The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 8, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Police responded to a stabbing incident at Sen. Ted Cruz’s house after reports of his daughter’s “self-inflicted” stab wounds.

-This was the girl who complained so much during the Great Texas Freezeout that Cruz hopped off to Cancun.

2) The Warlock defeated Herschel Walker in the Georgia runoff as every single incumbent won re-election—the first time ever.

3) Why are Americans fleeing public schools? This is a WaCompost article and the significance is that the Compost is admitting people ARE fleeing.

4) Lee Zeldin will not challenge McRomBush for GOP Chair. Apparently, the Harmeet Dhillon wing got to him. Dhillon may win, but I’m not sure this marks much of a real change.

5) It never ends. Lawmakers have authorized another $800 million for the Ukes.

6) A new discovery at Yale suggests we have been looking in the wrong place for the explanation of Alzheimer’s—now looking at “lysosomes.”

7) A number of liberal beta males are getting vasectomies to protest overturning Roe. Well, that’s one way to keep them from reproducing.

8) A grand jury has blasted Loudoun County Public Schools’ lack of cooperation in a rape case.

9) Not a joke. Ford says not to use the heater in its electric truck in winter to save the battery, to keep your truck plugged in while parked (!), and to brush off extra snow, if snowing, to reduce drag.

-Well, that’s probably good advice. We all need less drag.

10) Speaking of girly men, Nantucket has approved a topless beach amendment to “promote equality.” So Nantucketeers can look forward to grizzled old wrinkled rich women and girly men on their beaches. Where is “Jaws” when you need him?

11) Basketball criminal Brittney Griner has been freed as part of a prisoner exchange with the Russkies in exchange for an arms dealer named the “Merchant of Death.” Yah, that sounds fair. Word is he was scoring 32 per game with 10 rebounds in the Supermax League.

12) Meanwhile, Rutabaga allows a Marine vet, Paul Whelan, to remain in a Russkie prison.

13) DemoKKKrats have blocked the potential release of documents on the FascistBI’s forms used to strip gun rights.

14) The wife of Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, says that swimming is “very racist.”

-No words for these evil, incredibly stupid people.

15) A former UCSD professor admits she gave all students “A”s and no homework to “decolonize” the classroom.

-If she really wanted to “decolonize,” she would have taken away every sign of progress, including their damned iPhones, and shut off all electricity.

16) The political ripple of the China Virus: it hurt Republicans.

17) Congressman Steve Scalise says the House GOP will debate all 12 appropriations bills individually, no Omnibus.

-We’ll see. I remain skeptical they will stop ANY spending, any time, anywhere.



18) A story we could run probably every day, economic signals point to a recession.

19) Ok, this is “Dr. Doom,” Nouriel Roubini, but he says the debt levels portend a major “unavoidable” crash.

20) Job creation is trending down.

21) Annnnnd, here it comes. Bailout of the Teamsters union’s pension. All other big-donor pensions will be next.

22) The average American is spending 9.5% of his income on debt each month.



23)The Huns have arrested dozens in plotting a “far-right” extremist coup. In other words, common citizens tired of green-weenie-ism and globalism destroying their country.

-I wonder if the cops’ first question was, “Are you Jewish?”

24) Green Screen Zelensky has been named Time’s man of the year.

-Well, of course, he has.

25) Coming to a red, white, and blue democracy near you soon? Brazil’s military has killed the “red command” cartel leaders in an apparent preparation for a military takeover since the hoax election that removed Bolsonaro.

26) Canada is facing a shortage of death helpers to assist people with suicide. If they were U.S. DemoKKKrats, there would be a waiting line, free.

27) In England, a transoid man posing as a woman was jailed for getting a 14-year-old pregnant.

28) The Mayor of Kiev says his city is “facing an apocalypse” and warned people to be ready to evacuate.



29) No, not a joke. Singer Celine Dion has been diagnosed with “Stiff Person Syndrome.”



30) Here they come: This scientific study showed heart death in nearly 25% of the China Virus patients without any other “significant disease or health constellation.” Small study, but the first.

31) Palau, which had nearly 100% vax status, admitted someone was triple tested and then quarantined, and three months later, 28% of the population was sick with the China Virus.



32) It’s National Cotton Candy Day. This has to be the only food you can eat for an hour and still not feel like you consumed a single jelly bean. Especially good for long hair on windy days!


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