Rasmussen: Over 1-in-4 Americans Think They Know Someone Who Died From COVID Jab

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  • 09/19/2023

The most significant poll in Rasmussen's twenty-year history reveals that 73 million Americans (or 28%) believe they personally know someone who died after being injected with the COVID-19 experimental gene therapy "vaccines." The astonishing number clearly contradicts the insultingly upbeat and urgent COVID jab narrative that continues to be driven by the Biden administration, Big Pharma, and the mainstream media it controls.

Moreover, the poll numbers are undoubtedly linked to the unprecedented increase in reports of those who "died suddenly" and dispel the notion that "conspiracy theorists" are the only individuals who think the jabs are harmful. Indeed, the number of deaths linked to COVID shots is so substantial that over a quarter of Americans think the vaccine is a killer. 

died Screenshot / Rasmussen YouTube "BIGGEST POLL EVER - Americans Notice Vaccine Deaths in Major Way - The Ball is in Big Pharma's Court"

The straightforward Rasmussen survey (conducted on December 28-30, 2022, with a 95 percent confidence level) shows that nearly half (48 percent) of Americans say there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 jabs. In comparison, 37 percent think those who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories. In reality, it has become more evident to the masses that those pushing the dangerous COVID vaccines while intentionally failing to mention the severe side effects are, in fact, the ones circulating conspiracies. Indeed, an astonishing 41 percent of vaccinated Americans had a side effect, and 7 percent of those—or 12 million Americans—suffered a major side effect.

Rasmussen is so troubled by the results of its latest survey that the subscription-based company is going out of its way to share the information with the American population for free. In addition to highlighting the obvious need for further polling on COVID vaccine safety, the company hopes sharing the results will raise both awareness and inquiries around vaccine safety and finally break through the mainstream news information blackouts that have pervaded and attempted to control every aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly surrounding vaccine safety.

Surprisingly, and further hinting that more and more Americans are paying attention to what so many of us have desperately and relentlessly been disseminating, the survey reveals that more Democrats (33%) than Republicans (26%) shared that they know someone who died after getting the COVID-19 shot. Rasmussen points out the results are "likely due to the fact that Democrats probably know more vaccinated individuals or that Democrats tend younger and younger people [that] are more socially engaged, but clearly there isn't much in the way of party dogmas at play."

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Mark Mitchell, a head pollster at Rasmussen Reports, emphasized that vaccine safety is not a political issue and pointed out that internal poll data support the vaccine "horrors" endured by American citizens since the rollout of the experimental jabs. Mitchell conveyed that the poll data shuts down the false narrative intended to divide Americans, sharing what many already know: it is NOT "just tinfoil hat Republicans that think they know someone who dies from the vaccine." Mitchell—confirming the unbiased, non-political ominous warning ascending from the survey (as shown in screenshots above)—shared:

"In fact, a pretty good chunk of Republicans, 63%, got vaccinated, and a pretty good chunk of Democrats, 14%, didn't. So the parties are more or less in the same boat here. There wasn't much of a difference between gender, race, marital status, income, or any other demographic, which is exactly as you would expect if this was a real signal.

But here's age, and again, the results are very troubling. Younger adults are way more likely than older adults to attribute the death of someone they know to the side effects of the vaccine. I can't and won't tell you why that number is higher, but here are some possible explanations. Young people die less, so potentially, vaccine deaths are more salient. Younger people are potentially more sensitive to the side effects, especially since the coverage of some of the side effects like myocarditis by people like Joe Rogan, and possibly it's because young people are, like I said before, more socially engaged."

died Screenshot / Rasmussen YouTube "BIGGEST POLL EVER - Americans Notice Vaccine Deaths in Major Way - The Ball is in Big Pharma's Court"

With Democrats increasingly concerned about vaccine safety, Mitchell pondered what is changing their minds, noting that "it sure isn't on CNN." The answer for the shift appears obvious—poll numbers speak for themselves, and cells damaged by the mRNA injections don't lie. The eye-opening results of the survey must serve as a blaring wake-up call to the Biden administration, Big Pharma, the medical establishment blindly administering the COVID jabs, and the mainstream media about the dangers of the mRNA COVID vaccine product. Remember, the mRNA jab is a global experiment years in the making by DARPA that has burst open the door to fast-tracked future mRNA treatments for every disease imaginable. Mitchell exclaimed that the Rasmussen survey demonstrates that, increasingly, Americans do not believe the COVID vaccines are safe and are increasingly concerned. It is time to stop the shots NOW. 

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