The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 29, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) 2022 was a remarkably close election: It is unusual to have all three (Senate, House, Governorships) be so closely divided . . . . this is apparently the first time since the popular election of senators (1914) when neither party will hold more than 52% of governorships, House seats or Senate seats. “The era of liberal Republicans and conservative DemoKKKrats is gone.”

-Well, maybe conservative DemoKKKrats, but Minion, Linda Grahamnesty, and dozens of other RINO fungaltips still remain.

2) Michael Obama, referring to former resident of the U.S., Zero, said she couldn’t stand him for 10 years. Well, we’re on the same page Mikey. I still can’t stand him.

3) U.S. military bases that housed Afghan evacuees suffered $260 million in damage.

4) House sergeant-at-arms for Patriot Day (J6) committee said the response would have been different if the rioters (sic) were black. As in, there wouldn’t have been a response.

5) Barry Croft, Jr. was sentenced to over 19 years in a plot to kidnap Witless Protection.

6) Trust the science, right? A common arthritis treatment may actually accelerate disease progression.

7) Rutabaga said he doesn’t trust some Secret Service agents and says he doesn’t believe the “details” of the dog-biting incident.

-If President Trump had said this, there would be howls of outrage.



8) More than 700 millionaires fled New York after Governor Nipplepin Venthoarder raised taxes.

9) Tesla’s stock has dropped back to earth, losing 20% in six months as the bubble has burst.

10) Meddling parents have begun to hire dating coaches for their clodplodder incel kids.

11) First the vax, now the blizzard: Southwest’s stock has plunged 6% as its system is called a “McDonald’s McFlurry machine,” and airports turn into ”baggage graveyards.”

12) A dunderhead in New Kabul (NYC) asks, “How is this legal?” when her rent was raised from $2,100 to $4,175 since she signed her lease in the middle of the China Virus.

-Ok, did you catch that phrase “signed her lease?” Second, not to give too many personal details, but my home mortgage for a 3,200 square foot, five-bedroom, three-bath house in Arizona with a pool is just over half the first number. It is utter sickness to stay in these decaying rot houses called big cities.



13) Green Screen Zelensky is pushing to join the WEF. Well, of course, he is.



14) Bill Cosby plans to tour again following the overturning of his sex assault conviction. This is sad. I cannot imagine how this has a good outcome for him, promoters, or audiences.

NOTE: circa 1969 or 1970, as a student at Arizona State, my Humanities class required us to get a package of about 20 different shows at Grady Gammage Auditorium, and we could pick something like 10 we had to attend. I saw Cosby. It was the funniest standup I’d ever heard, probably excepting the great Sam Kinison. THAT Cosby is missed. This Cosby, . . . no.

15) Is the era of big butts over? Kardashian, Cardi-B, among those to have butt implants removed. (Yuuuuuch).



16) German autopsies found “highly unusual tissue inflammation” in people who had just gotten the Pfizer vax.



17)  This doctor offers five ways to minimize your hangover after New Year’s Eve. Here are my five:

1) Don’t drink

2) Don’t drink

3) Don’t drink

4) Don’t drink


5) Don’t drink on New Year’s eve; hence no New Year's Day hangover!



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