Interrogating COVID After 1,000 Days

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  • 09/19/2023

I have some questions. Sunday marks 1,000 days since President Donald Trump announced “Fifteen Days to Flatten the Curve” on March 16, 2020. At the time, the world faced the prospect of a global pandemic, the likes of which modern nations had not encountered in nearly a century. The intervening days, months, and years introduced everyone to terms like social distancing, immunocompromised, gain-of-function, quarantine, and variant. We were bombarded with recommendations to “stay home, stay safe;” buoyed to keep faith in our “healthcare heroes;” and reminded that “we are all in this together” during these “unprecedented times.”

Barf. Smh.  Delete your account.

The last 1,000 days exposed the planet’s elected officials, politicians, public health bureaucrats, wealthy elite, economists, medical experts, scientists, celebrities, business titans, teachers, faith leaders, etc., as grossly ill-equipped to meet the COVID challenge. Let me be clear. America’s response to COVID was the most catastrophic collection of public policy decisions in galactic history. Unquestionably, no intelligent life across the Milky Way could possibly exceed our monumental hubris, delusion, and stupidity.

Our medical experts’ suggestions about lockdowns, masks, distancing, vaccination, etc., were tantamount to a desert island tribal medicine man wearing a jaguar skull and animal loin cloth recommending a necklace of garlic to ward off evil spirits capable of transmitting the bubonic plague. This is not hyperbole. My own physician told me the best way to counter the Delta variant was hot and cold showers in rapid succession. I suppose the Walgreens across the street was fresh out of leeches.

Economists and pundits literally argued that we could treat the global economy like a VHS tape. All we had to do was “push pause” for several weeks, and everything would be fine. Talk about deranged. Did a single one of these nincompoops read Leonard Read’s essay, “I, Pencil?”  Millions of people, resources, and processes interact every minute of every day in the global economy. A disruption of even one factor, let alone stopping the entire process, has debilitating consequences. Ever start making a pot of chicken noodle soup only to realize the chicken you want to use is expired? A delicious dinner is ruined by one hiccup, but you can still serve some noodles to your hungry family. Now imagine the electricity for the stove or water from the sink is turned off. Or there are no spoons or bowls.   Or the bus driving your children home from school has no gasoline. That is just one meal for one family. Now imagine it is for every meal for fifteen days. Now imagine this is the case for every family in the country. Are you starting to understand why “pause” is not an option?

There are only two logical explanations for the absurdity, abuse, vile, and evil associated with America’s COVID responses. Our society simultaneously possesses the greatest collection of scientific and medical information in history and unlimited communication abilities for leaders and experts throughout the globe. Are all these people incompetent? Or was there collusion amongst our “betters” to achieve the vast societal changes they openly vocalized and pined to attain during their meetings in Davos for the past half-century? I am looking at you, Klaus Schwab.

Short of Romans 1 playing out in real-time, there is no third option.

Before I begin my interrogation, allow me to preempt the inevitable objections to this writing. No, I am not a doctor. I am not a scientist. I do not have a college degree in virology or epidemiology. I do not even own a stethoscope or white lab coat. However, I am a critical thinker and an experienced criminal investigator. I know how to cull through a story and identify inconsistencies. I can spot a lie and pull on the threads to expose it. The process often causes a web to collapse on the dishonest arachnid spinning it. So please afford me the latitude to ask some basic questions. By no means is this a comprehensive list. But if our societal better’s actions surrounding COVID cannot withstand baseline scrutiny, the house of cards should be exposed to all with eyes to see.

Virus Origins

We were reliably informed by the Chinese government and American scientific community that COVID naturally originated in bats before a cross-species transmission to humans at a wet market in Wuhan, China. Suspiciously, the nearest nesting site for the accused bats is hundreds of miles from Wuhan. Moreover, the region is home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Records indicate that the research facility was engaging in gain-of-function research with coronaviruses.

Now, what is more likely? Did a bat decide to go on vacation in Wuhan? Was it unsatisfied with the hunting grounds in the area, which were sustaining millions of its bat friends? Did the bat fly for hundreds of miles, descend on a wet market, and cough COVID germs into a brewing vat of Bengal tiger stew just before it was served to an unsuspecting hungry Chinese peasant? Did the peasant swallow the COVID germs and contract the virus? Did the peasant merely smell the stew and breath in the COVID aerosols?

Police interrogating Chinese Wet Market

Or maybe, just maybe, the COVID virus leaked from the lab in the region that was studying that exact virus?

