The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 13, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


Just a note: There are certain things I will not cover in Today’s News, most notably, the most recent dustup between Megxit and the Ginger Duke. I do not care a whit what those pseudo-royal, anal-popper showhound stuffbudgets do or what low-rent trailer-trash self-absorbed “documentaries” they produce. Watching fungus in a test tube is infinitely more interesting, and important.

1) File under “About time:” Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in the Bahamas after the U.S. filed criminal charges. Wait . . . what? American prosecutors actually filed charges against a real criminal and not an innocent grandmother escorted into the Capitol by cops?

2) That ridiculous creature, Biteme’s nuclear waste guru, is finally out of a job as the Department of Energy put it on leave.

3) The Twit saga continues as they banned Trump when activist employees compared him to Hitler.

4) A pretty bleak outlook from Victor Davis Hanson: “Our Parasitic Generation.”

5) As if we didn’t know, the internal Twit files point to meddling in the 2020 elections.

6) A transoid Navy Seal who now has de-transitioned said that going transoid “destroyed my life.” Now, pal, think of what it does to kids who don’t know what they are doing.

7) Washington D.C. has unveiled a “bold” new plan for public transit (free fares). Public transit is so popular they literally have to give it away. Tells you all you need to know.

8) Even as the wealthy flee New Kabul (NYC), progressive spoogeoids seek to punish them more. That’s the ticket!

9) In news that is becoming more common in every DemoKKKrat-run city or state, Colorado car thefts are soaring and growing more dangerous.

10) The great divorce: the GOP is prepared (and you know how I feel about that wording as “news”) to launch investigations into big business. If so, it would be a major step toward a more populist (hence successful) party.

11) The Kari Lake election challenge is the real deal.

12) Good. A Loudoun grand jury has issued an indictment against the superintendent of the Loudoun County Public Schools over the lack of response to a sexual attack.

13) A Massachusetts human rights commissioner has resigned after mocking God as a “magic sky daddy” over a library’s refusal to put up a Christmas tree because it made some people “uncomfortable.”

-As Clark Griswold would say, “why don’t you bend over and find out” how uncomfortable a Christmas tree is?

14) Yes, on top of all the other fraud, the 2020 election was rigged by Twit/FascistBook and others by leaving out “critical information” about Hunter Biteme’s laptop: three-quarters of polled voters say they lacked information, half of them (about 37%) say they would have voted differently.

-Trump would have been reelected.



15)  Manhattan Contrarian points out the impossibility of bridging the “last 10% on the way to “100% clean energy,” Er, MC, we have a problem: “clean energy” can’t even get us to the first 10%.

16) Vanguard Group left the Climate Alliance in a victory against ESG—of course, ignored by the Hoax News networks.

17) Withdrawals of 401ks for hardship have surged due to the Rutabaga’s economy.



 18) Indian and ChiCom soldiers clashed at Arunachal Pradesh border. Never good when two possessors of nukes fight.

19) America is suffering from a BBL (Brazilian But Lift, also known as BBB, Brazilian Bubble Butt) epidemic as the “deadliest type” of plastic surgery.

20) Full of themselves from locking down a whole country for over a year, New Zealand takes the next step in fascist “health control” by trying to eliminate cigarettes.



21) The Texas Longhorns basketball team suspended its coach without pay after he was arrested for strangling a family member.

-I thought it was “hook ‘em, horns,” not strangle ‘em.

22) “Yellowstone” finally received a Golden Globe nomination for Kevin Costner. John Dutton is a good character, but c’mon, man: everyone knows Beth (Kelly Reilly) carries that show



23) Former football player Jake Hescock died of a heart attack while jogging. Need we ask?

24) Dr. Joseph Mercola: The epidemic of sudden deaths.



25) A dating expert reveals the top five mistakes women need to avoid to attract a “successful man.”

-I’m guessing here, but maybe 1) Redefine “successful” as any man with a pulse and at least one working credit card; 2) don’t talk about how excited you were about a recent episode of “The View”; 3) keep your 16 cats a secret; 4) don’t show him a picture of your mother’s appearance on “My 600-lb. Life,” and 5) keep your transoid treatments quiet until after the wedding.



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