The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 14, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Here is another way to look at the border invasion, tracking cell phones issued by NGOs. Texas is the hardest hit, with most of them residing in Dallas.

2) Twitter has dissolved its useless Trust and Safety Council that was set to re-blacklist conservatives.

-Good move, Elon.

3) In that vein, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough are the latest to be reinstated to Twit.

-Hey Elon!! Over here! Over here!

4) In a very big potential breakthrough, the Department of Energy announced that its researchers produced the first fusion reaction that yielded more energy than required, a step toward fusion power.

-Now to prove it will work in the “real world.”

5) Colorado’s Lauren Boebert has won reelection according to the recount.

6) Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has called for a Florida grand jury to investigate China Virus vaxxes. Some wonder if he is preparing to set up Trump.

7) Sam Bankman-Fried has been hit with 8 criminal charges including fraud and conspiracy.

8) Annnnnd here we go. The Cambridge Dictionary has changed the definition of man and woman to anyone who wants to be a man or woman.

9) Utter insanity among some of these people. Washington Governor Insleaze told state agencies that “Objectivity” and “individualism” are rooted in “White Supremacy.” Says the white spoogoid.

10) DemoKKKrats are plotting to force ICE to release thousands of illegals as part of the spending package.

11) A billionaire leftist and DeSantis megadonor wants DeSantis to end populism by running against Trump.

12) Even the evil Gruesome Newsome in Kollyfornia has warned Kampuchea Harris that the immigration system is “about to break” in a “post-42 world” (i.e., Title 42).

-Er, “about to?” diddlepickle?



13) U.S. inflation growth has slowed to “only” 7.1% while hourly wage has improved to a -1.9%.

14) Household wealth has plummeted $13.5 trillion this year.

15) Rutabaga cut the national debt by $1.7 trillion after it rose by $3.7 trillion.

16) New Kabul (NYC) has lost 16% of its top taxpayers.

17) Grocery shoppers are looking to expired food to save money.

-Thanks Rutabaga.



18) Russian troops have entered Bakhmut.


19) England is moving to restrict transoid procedures for kiddies.

20) What goes around . . . now a lesbian artist in Norway is facing criminal charges for saying a man cannot be a . . . Lesbian.



21) Funny. Disney has now lost the animation crown to Universal (“Mario Bros.”) for three straight years. Industry “analysts” in The Wrap try to blame everything except wokism.

22) And here comes the next Disney flop: “Avatar: The Way of Water” may well make $525 million in its global opening . . . and still lose money as it must make $2 billion to break even.

23) A new study shows that cellulite might protect against dementia and strokes. The hag-goblins at “The View” are ecstatic!



24) Pandemicism is explained as cultish.

25) Dr. Fallacy, who has done more to destroy science than any living human, warns that our society is becoming anti-science.

26) The maskiopaths are back, as people in Washington, New Kabul, and New Calcutta (LA) are being propagandized to mask up again.

27) The CEO of MariMed “died unexpectedly.”

-Vax anyone?

28) While a 21-year-old Tennessee basketball player is out for the season with blood clots.

-Vax anyone?



29) A Florida woman was sentenced to prison for swindling a woman out of $3 million by promising to break a family curse.

-I agree, $3 million is excessive. I would have done it for $1.5.




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