The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 20, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Remember what I said yesterday about that boring footbaseball game they play in Europe? My son had a great suggestion on how to put some excitement into it: play it on ice and have the players wear skates . . .



1) The thoroughly politicized Patriot Day (J6) committee has recommended “criminal charges” against President Trump for the Capitol protest—recommendations that are “largely symbolic” and carry no legal weight.

-But it allows Liz Clusterbomb Cheney to look like she’s impotent.

2) This poll says 64% of indies doubt Rutabaga’s mental fitness. Only 64%?

3) An arrested fascist so-called Antifa terrorist, is the son of a millionaire Maine surgeon who grew up in a $2 million Kennebunkport mansion and sailed on his parents’ “stunning” yacht.

4) The U.S. has unveiled a hypersonic spy plane concept. Gee, this looks awfully close to the National AeroSpace Plane (X-30) I worked on as a project historian in the 1980s!

5) Is the coldest Christmas in years coming?

6) Karen Bassmouth, the mayor of New Calcutta (LA), looks to move the homeless into hotels. I’m sure if you spent a thousand dollars a night to get a nice suite at the Beverly Hills or Luxe Hotels, you’d love having a swarm of illegals living next door.

7) A FascistBI whistleblower says the bosses cooked the books at the agency on the Patriot Day (January 6) inquiry to get more money from the feds.

8) Our own Wendi Mahoney reports on Montana’s challenge to a fed gun law.

9) WINNING: the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) will drop its “gender-affirming” medical interventions on behalf of minors. (I.e., they will quit mutilating kiddos.)

10) Brandon Straka has sued MSNBC and others for defamation, noting he never went inside the Capitol on Patriot Day.

11) The Supes issued a 24-hour postponement on the Title 42 end, calling for Rutabaga’s response by 5:00 tomorrow.

12) Millions in hundred dollar bills were flown to the Tolly-ban for “humanitarian aid” as terrorists are funded in plain sight.

13) Thanks to the homosexual rights onslaught, kiddie transoid dysphoria rates, and puberty blocker prescriptions have doubled since 2017.

14) The CDC admitted that lockdowns, maskiopathy, and school closures may have fueled a strep A outbreak in the U.S.

15) Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, managed to put her latest campaign $1 million in debt. No biggie. She’ll just run again, and idiotic DemoKKKrat donors will pour money into her latest run.

16) Meanwhile, New Kabul (NYC) warns that the city may slash public services to pay for the $1 billion cost of illegals expected to flood into the city if Title 42 ends.



17) A study shows that heavy metals have been found in some dark chocolate, including Hershey’s and Trader Joe’s.

For you Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and Metallica fans . . . .

18) The Fed says that Employment data was vastly overstated in 2022. Now, what vegetable would want to do that?

19) Interest rates are the highest in 15 years, and in the attempt to fight Rutabaga’s inflation, the American Dream is becoming unobtainable.

20) The CEO of Toyota says that a “silent majority” have doubts about pursuing only EVs. Wait til people find out that getting the lithium will destroy the planet. Oops.

21) The NAHB homebuilder market index has plunged to a China Virus low of 31 as the Fed continues to tighten.

-Homes? We don’t need no stinkin’ homes.



22) Brit Prime Minister Sunak has taken the first step towards halting weapons aid to the Ukes.



23) This is an actual headline in the UK Daily Mail: “Amy Schumer wows in plunging navy blue bathing suit.”

-Folks, the only thing this Orca “wows” is a scale that can’t believe it’s not blubber.

24) “Avatar: The Way of Water” is underperforming despite a “solid” opening.



25) The FDA admitted the vax is linked to clotting. This is the “duh” of the century.

-Soon, ALL the unvaxxed will agree they don’t need the China Virus vax poison. Globalists are losing this argument.

26) The 35-year-old chief of Canada’s vax rollout . . . “dies suddenly.”



27) A missing dog was found 1,600 miles away from its Kollyfornia home. Showing dogs have better sense than Kollyfornia humans and know enough to leave this toxic hellhole.



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