are starting to question the safety of vaxxes.

32) The China Virus vax risk has increased.

33) And the Wall Street Journal admits the China Virus lockdowns were deadly.



34) The stunningly brilliant Occasional Cortex said that gas stoves are linked to reduced cognitive performance.

-Obviously, she spoke from experience.




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