The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 11, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Well, well. Biteme has himself stored classified documents at the Pennsylvania Biden Center, and Republicans plan to investigate.

2) Speaking of the criminal Rutabaga, insider emails proved efforts to censor Tucker Carlson came from the White House.

3) And already looking better: Speaker Kevin McCarthy has booted DemoKKKrats from powerful committee positions, removing Illicit Mullah Omar from Foreign Relations and Farticus and Schiffty the Human Lemur from the House Intel committee.

4) And still better, House Republicans passed a bill rolling back the 87,000 IRS agents.

5) Republicans axed $72 billion of Biteme’s plan for 87,000 IRS agents.

6) The Federalist calls the compromises for McCarthy’s speakership the “most significant win for conservatives in a decade.”

7) A stalwart of the Trump 2016 campaign, entertainer Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway of “Diamond and Silk” has died at age 51.

8) The Virginia Tech soccer player who refused to bend the knee for Black Looters Matter has won a $100,000 settlement in the suit against the coach who harassed her for her position.

9) Minnesota will soon require teachers to endorse child mutilation to get a license.

10) In Michigan, a new project to combat urban flooding will focus on “disadvantaged communities,” not flooding.

11) The FBI director and the CEOs of Amazon, BlackRock, and Pfizer, have all announced their plans to attend the evil Klaus Schwab’s WEF in Davos next week. Hey, maybe the Russkies could make a REAL breakthrough and reach Davos?

12) Good! Arizona legislators turned their back on the illegitimate Hobbit and walked out of her State of the State speech.

13) In Kollylfornia, Governor Gruesome has announced a belt-tightening budget. Why? I thought Kollyfornia was just peachy.

14) Yikes! A new report from Benghazi-by-the-lake Public Schools says that hundreds of Chicago teachers raped, sexually assaulted, and groomed students in 2022.



15) The small business optimism index fell below 90 as the Fed tightened the money supply more.

16) Florida has moved to dissolve Disney’s “corporate kingdom” and bring it under state control. Get woke, go broke.

17) A federal agency is examining a ban on gas-powered stoves.

18) A majority believe the omnibus $1.7 trillion spending bill was a disaster for the U.S.



19) Russia nears the capture of the strategic town of Soledar.

Oh? I thought they were losing.

20) Peru has banned the former socialist president of Bolivia from entering its country.

21) Britain continues its descent into third-world status as its groundbreaking satellite launch “suffered an anomaly” that prevented it from reaching orbit. Well, you know, failure to perform is often common in older nations . . ..



22) Danny Masterson will face a retrial on three counts of rape at a Hollywood Hills home after a mistrial.

23) PERSONAL MOVIE REVIEW: “Fall” is definitely a thriller, and especially if you’re afraid of heights, you’ll get a rise out of this. Nice twist at the end. Makes me NOT want to ever climb even an anthill.

24) Tom Hanks has defended “nepo babies” in Hollywood.



25) Why do the vaxxed represent the most China Virus deaths right now?

26) As we now know from multiple sources, China Virus deaths rose after the vax.

27) And not just heart disease, but now cancer linked to the vaxxes.

28) A new book exposes what Pfizer had tried to hide.



29) Scientists have revealed six key red flags in relationships, including being gross, clingy, or promiscuous.

-Like, all three at once? Asking for a friend.



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