The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 5, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Truly “bombshell” stuff. In the biggest news surfacing last Friday night, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twit, began releasing internal documentation showing that Twit officials colluded with the Biteme administration to censor and shut down all discussions of the Hunter Biteme corruption.

A summary is here:

2) MORE: Attorney General of Missouri Eric Schmitt, now Senator-Elect Schmitt, deposed FBI agent Elvis Chan and found that the FBI was involved in working with Fascistbook and social media to censor speech ahead of the 2020 election . . . which WAS STOLEN.

3) MORE: Musk himself Tweeted that he has “seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election.”

4) MORE: The DNC had Twit go after actor James Woods.

5) AND MORE: Musk says Apple has fully resumed Twit advertising. That didn’t last long.

6) AND STILL MORE: Katie (The Hobbit) Hobbs was in communication with Twit flagging accounts that Twit should censor. Evil little ugly fascist Hobbit. Usually, they’re kinda cute.

7) AND STILL MORE: Elon Musk says more smoking guns are on the way.

8) I have renamed Minneapolis “New Mogadishu,” which I had previously called SF, which is now officially Groomer City. LA is now “New Bogota.”

-So, in Minneapolis (New Mogadishu), the city is paying rioters for injuries sustained in rioting. Yep.

9) Interesting poll out of WPA in the election post-mortem. Don’t know if I believe any poll, but this one shows Rs were much more heavily invested in the economy, inflation, and crime, while DemoKKKrats’ top issues were Social Security, “preserving democracy” (by which they mean fascism), and abortion. Trump is well-liked by Republicans, hated by DemoKKKrats. Supposedly 66% of indies “view Trump unfavorably.” This is where I do not believe this poll: maybe in national numbers, this is true, but in key rust belt areas, Trump is the only one who can appeal to most working-class indies.

10) And this study says da youts in Texas came out at a much lower rate than in 2020, even with Betamale on the ticket.

11) Here is the US Air Force’s new B-21 Bomber, the “Raider.” Ok, I like this name better—an homage to Jimmy Doolittle. It looks a lot smaller than a B-2 but is vastly more stealthy.

12) Funny: yes, this comedian gets every liberal news show ever.

13) From our own Michelle Edwards: The Rutabaga’s administration gets more Hitlerian and Stalinesque every day. Now the FDA plans to ban homeopathic medicines. And no, for you high school grads, this does NOT mean medicines that hate homosexuals.

14) A Bentley-driving Arizona “Mormon prophet” had 20 wives as young as nine, including his own daughter, and drove them around in a trailer with a bucket for a toilet. Sad thing is if, given the opportunity, some would “marry” him again.

15) Nearly half of today’s moronic college students think the death penalty for offensive speech is ok. Time to close all these purveyors of lunacy and intolerance.

16) The GOP is officially at 221 seats in the House with one race left to be called. Quite a letdown from the 240-50 that was expected, but in real terms, well outside the mischief range of one or two diddlesquatters.

17) A judge has sanctioned Kari Lake’s lawyers even as 71% say Maricopa County issues tipped the Senate race. Hell, and the governor’s and AG races, too.

18) Uvalde survivors have filed a $27 billion lawsuit against Texas law enforcement officials.

19) Nothing to see here. The FascistBI met “weekly” with the social media giants before the 2020 election.

20) A brave Georgia sheepdog fought off eight coyotes trying to maul a flock of sheep. I’m curious, what did the sheep pay the coyotes to cross the border? Oh, wait . . . those kinds of coyotes.



21) Gen Zers are taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as their economy gets worse. Thanks, Rutabaga.

22) Destroyed ecosystems, Child slavery, and drug payments are the legacies of the so-called “renewable energy” industry.

23) Apple is accelerating its supply chain retreat from Chy-na.

24) Where did young male workers go? Pushed out by wokeness and females with degrees and told they are toxic by the culture.

25) American Airlines is the latest to leave San Francisco due to crime and homelessness.

26) Some 35% of millionaires say it’s “going to take a miracle” to be ready for retirement.