Nature versus lab debate aside, why did American officials and media argue the wet market transmission theory so vehemently? Why did it even matter? Was this because the American government funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Who authorized research grants to the facility? Remember, money is fungible. Is it reasonable to believe that U.S. research grants funded other portions of the institute so the facility could route other financial resources toward coronavirus gain-of-function experimentation?

If America financed research that created COVID, who should be held to account? Were any of these individuals involved with the U.S.’ subsequent ludicrous responses to COVID? If the public became aware that some of our “experts” were involved in funding Wuhan’s gain-of-research, could this knowledge undercut public policy proscriptions by these very same people?

COVID Death Rates

Ninety-four percent of the global population is under 70 years old. In October 2022, a study across dozens of national seroprevalence determined the median infection fatality rate of COVID for people under 60 years old was 0.035%. The rate was 0.095% for people under 70. This is irrespective of comorbidities. Bottom line, COVID does not kill young people.

A soft-headed, cautious person errs on the side of caution in the face of a potentially deadly pathogen in 2020. But why are we told this is still an emergency in 2022? Do emergency declarations give political leaders the cover they need to implement profound, sweeping changes without oversight or resistance? Why does COVID necessitate suspending student loan repayments? What are the political leanings and donor tendencies of the individuals benefitting from suspended student loan repayments? Is this a scheme to free up cash from political allies with the understanding that allies will vote for and funnel some of the newly freed money back to politicians?

Why are there documented cases of hospitals labeling automobile accident fatality victims as COVID deaths? Is there greater insurance compensation for COVID deaths? Did COVID restrictions minimizing elective procedures generate a shortfall in hospitals’ coffers and necessitate fraudulent COVID death claims? Does fraudulently boosting COVID death numbers support the government’s ongoing push to extend COVID emergency measures?

Why is the American media still discussing COVID like we are living through “Captain Trips?”  How much total media advertising revenue is derived from pharmaceutical companies? How much did ratings jump for media consumption during the height of the COVID lockdowns? Is there a profit motive behind media hyping COVID death risks?

Non-Pharmecuetical Interventions

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb publicly stated that the COVID six-foot social distance rule was arbitrary. Who else was aware of this fact? Why was an arbitrary rule enforced with such alacrity? Why are there still six-foot spacing signs staged in federal government facilities around the country? Did the federal government contract with a sign manufacturer to create the signs? Was there a bidding process to get the signed contract? Which political parties and politicians’ campaigns did the sign manufacturers donate to since 2020?

Are there any scientific studies indicating that one-way grocery store shopping aisles prevent or slow the transmission of COVID? Why was the Cheetos aisle safe to enter while gardening supplies were roped off? Do Cheetos supply vital nutrients necessary to combat COVID? Is gardening outdoors in the sunlight a COVID risk?

Does wiping the conveyor belt at the checkout with Clorox wipes between customers prevent the transmission of COVID? Are small plastic barriers between cashiers and customers successful in preventing aerosolized virus molecules from floating between the parties when the customer steps to the side of the barrier to hand the cashier cash? Few stores use Clorox on the debit card reader. Is that plastic surface uniquely safe from hosting COVID germs? If so, should we consider using this plastic casing on every conceivable surface going forward?

Mask effectiveness is hotly contested. Current advocacy is that masks do not help the wearer but protect others in their vicinity. If this is correct and the wearer wants to protect themselves, can they don a second, inside-out mask on top of the original? Isn’t that the same thing as another person wearing a mask to protect them? If the boxes of masks specifically say that the masks do not stop the spread of COVID, why are we still required to wear the facial coverings upon entering federal government facilities?

Is COVID only transmitted from an altitude of at least five feet? Otherwise, how can we justify restaurant requirements to wear masks while walking to a table but immediately remove it while seated? Does the same height requirement play out inside airplanes? If so, why were all passengers required to wear masks for years? If the plane is mid-flight, is the COVID height rule enhanced or mitigated? After all, everyone is thirty thousand feet above sea level.

Who concluded that high school wrestlers in Ohio could grapple mask-free in skin-tight singlets but could not engage in post-match handshakes? Was this a group decision? Were any decision-makers also parents of wrestlers who did not want their children to miss out on the season like football players? Is there evidence that handshakes transmit COVID at a greater rate than several minutes of close physical contact? If there is a COVID outbreak amongst wrestlers, are “close contacts” limited to people competing in the same weight class? What happens if a wrestler drops a few pounds to get to a lighter weight? Is he exempt from quarantine requirements since he is no longer at risk of coming into close contact with the COVID patient?


