The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 7, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Trump’s company was found guilty of “tax fraud” and could face up to a $1.6 million fine. Or, basically, Michael Avanetti’s bail money.

2) Meanwhile, in Twitworld, is it a revolution or a controlled opposition.

-First, Elon Musk has fired Twit’s general counsel James Baker, the ex-FascistBI lawyer, for “vetting” internal files on Hunter Biteme.


3) Second, “Sundance” at The Last Refuge argues that Musk had no idea what he purchased and that “DHS is mitigating any consequential public exposure by controlling and feeding Mr. Musk selected information about prior Twitter operations.”

4) A former Attorney General says that the Rutabaga’s administration would “absorb” any violence created by the political indictment of President Trump with an arrest of Hunter Biteme to pretend it’s playing the blind justice game.

5) The niece of Chris Christie—who is challenging Stacey M1 Abrams for the title of Human Planet—was kicked off a plane and injured six deputies in a Thanksgiving disturbance.

6) Some 3.5 million more Americans voted Republican during the midterms but, yeah, blame Trump.

7) DemoKKKrat congressman Adam Smith says calls for oversight of Uke aid are “Russian Propaganda.”

COMMENT: Folks, here is the reality. The globalists (Harari, Gates, Soros, et al.) MUST remove three world leaders—maybe four if you count Bolsonaro—to get their way: Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin. Netanyahu is back. They failed. They got rid of Trump temporarily, but he’s coming back. They so far have failed to get rid of Pootie-poot. Ukraine has never been about “democracy” or “freedom,” but about two things: money laundering for both parties but especially Rutabaga and the DemoKKKrats, and getting Putin out of the way as he is a major obstacle to globalism. “Stand with Ukraine” all you want, but this is what you are truly standing for.

8) Climate money is pouring into DC. Beware the RINOs.

9) Rutabaga’s efforts to protect abortion access have hit roadblocks.


10) Meanwhile, Rutabaga had to disband his “fake” parents' council after pushback from real parental rights groups.

11) After Georgia’s record voter turnout, when will Coca-Cola apologize for lying?

12) Moving the caucuses away from Iowa first will end ethanol’s death grip on the pols of both parties.

13) The number of transoid surgeries in the last decade has risen 13-fold, with girls as young as 12 getting irreversible operations.

- Any surgeons who do this are worse than murderers.



14) The FTX contagion continues to spread with a default notice on Orthogonal Trading for $36m.

15) Real estate experts fear that the pandemic may have created a new “urban doom loop” where people left cities and work from home. Some serious stats in this article.

16) Woke Wal-Mart warns that it could hike prices or shut down stores if the “historically high” thefts at the chain continue and if prosecutors’ lax approach to criminals isn’t corrected.

-Oh, you mean like the Walton family’s lax approach to transoid surgeries?

17) Morgan Stanley has laid off 2% of its workforce as the big banks bring back the annual “Underperformer culls.” Wow, if we could only do that with Congress.

18) Hertz will pay $168 million for falsely reporting stolen vehicles causing customers to be imprisoned.

19) The high level of evil and incompetence here is mind-boggling. Rutabaga’s DoE just gave a $200 million greenie grant to a lithium battery company controlled by the ChiComs.

20) With 2.1 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads, they’ve saved a whopping two days’ worth of gas.



21) A U.S. judge has dismissed a suit against a Saudi prince in the Khashoggi murder.

22) File this under not shocked at all: Canada is now euthanizing 10,000 of its citizens a year, including offering suicide to a Paralympian veteran who wanted a wheelchair lift installed!

23) South Korea has the world’s lowest fertility rate and can’t pay people enough to have babies after spending $200 billion trying to boost the population over the last 16 years.

24) Christina Fernandez, Argentina’s vice-president, was found guilty of corruption.

25) And from another DemoKKKrat city . . . oh, wait, this is Haiti; the capital has been taken over by gangs who murder and kidnap at will. Again, how is this different from Benghazi-by-the-Lake?

26) The U.S. no longer supports the Ukes’ claim to Crimea.



27) Kirstie Alley, star of “Cheers” and who played “Lt. Savaak” on “Star Trek” is dead at 71 after a battle with cancer.



28) The most brilliant scientist on earth, Dr. Fallacy, said, “I don’t recall” 174 times in a deposition.



29) The Golden Gate Bridge suicide net project costs have doubled, say contractors. Man, this pressure might lead people to . . . . wait, don’t jump, the net’s not up . . . .



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