The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 27, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The Patriot Day (J6) committee could hide its full record for decades—which it always intended to do because the full record shows Ray Epps and Botoxic were the two most responsible parties.

2) As we suspected at the time, the whole story about Trump grabbing the steering wheel in the SUV on Patriot Day was a lie.

3) Why Lake lost in court: the witness claiming chain of custody issues did not see it; the witness who supposedly did see it was not there to testify (no cross-examination); and Richard Baris’s survey (which unusually WAS admitted where previously such surveys were given little weight) was not accompanied by any of those polled to be cross-examined. Lake will appeal, but I don’t see it.

4) The argument made here that DeSantis MUST run in 2024 or he will never be president is historically untrue. Reagan was out of politics for 8 years, Nixon was out for 6---but the last time he held office was 8 years prior, and Dwight Eisenhower only resigned his commission as general when he was inaugurated. Not always a “direct stepping stone” effect.

5) Jason Lewis discusses Rutabaga’s war on the family.

6) Groomer City (San Francisco) has opened a taxpayer-funded open-air market, supposedly for families, but which has become a hellhole of drug addiction populated by addicts.

7) In peaceful and tranquil Canjunopolis (New Orleans), TikTok star Boogie B was killed in a crossfire while shopping. His mother blasted Mayor LaToya Cantrell for letting criminals run wild.

8) Florida’s supreme court granted Governor Ron DeSantis’s request to investigate the China Virus vax manufacturers.

-This could be the first big break in the immunity wall. If fraud is proven, the whole immunity defense goes out the window.

9) The thoroughly corrupt DHS deputized a Burisma lobbyist to censor 22 million American social media posts over election fraud. Likely, I was one of them. (At least Elon restored my @LarrySchweikart to twit!)

10) Benghazi-by-the-Lake has been quite tranquil due to exceptionally cold weather, with only 2 killed and 13 wounded over the Christmas weekend.

11) Solar power failed even on Mars.

12) Kollyfornia and New York have each lost half a million residents since April 2020. And they’ll all go to Florida and vote for DemoKKKrat stupidity that they are fleeing.



13) U.S. utilities have issued warnings and plan to impose blackouts over the strain on the power grid.



14) But, “They’re just like us!” Afghanistan has become hell for women as foreign aid groups suspended operations when the Tolly-ban prohibited females from working in NGOs and banned women from attending universities.

15) Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would seek normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia.

16) South Korea has ended its ban on imported sex dolls.



17) New letters and diaries show Liz Taylor was destroyed by her breakup with Richard Burton and became addicted to coke and prescription drugs.

18) I guess this was a show: the “star” of the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” Jen Shah faces 10 years in prison for a $5 million telemarketing scheme targeting the elderly.

19) In her preparation to win the Nick Fuentes “Cookie” Award, Whoopi Goldberg has doubled down on her claim the Holocaust wasn’t “racial,” calling it “white on white” violence.

-Why isn’t this toadstool banned and consigned to hard labor at a Korean sweatshop?

20) Woke Hollywood is dying and will lose hundreds of billions this year. (Disney may post a profit of $4 billion vs. $11 billion in 2019).



21) ABC exec producer “dies suddenly” at 47 from heart attack. Course, it couldn’t have been the vax.

22) Stephan Bonnar, a UFC Hall of Famer, died at 45 of “heart complications.” But was he vaxxed?

23) As we all knew, but now is proven by the release of the Twit files, the U.S. gubment pressured Twit to “elevate certain content and suppress other content” about the China Virus.

-NOTE: the claim that “they both did it” (Trump/Biteme) is not legit. Trump was urging the companies to try to dampen panic buying; Rutabaga was using it to force people to take poison.



24) Famous New Kabul (NYC) Catholic priest Louis Gigante–brother of mob boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante—had a secret son who inherited his $7 million fortune despite a vow of celibacy.

-And you know what everyone is asking. How did a priest end up with $7 million?




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