27) Talk about shooting themselves in the foot: the Rutabaga’s administration plans to kill an Alaska mine that would “hobble” the green agenda and cost the state billions in revenues.

-I’m sure the criminal owlsprocket known as Senator MurCowSki can clear that right up. She’s just so powerful, ya know.



28) Iran has reportedly dissolved its morality police after two months’ worth of protests.

29) More of the same from Davos, as the World Economic Forum focuses on so-called “climate change” and Pootie-poot.

30) Will Smith makes Senegal! A brawl broke out in parliament after a male lawmaker slapped a female colleague.

31) Global warming: the North American snow cover is at a 56-year high.

-So are most of the climatoid piddlepushers, no doubt from ‘shrooms.

32) Speaking of global warming, Ireland faces a “mega temperature drop.” They’re gonna be freezing their leprechauns off.

33) Nigeria’s president says that west-supplied weapons are filtering into his country. With 10% for the Big Guy, I’m sure.

34) El Salvador’s plan to rid itself of criminal gangs continues apace. Experts “explain” why it won’t work here. Why not?

35) France has cracked down on short-haul domestic flights and private jet travel, trying to force more train transportation as energy problems mount and as whackadoodle greenweenie-ism grows.

36) Residents are evacuating as Mount Semeru, Indonesia’s highest volcano has erupted—the second major volcanic eruption in a month. Is God telling us something?



37)  How we miss Rodney Dangerfield (courtesy of Freeper “sodpoodle”): “A girl phoned me and said ‘Come on over. There’s nobody home.’ I went over, and there was nobody home.” “I went to a massage parlor. It was self-service.” “My wife is such a bad cook; if we leave dental floss out, the roaches hang themselves.” And “A hooker once told me she had a headache.” Ah, the greats.

38) Fantastic. The Boston Celtics coach was asked about the “royal family,” and he responded? “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph? ...I’m only familiar with one royal family.”

(*libtoid reporters’ heads explode)

39) Disney’s Bob Iger confirms they will double down on woke content: “We can’t lose that, we just can’t.” Oh, Bobby, you will lose that . . . and so much more.

40) More stupidity from woke Mouse: Disney’s Splash Mountain will close in 2 months due to being “not appropriate” in today’s world. Sick people.



41) A scientist who worked at Wuhan said that the China Virus was man-made, and was the biggest cover-up and “biggest U.S. intelligence failure since 9/11.”

-Man-made, absolutely. Cover up? Yep. But CIA failure? Hell to the no. They knew all about it and facilitated it to get rid of President Trump.

Hell to the no.

42) Vax and lockdown lobby out in full force as China may “face more than 2 million deaths” if it drops its China Virus curbs without any safeguards. You know, like Sweden did with virtually no pandemic.

43) Los Angeles County may revive its maskie mandate. Which is what it wanted to do all along.

44) GOP House leader (for now) Kevin McCarthy says he has convinced Rutabaga to drop the military China Virus vax mandate and says the Pentagon’s annual budget will not pass unless the vax rule is gone. We’ll see.

45) The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a national injunction protecting 10,000 Air Force members from being punished or terminated for refusing the vax on religious grounds.



46) Phoenix, Arizona, celebrates 20 years of Alice Cooper’s “Christmas Pudding,” called the “Coolest Holiday Event,” with Sammy Hagar, Rob Zombie, and the Gin Blossoms, with all proceeds going to the Solid Rock teen centers.

-A little inside information: my first guitarist (see image) was John Tatum, one of the members of Alice Cooper’s original “Earwigs” before they became the “Spyders” before they became Alice Cooper. He quit just before they made it big to form “Goldmyne” with me. From left to right Randy Gage (retired CEO of a major electric motor company, SunStarUSA, that has been featured in USAToday and Fox News; me in the Sir Lancelot haircut; longtime Phoenix star jazz singer Alice Tatum Chuba, married to John at the time; the late John Cole Tatum, and Kevin Staley, who was a successful “one-man-band” for many years around the country. Just before his death, John wrote an incredible Christian rock opera about the Book of Revelations called “An Ordinary Day.” Fantastic stuff.



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