The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 23, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



 1) The Senate passed the $1.7 trillion omnibus, but moronic senator Jean Shaheen says it won’t be inflationary because it funds programs that already exist.

-Gravity won’t be a problem when you walk off a cliff because you’re already falling.

2) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! Two weeks after being a McTurd Maverick, Sen. Enema rides to the rescue of the Omnibus Obscene Spending Bill.

3) An expert witness in the Kari Lake election fraud trial said that missized ballots (½" smaller than all others) caused all the printer jamming problems only in Republican areas.

4) This is the first time I’ve heard this, and of all the evidence a court would accept, this seems to be extremely strong.

5) Also during the trial, Lake’s legal team revealed that 42% of all randomly examined ballots were “improper,” i.e., wrong-sized paper. Almost half. Hobbit won by 30,000.

-This fraud stinks to high heaven.

6) The U.S. has spawned an entire generation of “Kidults” that simply refuse to grow up.

7) Oh? An Iowa police chief kept and sold department machine guns.

Chambered in .45-70, This model 1890 Gatling Gun is on loan from Cinema Weaponry.

8) Shocked, I tell ya! Rutabaga’s administration is funding foreign reporters to write climate stories. What? Can’t fund our own damn lying reporters? Even when they are engaged in fraud, they can’t “Hire American.”

9) FTX co-founder Gary Wang (really?) And ex-Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison have pled guilty to federal fraud charges.

-Man, along with Elizabeth Holmes and Anna Delvey, these people can have a terrific book club in custody, though they may have to get temporary passes to go to Delvey’s posh townhouse.

10) U.S. life expectancy has reached a 25-year low, in part due to Dr. Fallacy’s death poisons.

11) Church attendance and belief in God have dropped in America.

-Well, with this writer, perhaps the former some, but never the latter.

12) Our military is a farce. Marines were told to stop using “sir” or “ma’am” because of “misgendering.”

13) As leftist whackazoids began to see the universities shrink, their power actually grew as young tools who could no longer get college teaching gigs infected corporate America.

14) Oh, and nearly 60% of students fear disagreeing with a professor.

15) Global warming, as Cheyenne, Wyoming, broke a record by dropping 40 degrees in 30 minutes.

Course, I had girlfriends whose attitude could do that too.

16) Spooks have infiltrated Silicon Valley: FascistBook is riddled with ex-CIA agents; the president's briefer runs a “harmful content” team.

17) NYU’s emergency room gave special treatment to donors and VIPs, including SpewMore, while less fortunate patients were “dumped” to a public hospital.



18) Americans’ personal savings rates have neared their all-time low.

-All by design.

19)  . . .While one in five young people have debt delinquency.

20) U.S. real GDP remains below 2%. Reminder: a growing U.S. needs about 4.5%.

21) And this is also a problem: young Americans won’t take a job paying less than $74,000 a year, says the Federal Reserve Bank.

22)  . . . while six-figure blue-state safety nets are driving Americans out of the workforce.



23) Not happy with trying to start wars with China and Russia, Rutabaga inches toward war with Iran.

24) Japan is doing what many of us suggested decades ago: going full nuke!

25) In an important suit in Canada, Dr. Byram Bridle, a professor, has sued the University of Guelph and its professors for vicious attacks because he departed from the vaxiopathic ideology.



26) Martin Duffy, keyboardist for “Primal Scream” and “Felt,” dead at 55. He’s a Brit, so it’s almost certainly the vax.

27) Slowly, many of the older stars are flipping on opposing the China Virus vaxxes.

28) Dog the Bounty Hunter has been hit with a $1.6 million multi-state tax lien. Who hunts Dog if he goes on the lam?



29) A Cleveland study conducted to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of vaxxes accidentally found that the risk of the China Virus infection spread with each prior vax.

30) Steve Kirsch: VAERS isn’t “overreported.” That’s a “big fat lie.”

31) Steve Kirsch also has the results of his own polling data: the vax has killed 5x more than the China Virus.

32) Video of a woman dropping dead in a gym doing light workouts. I’m sure she wasn’t vaxxed.

33) Why maskie mandates aren’t coming back (dammit!).

34) Oh? Researchers are telling hospitals to stop testing for China Virus as it “extends wait times.” So when people were being refused medical treatment for deadly diseases during the pandemic, that was ok—making them wait months?

-These evil, wicked turdknockers.



35) And finally, “70 Best Things about the 70s.” This list is totally incomplete because it does not include my band, “Rampage,” which opened for Steppenwolf, Savoy Brown, the James Gang, played at the Troubadour in LA in front of the Who, cut two limited-release singles WELL reviewed by Cashbox, Record World, and Billboard, and were the Allman Bros. backstage guests at their Cincinnati concert.

-Oh, and who could forget my flaming drum solo?

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