The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 15, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) No, the GOP defeats were not about “bad candidates.” They were about fraud, pure and simple. 42,000 changes to the election rolls within weeks of the election, 21,000 new voters added to the election rolls within 29 days of the election, and 8,000 voters appear to live in a business—each one would be illegal.

2) Seriously? A black megachurch pastor says that growing weed on church property will attract black males and teach them to farm. Or maybe it will attract zoned-out suburban boomers.

3) I knew this guy was no good in 2020. Georgia Sec of State Brad Raffensperger will propose ranked-choice voting.

This should be illegal everywhere.

4) This is not exactly true: the Supreme Court is not going to consider a 2020 election case just because it is on the docket. According to lawyer Robert Barnes in his podcast last night, numerous cases are on the docket that never get considered. It’s common practice.

5) Now, a mysterious website was just discovered that on December 20, nearly two weeks before Patriot Day, some 500 pages of threats and discussions of killing lawmakers appeared—but Botoxic and Spewmore did nothing with this.

-Maybe cause they knew the FascistBI was involved?

6) Not telling you anything really new, but the illegal immigrant crisis is now on steroids. The Biteme administration is thoroughly evil, satanic, and demonic.

7) A massive fire broke out at an NYPD impound facility in Brooklyn.

-What, they were storing Secret Service vehicles?

8) So-called Catholics in Congress voted more than 2:1 to redefine marriage.

9) History departments nationwide are under assault: Ohio State is down from 79 to 62 since 2008; Iowa State from 20 to 8; Chicago is down from 32 to 20; and so on.


COMMENT: Polls show Americans actually support history teaching, but the nature of academic instruction has caused departments to commit suicide. To wit: by refusing to teach “periods” (The Age of Jackson, Civil War, and Reconstruction, etc.) and claiming they were teaching “skills,” the rest of the universities could rightly say, “Well, you don’t need 20 lines to do that. You can do that in one class.” Thus funding got chopped. The progressives, by attempting to cut out traditional history, cut out their own jobs. History departments committed suicide.

10) This is interesting: molecular hydrogen is a new strategy for the treatment of chronic pain.



 11) This is a “yeah, duh,” but energy storage is the major issue facing “green” energy: they can’t store it, so windmills and solar panels are useless much of the time.

12) Elon Musk has halted rent payments on Twit’s San Francisco headquarters.

13) The federal deficit jumped a record $57 billion in a year to hit $249 billion as tax revenue plummeted while Rutabaga continues to send billions to the Ukes.



14) Sam Bankman-Fried’s Bahamas jail is rat-infested, with maggots, and its inmates are at high risk of getting bedsores and getting tuberculosis.

And the problem is?

15) European wind turbines are at a standstill amid a “wind drought.”

-Somewhere, God is laughing at these people.



16) While it won’t matter because leftist snot-lizards will pour money into this stuff, it’s still nice to see the public reject such garbage: Occasional Cortex’s global warming doc flopped, bringing in just $80 per theater. I made more than that with my “Rockin’ the Wall!”

17) The first reviews are in for the “Avatar” sequel: “no plot” (but I bet it has a MESSAGE) and incredibly long with “atrocious dialogue.” Yeah, but the CGI is fantastic.

-Do you remember what they used to say about bad movies in Hollywood? “Yes, but it was shot well.”  Here’s a suggestion, Mr. Cameron: put the Avatari people on the Titanic.



18) CDC data shows mass vaxxes had no measurable impact on China Virus mortality rates in the U.S.

19) The vaxxed are dying at an “incredibly high pace” in hyper-vaxxed Australia.

20) A prominent member of the British Heart Foundation has conspired to cover up research linking mRNA vaxxes with heart inflammation, says a British MP.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

21) In Germany, vax-induced causes of sudden death tripled after the vax rollout

22) And more confirmation about German deaths related to the vaxxes.

23) Two-thirds of Americans think the China Virus came from a ChiCom lab and half want a “full-throated” investigation of Dr. Fallacy. Wonder how many want Nuremberg punishments?



24) A medically-approved hangover cure that supposedly is 100% effective.

-I’ve had such a cure for, gee, nearly 50 years. I. Don’t. Drink.




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