The CDC changed the definition of vaccination. Pre-2015, vaccinations were “Injections of a killed or weakened infectious organisms in order to prevent a disease.”  Since September 2021, our CDC has defined a vaccination as “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.”

Obviously, mRNA is synthetic and necessitated the removal of “killed or weakened infectious organism.”  But studies show that Vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading factors in death and severe illness stemming from a COVID infection. If I take a synthetic Vitamin D tablet or walk outside in the sun for a half-hour, am I vaccinated?

I contracted the Delta variant in August 2021. My doctor encouraged me to get vaccinated after recovering. Why would I need a vaccine for a disease I already contracted? Does this advice contradict all principles of modern immunology? If a doctor makes recommendations contrary to basic epidemiology, should that doctor continue practicing medicine?

We are continually told that the COVID vaccines are effective. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced that vaccines do not prevent the contraction or transmission of COVID. There are now more vaccinated COVID patients in hospitals than unvaccinated patients. The federal government recently encouraged Americans to get a booster every two months. What are the COVID vaccines effective at doing?


This tweet was deleted by Twitter

The price tag for a single COVID vaccine dose is jumping close to 400%. Does this have anything to do with decreased demand for boosters? Which politicians receive donations from pharmaceutical companies? Are these politicians more vocal in their support for the COVID vaccines?

If children are at almost no risk of death from COVID, why did the CDC approve emergency use authorization for vaccines in children? Why did the CDC recommend COVID vaccines be added to the vaccination schedule for children? If the state government defaults to CDC vaccine recommendations as it pertains to enrolling children in public school, does this mean that the CDC mandated COVID vaccines as a precondition for public education in America?


Hydroxychloroquine received FDA approval in 1955. It is an effective, cheap malaria drug. Doctors noted HCQ was a key component in a drug cocktail to successfully treat COVID. Why did the American media call HCQ fish-tank cleaner and insist ingestion would result in death? “The Lancet” erroneously published a hoax study that argued HCQ was useless against COVID. Who was responsible for publishing the story? Are the responsible parties still employed by “The Lancet” or working in another capacity within scientific or medical journalism? Did major media issue retractions for citing the false study as gospel against HCQ?

The scientists who developed Ivermectin won the Nobel prize in 2015. The drug successfully combats parasitic infections. Numerous high-profile doctors touted its effectiveness as an early COVID treatment. Why did the FDA refer to Ivermectin as livestock medication, tweet Americans, “You are not a horse,” and thwart doctors from prescribing it to COVID patients? Who authored the tweet? Is this tweeting party a medical professional? If not, did the tweeting party seek medical opinions before posting the tweet?

Why were HCQ and Ivermectin broadly stamped out from retail consumption? Why did hospitals deny patients access to the drugs and prevent them from leaving the hospital in order to access HCQ or Ivermectin from alternative sources? Why did a federal judge approve of a Walmart pharmacist’s decision to refuse to fill an Ivermectin prescription for a retired United States Marine in Minnesota? Why is a multi billion-dollar corporation like Walmart comfortable with a rogue employee refusing to follow directions from a licensed medical professional? Is the pharmacist still employed by Walmart? Has the United States Marine Corps or Office of Veterans Affairs come to the aid of the scorned Marine veteran?


As I stated earlier, this list is hardly comprehensive. And I note that few Americans are blameless. Too many citizens sheltered in place and contented themselves in the notion that they were a virtuous human making a sacrifice to save Grandma by working remotely in their pajamas, streaming Netflix, and ordering Uber Eats. Others informed on their neighbors for jogging maskless, hosting poker night with the boys, or (perish the thought) attending church. Reflecting on the past few years, we should all tremble, considering our forefathers crossed oceans, braved untamed wilderness, and fought the superpowers of their day to secure the blessings of liberty that we so eagerly sold to a police state run by Karen in return for a $1,200 stimulus check.

As an experienced investigator, I contend my questions lay a groundwork to impeach the absurd, nefarious narratives, guidelines, and edicts that have gripped America since COVID arrived on our shores. We must demand answers and accountability from our leaders and expert class. Without the truth, America is ripe for further calamity. Our government elites, media, and scientific overlords have already raised a standard of unprecedented overreach and despotism. Without a willingness to stand up to these intolerable acts in a fashion reminiscent of our Founding Fathers, our eventual collapse is a fait accompli.

Step up, America. Unlike COVID, tyranny is a virus with a 100% infection fatality rate.

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