The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 19, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Remember last week when I mentioned that the “Royals” were not news and I would not be covering those whiny little narcissists? In a similar vein, there is football, and there is whatever version of footbaseball they play in Europe, and we do not cover it here. Unless Megxit and the Ginger Duke are getting toadstomped on the field. Maybe then.


1)  A Pennsylvania county will be recounting the 2020 election results in 2023.

-A mere three years late to find the fraud.

2) Fatal slashings and stabbings in New Kabul (NYC) are up 37%.

-Where’s the call for banning knives?

3) DHS redacted critical details about its “anti-disinformation” activities.

-They will pay for this. At some point, somehow. They got caught. It is a matter of time.

4) The Hoax News media had an epic fail in Loudoun.

5) The totally evil North Carolina state supreme court has blocked a voter ID law.

6) A federal appeals court has allowed men to compete as women in sports. I wonder when an appeals court will rule that there is no such thing as gravity? Moronic puffstuffers.

7) The Senate passed a funding bill repealing Rutabaga’s vax mandate for the military.

8) Crime is so bad in Kinshasa on the Delaware (Philly) that gas station owners are using private armed security guards.



9) U.S. real GDP growth forecast to be a dismal .5%, while savings rates are down to -67% as people eat through their savings to maintain their lifestyle.

10) Home prices in Kollylfornia have crashed, which means fewer Kollyfornians will be moving to Arizona.

11) The Washington ComPost admitted that President Trump’s migration cuts are raising wages.

12) Employees fled out the back when labor investigators arrived at a Hyundai supplier.

-Shocked. Not that they fled, but that anyone cared to investigate.

13) Real retail sales in November declined.



 14) File this under “When Environmental Whackos Collide!” In Tasmania, a proposed wind farm was told it must shut down five months a year for a parrot.

15) Are revolts in the Andes being fomented by the ChiComs, who want Peru’s ports?

16) Ukraine’s generals are not feeling optimistic.

17) Ten lessons from the “return of history.” Don’t agree with all of these, but many are accurate, including the role of internationalism.

18) There is an actual adverse effect of so-called “climate change”: Terrorizing children into having psychological problems.

19) Serbia is planning to send troops back to Kosovo in the war no one talks about.



20) The Pentagon’s UFO investigation found no evidence of alien origin. Somehow, this is actually less reassuring than the alternative.



21) Tucker Carlson’s takedown of Adam Kinzinger’s war with Twitter hero Catturd2 is hysterical and shows the power of ordinary nobodies to get under the skin of elected piddlepuffers.



22) Steve Kirsch: why can’t we talk about vax deaths?

-C’mon, Steve. You know the answer. It’s because it would show that everything they told us about the vaxxes is a lie.

23) Also from Kirsch, “How to assess whether a death was caused by the vax or something else.”

24) Actuaries in Australia have raised the alarm that people are “unexpectedly” dying at an incredibly high rate.



25) We have people dying of the China Virus vax, we have a brain-dead spoogerized Rutabaga in the White House, and we have the Euros fighting to the last Uke, but what are we concerned with? Banning overweight Santas from shopping centers cuz they send a bad message.

-Look, I don’t care how fat that old fartknocker is so long as he gets me that new Mercedes for Christmas. And it better be blue, ya hear me, St. Nickknack? Cuz I know where you and all those “ahem” elves who are almost certainly under 14 live.




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