DeSantis to Investigate “Any & All” mRNA Vaccine “Wrongdoing”

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  • 09/19/2023

Governor Ron DeSantis held a COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Accountability Roundtable broadcast live on Twitter on Tuesday, December 13, announcing significant measures to oppose what has been an unprecedented mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 driven by the federal government, Big Pharma, and other medical entities. DeSantis announced a petition for a statewide grand jury to investigate "any and all wrongdoing" in Florida related to the manufacturers of the mRNA COVID-19 jabs.

For the discussion, DeSantis convened a group of medical and health academia specialists and individuals injured by the COVID-19 jabs to discuss the serious risks associated with the experimental gene-therapy "vaccines." With devastating consequences long ignored by the Biden administration and the mainstream media, the group of experts shared great concern about the politicization of medical science throughout the pandemic. Declaring that reform is desperately needed, DeSantis cited several studies pointing to, for example, a heightened risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in adolescents and young men after receiving the COVID-19 shot. "Anything [the CDC] will put out, you just assume, at this point, that it's not worth the paper that it's printed on," DeSantis remarked.


As outlined by TrialSiteNews, Governor DeSantis announced three significant initiatives on Tuesday. They are:

  1. The creation of a statewide grand jury to investigate any and all wrongdoing associated with the COVID-19 vaccination program, from data manipulation and misrepresentation to potential fraudulent practices. Likely to be impaneled in the Tampa Bay area, DeSantis explained that this effort would lead to a series of legal processes and possible actions against Pfizer and Moderna.
  2. Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo will commission a study similar to one undertaken in a German university surveilling persons that died shortly after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. That university study found a disturbing linkage between mRNA vaccine and myocarditis-linked death. Partnered with the University of Florida and state medical examiners, Ladapo reports their study will likely keep the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna awake at night with concern.
  3. The formation of the Florida Public Health Integrity Committee, a body that assembles all of the researchers, doctors, and scientists, will critically assess the various health policies, findings, and recommendations originating from federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ladapo will spearhead the committee. 

With these critical steps in place, Governor DeSantis is providing a much-needed opportunity to draw attention to the authoritarian censorship operation underway led front and center by federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Highlighting the lack of public trust resulting from these ongoing and deceitful draconian measures, TrialSite emphasized, "and what is now proven instructions to Big Media and Big Tech ordering the censoring and even smear campaigns of those with alternative opinions (think Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins' efforts to destroy the authors behind the Great Barrington Declaration), a devastating decline in confidence in public health agencies and even the federal government ensues." 

Without a doubt, even standard vaccination rates are in decline. Many experts explain it's because of a lack of trust in what used to be the world's most distinguished health agencies. Elaborating on the current state of affairs, DeSantis explained:

"Part of the reason I think it's been a bad response is because from the very beginning, you had a lot of arrogance, that it's our way or the highway, and anyone that offers any type of a dissenting opinion, and they were censoring from day one, people that would write anti-lock down things in March of 2020, April 2020, some of those would get taken down off some of these big tech platforms."

In addition to the Governor and Surgeon General Ladapo, participants in Tuesday's discussion included Dr. Joseph Fraiman, an emergency doctor and researcher; evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein; Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine, economics, and health research at Stanford; Martin Kulldorf, a Swedish biostatistician at Harvard University; Tracy Høeg, physician and researcher; Christine Stabell Benn, Ph.D., MD, a doctor and investigator from Denmark; and persons representing vaccine-injured, including Steven A. Ordonia and Michelle Utter. 

Ordonia, a retired air force veteran and law enforcement officer, discussed his experience with the mRNA vaccines. Ordonia's life has been turned "upside down" since receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Ms. Utter, a sixth-generation Floridian, works in healthcare and was injured from the Pfizer vaccine. Before the vaccine, she was very active but now struggles with post-COVID-19 vaccine injury. She was forced to get the jab as her three sons are in the armed forces, and her travel abroad to see them is the basis behind her receiving the COVID-19 jab. "The scientific community denies their experience," Ladapo said of mRNA vaccine injuries, adding:

"These deaths aren't captured by other studies because these patients never made it to the hospital…mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are far less safe than any vaccines widely used. When does sanity return to science? Why do scientists breathlessly defend this technology?"


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