The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 6, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) An independent journalist has learned that Patriot Day (J6) prisoners were zip-tied, beaten, maced, and sexually assaulted at night.

2) It looks like Elon Musk is good for Twit in yet another way: Suspension rates have doubled for accounts exploiting child sex abuse material.

-Er, Elon. Buddy. Psst. Check out the George Lincoln Rockwell Project Elementary School Chapter.

3) Staffers at the hospital performing genital mutilation surgery on kids are “coping.” They ought to be swinging if you catch my drift.

4) “Intentional Vandalism” caused a mass power outage in the North Carolina county bordering Fort Bragg (soon to be renamed out of wokeness), U.S. Army Special Forces Command.

-The Russkies, right? Cuz they are responsible for everything bad in the world.

5) The FascistBI began surveilling Rudy Giuliani one month after he was hired as President Trump’s personal attorney.

6) This should be good. Nicholas Sandmann has asked Elon Musk to release hidden Twit files on death threats against him when he was a teen slimed by the Hoax News media.

7) How the DemoKKKrats’ Iowa caucuses self-destructed. (More power to the elites, fewer Dinobernies).

8) Justice Jumpin’ Jackson Brown, whose mental capacity makes Sheila Jackson Lee or James Brown (Maxine Waters) look like Einsteins, says that the Christmas Classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” is fodder for white supremacists.

Lint has more brain power than this walking spooge.

9) RINO sellouts, including Senators Bennet and Crapo (properly named), are working to get an immigration/amnesty deal before the GOP can take over the House. The evil in D.C. is growing like a fungus.

10) The Feds finally found something they can go after Musk on -his Neuralink with animal tests.

11) The Supreme Court is having to hear more arguments on the homosexual wedding website clash because it tried to dodge the larger issues in the Colorado baker case.

12) The fact that all the wanna-be dicknipples are out attacking Trump’s “attack on the constitution,” in which he attacked RUTABAGA and the DemoKKKrats for attacking the Constitution, is ramping up as everyone from John Thune to Mike Rounds is piling on. These are evil, evil people. But I keep saying that.

13) Feel-good story of the day. Slimy shyster Michael Avenatti has been sentenced to 14 years in his fraud case.

14) Speaking of evil, the Mall of America has settled a lawsuit with the family of a five-year-old boy thrown over the balcony by a man “looking for someone to kill.”



15) Some really good news as manufacturing orders from China have fallen 40% in a continuing demand collapse.

16) Wal-Mart’s Walton family is giving millions to homosexual/transoid causes, including drag shows for children.

17) Oh? A study shows that offshore wind farms are not good for the ecosystem. Who knew?

18) Shocked: Tech corporations are the largest donors to DemoKKKrats, led by George Soros, the evil goblin.

19) How about $1,768 a month, with $10,407 down and 5% apr on a Ford pickup?



20) UK’s Labour Party has vowed to abolish the House of Lords. Well, in all reality, the HoL does nothing. It has no real power.

21) The Huns have banned farmers from fertilizing their own land to serve the Hoaxy “green” agenda.”

22) First, it was “lakes are drying up.” Now it’s “small lakes keep growing across the planet, and it’s a serious problem.” The Greenie Hoaxters use anything and everything to advance their lies.

23) Oxford can’t count. “Goblin Mode” is the new phrase named Oxford’s “word of the year.” Sigh.

-It means unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, and greedy,” or basically being a DemoKKKrat.

24) The Mauna Loa lava ooze has come within two and a half miles of traffic on the island of Hawaii.

25) North Korea has executed two teenagers by firing squad for watching South Korean movies.



26) A Kollyfornia model, Emily Adonna, lists the disadvantages of being beautiful.

-I know, honey. I know. Happens to me every day.

27) While actress Cara Delevingne claims men don’t have the “right tools” to please women in a new documentary.

-That would be something with batteries included, I assume?

-Actually, I assumed the “right tools” were a pen and a checkbook.

28) Iron Man actor Robert Downey, Jr. said his father gave him drugs when he was six years old.

29) Gets worse by the day. Woke stupidity earns just $1000 per theater. In contrast, in 2014, I took my film “Rockin’ the Wall” on tour and made about that much per theater for a documentary on rock and roll.



30) Confusion in Chy-na as authorities ease China Virus curbs.



31) Sometimes, ya can’t win. When yer time is up, it’s up. A Brazilian man who was wrongly declared dead was then found alive in a body bag at the funeral home . . . only to die of hypothermia two days later.

-As the Sergeant used to say at the beginning of every episode of “Hill Street Blues,” . . . “Let’s be careful out there.”




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