The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 12, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Just one person at Twit stood up to say Trump shouldn’t be banned.

2) The Pennsylvania House control is still in dispute after DemoKKKrat Tony DeLuca died prior to the election and was not removed from the ballot.

3) Matt Tabbi and Michael Shellenberger have the full rundown on the Trump Twit files.

4) The “mismatch rate” at which U.S. Senators come from a different party than the state’s presidential vote has all but disappeared (only Ron Johnson escaped this).

5) Why does the GOP elite hate its own base? This author has his ideas. I have mine in the COMMENT below.

COMMENT: The Republican Party of Lincoln was pro-immigrant, exceptionally pro-middle/lower class with its Homestead Act; America First with its tariffs; and pro-industrial development. This was seen in railroad subsidies—something I wouldn’t have supported, but nonetheless, an “Infrastructure” that actually addressed infrastructure. It was also a sound money/non-inflationary party that created a banking system grounded in gold. But the new GOP is pro-illegal immigration, pro-inflation with constant giveaways to the Ukes, anti-family, and exceptionally upper-class/elite-oriented in its globalism. Thus, they absolutely hate the American First/Trump base.

6) A federal appeals court has permanently blocked a Rutabaga administration mandate that would force doctors to perform transoid mutilations against their conscience or medical judgment.

7) A judge has put a stay on Oregon’s gun law. The state will appeal.

-The state will lose. Clarence Thomas and the USSC have spoken.

8) The University of Idaho has settled a lawsuit by three Christian students and a faculty member for trying to limit their religious speech.

9) On top of other issues, it appears the Herschel Walker campaign being run largely by his wife lost the trust of staffers; failed to anticipate or even respond to slimes from DemoKKKrats; and completely missed the nature of the light-skinned elite black vote in the Atlanta suburbs.

10) So the “merchant of death” was prosecuted because he quit working for us? He flew over 1,000 missions in Iraq.

11) Long-time Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe died at age 80.

12) Of course, in New Kabul (NYC), a man admitted sexually assaulting a sleeping woman on a passenger jet and called it a “lapse in judgment,” so they let him go.



13) The Fed’s balance sheet is taking on massive losses.

14) Juul has agreed to pay $1.2 billion to resolve lawsuits over e-cigs as a major cause of the vaping epidemic.

15) Rising electric vehicle costs may lead to layoffs of 1,350 at an Illinois plant.

16) Shoplifting and theft have become a $100 billion problem for retailers.

17) Remote work (lockdowns) has wiped out $453 billion in commercial real estate value.

18) Arizona’s incoming Treasury Secretary has announced the state will withdraw all investments from under the management of BlackRock. This is actually a shocker, something Kari Lake would have ordered.

19) Following Florida and Arizona, a third state, West Virginia, has announced it would no longer use BlackRock to manage its $8 billion in funds due to the CEO’s whacky ESG lunacy.

20) While we’re on the topic of BlackRock, its forecast for the big tech companies projects a loss of $3 trillion (with a T). But no recession here, right?



21) The Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bomber (suspect) is in custody.

22) The tolerant and benign Tolly-ban have carried out their first public execution since taking over Afghanistan. This time it was actually for a crime.

23) Now Sweden, as the gubment calls on citizens to cut electricity use due to outage risks.



24) Kurt Russell—the very best Wyatt Earp ever—talks about his Libertarian views for the first time (admitting he turns down invitations from political talk shows).

25) Three-time NBA champion, All-Star, and coach Paul Silas has died at age 79.

-I met Paul briefly at Disneyland once. When he was with the Suns circa 1969 to 1972, he was teamed with Connie Hawkins, and twice the Suns had the third-best record in the league and did not make the playoffs due to the league system at the time. He couldn’t jump over a crack in the sidewalk but was one of the toughest defenders ever and a relentless rebounder.

26) Yikes! Adele said she has to have therapy five times a day after her split from her ex.



27) Pandemic lockdowns have been linked to a decline in U.S. twin births says a study.

28) China “may face wave of infections, new variants” after relaxing the China Virus restrictions, says Dr. Fallacy.

Uh, doc, you do know how people build up resistance to infections and variants, right?

29) Useless Tuppence (Mike Pence) has now taken ownership of the China Virus vaxxes and tests. Good. This will help Trump get off the hook.

30) China Virus data from Australia shows lockdowns kill.

31) Info obtained by FOIA shows the CDC expected significant deaths (1,000 per day) from the vaxxes.

-Evil, evil little goblins.

32) American journalist and vax supporter Grant Wahl, age 49, “died suddenly.” You know why.

33) Rasmussen: 7% of those who got the vax said they had a major side effect. Some 32% of Americans are safe, not getting vaxxed.



34) Did you know this was a thing? SantaCon in New Kabul has attracted thousands of wanna-be Santas for a flurry of “drunken and bawdy behavior.” You know, sorta like the Elvis conventions in Vegas. Wait, how about . . . Santa Elvis?? Fat, stuffed into a suit . . . . never mind.


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