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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 2, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) More DemoKKKrat fraud—you know, the kind that the Hoax News says never happens—as two Louisiana DemoKKKrats are sentenced to 12 months in prison for vote schemes.

2) About time: the GOP House members say they will investigate the Patriot Day (J6) committee’s work.

-They should charge all those paddlepatchers with a wide variety of crimes and make some up to boot.

3) Senator John Thune is saying something that needs to be said. Some question his timing, but the fact is the only way to get the federal budget even remotely into control is to address Social Security and Medicare.

4) A U.S. appeals court has rejected (again) Rutabaga’s student debt relief plan.

-And again, if the little toadstools had a single brain cell, they would be erecting statues to these judges because the court just saved them tens of thousands of dollars in taxes due THIS YEAR.

5) A Marquette Law poll shows that majorities of all political affiliations oppose racial preferences. Gee, it only took us, what, 50 years to come around to that?

6) DeSantis-backed Florida school board members boot woke superintendents.

7) And this from Florida: the state will pull $2 billion worth of assets managed by BlackRock, the biggest such divestment by a state opposed to the company’s ESG policies. More, please!

8) Jeffrey (he-didn’t-kill-himself) Epstein’s estate will pay the Virgin Islands $105 million to settle a civil suit.

9) She’s ba-ack. Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, is lobbying Rutabaga to be the next FCC nominee. Well, she is as large as a broadcasting network.

-“Foah howah. You heah foah howah. You go now!”

10) New Kabul (NYC) city councilman rightly claims New Yorkers are getting what they voted for—a 27% rise in crime.

11) Vermont has agreed to pay religious school tuition where public schools are unavailable.

12) Probably not the way you want to go. A North Carolina pilot fell to his death after opening a hatch to throw up. The plane apparently pitched at the wrong time.



13) Challenger job cuts hit 416% in November as the Fed deflates the tires.

14) Older people are increasingly living alone, and that is not good.

15) New Kabul (NYC) is the most expensive city in the world.

-And one of the most unsafe.

16) As did Jesus Carter, Janet Screamin’, and Yellin’ blame American consumers for record-high inflation.



17) Don’t be so sure the climate change whackadoodles have won. They can’t yet show any legitimate analysis of how “green” will provide energy.

18) The president of South Africa is facing calls to step down due to the alleged theft of a mere half a million dollars found at his farm.

-C’mon, man. DemoKKKrats launder that through Ukraine in an hour.

19) The French are moving toward power cuts.

20) Have the Ukes lost 50% of their military? A speech by Ursula von Der Leyen suggests so.




21) “Dog the Bounty Hunter” co-star David Robinson dead at 50 from a “stroke or heart attack.” Annnnnnd . . . . the question. Was he vaxxed?

22) Just when you think he couldn’t get any more bizarre or nutso, Kanye West tells Alex Jones, “I see good things about Hitler.”

-Very clearly, Kanye had a medical incident and needs help. Big time.

23) According to Breaking News Online, Chris (“The Schlizz”) Cillizza has been laid off.

-Couldn’t happen to a nicer communist.

24) Pitcher Gaylord Perry of the Cleveland Indians, master of the spitball, dead at 84.

25) Ben Affleck takes a swipe at Netflix, asking, “how can they make 50 great movies?”

-Well, for one thing, Spoogie, they don’t have you and Maaaattt Daaaa-mon.



26) And finally, I know this is what all young scientists dream of. Someone has developed an artificial intelligence that can detect cancer in flatulence after listening to hours of toilet audio tapes.

-Or they could have just watched the campfire scene from “Blazing Saddles.”



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