The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 16, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The outrage that is McRomBush (Ronna McDaniel Romney) continues as it is revealed that millions were spent on private jets, limos, luxury retreats, and Broadway shows by the RNC.

—But where were they in the great Fraud and Steal of 2020? Where were they in such close battleground senate races as Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire, or the Pennsylvania and Michigan, and Arizona governor’s races?

2) President Trump unveiled a free speech policy plan to shatter the “left-wing censorship regime.” Unfortunately, his brainless staff made the “big announcement” seem like it related to trading cards unveiled earlier in the day. His plan would ban any federal agencies from colluding with any organization or business to censor, limit, or otherwise impede free speech.

3) The son of Paul Pelosi’s attacker suggested his father was likely invited over for sexual activities.”

4) A GOP report shows that the China Virus “may have been tied” to China’s bioweapons program.

-Oh, come on. You can’t expect us to believe that. Really. Next, you’ll tell us there are men chopping off their weenies to look like veeeemen.

I’m sorry . . . what?

5) DemoKKKrats have blocked a GOP attempt to investigate transoid/homosexual ideology in the military.

6) There are major issues in Maricopa County, Arizona, more than enough to flip an election. What will the judge do?

7) Hate-mongering Oberlin College has finally paid in full the $36.6 million penalty in Gibson’s Bakery libel suit. Let’s hope it breaks that horrible so-called institution of higher learning.

8) Not so fast on Florida battling back wokism: Miami-Dade has backtracked on allowing only the U.S. and Florida flags to be displayed in classrooms and on buildings, agreeing that “federally protected flags may be visible” throughout the year.

-Gee, ya think that would include the Stars ‘n’ Bars?

9) A man dressed as a witch (i.e., a Joy Behar costume) stole over $300,000 worth of jewelry from the Mall of America.

10) And it continues: another 439 churches, these in Texas, have left the United Methodist Convention over the denomination’s embrace of homosexuality and transoidism.

11) Speaking of transoid lunacy, San Diego County spent $20,000 on transoid “binders” and “tuckers.” You know, used to make a man appear to be a woman or vice versa?

-Remember that next time you hear how hard up for money the public schools are.

12) Former speaker (and useless RINO) John (the Boner) Boehner cried at Botoxic’s portrait unveiling.

-Actually, I cried too . . . that this evil rectalpimple was not in prison.

13) Oregon sixth graders were handed a government survey with twelve sexuality “options,” including “two-spirit,” “demi boy,” and “demi girl.”

I think I know what a “demi girl” is, but not a “demi boy.”

14) The latest Twit documents dump revealed a secret portal the U.S. government used to censor China Virus content.

15) A Securities and Exchange Commission case headed for the Supreme Court could take down the gubment’s “home court advantage.” (SEC won’t be able to pick its own internal judges).

16) Supposedly, the last of the JFK assassination docs were released. Oswald called the Soviet embassy in Mexico City two months before the assassination.



17) Governor Kristi Noem has proposed legislation to restrict ChiCom purchase of American farmland.

18) The Fed has raised interest rates another half-point but sees rates topping out at 5% in 2023.



19) Oh? In the middle of a war, Green Screen Zelensky’s wife had a 40,000 Euro Christmas shopping spree in a single hour in Paris.

-Nothing says foreign invasion like Gucci.

20) A second suburban husband was indicted for smuggling nuke tech to Russia.

21) A woman died in Australia after falling from a cruise ship.

-But was she vaxxed?

22) The Rutabaga administration is ready to remove some ChiCom entities from the “red flag” list soon.

-Yeah, they’ve learned the error of their commie ways. They won’t be stealing tech from us again. Nooooo!

23) While evil Rutabaga pledged that American taxpayers would pay South Africa to close its coal plants.

24) Did you know there was a Qatari-related Euro scandal in which members of the Euro Parliament were arrested, and Qatar was suspended over bribery?

-Didn’t think so.



25) Showing that Warner Bros. is every bit as stupid as Disney, the best Superman ever, Henry Cavill, has been fired from the next sequel just two months after announcing his big return.

26) The Hollywood Reporter is shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! that “gains in streaming” would not offset losses from “cord-cutting” (people terminating their cable subscriptions).

-Oops. They're losing tons of money because they still won’t admit it’s about content, and nobody wants to watch homosexual/Lesbian/transoids preach THE MESSAGE.

27) Despite Disney’s over-the-top wokism, it still is insufficiently homosexual for the people at GLAAD.



28) A British MP has called for the immediate halt of the China Virus vax.

29) And a top British doctor now supports calls for a suspension of the China Virus vax.

30) As does an Australian cardiologist.

31) Vaxxed Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha “died suddenly” at age 44.

32) Steve Kirsch asks, “Do you know anyone who looked at the data and went from a red pill to a blue pill?”



33) And finally, having failed to create hysteria about human flu, vets are now warning about a dog flu epidemic.

-Watch out for those vaxxes. Lissa had to have a leg amputated after getting vaxxed! (Ok, so she had a broken leg that was so shattered they had to amputate . . . but still . . . THE VAX!



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