The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 29, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Well, this is progress: 62% of Americans want Hunter Biteme investigated, and nearly the same percent say Rutabaga was “likely” compromised by China bidness deals.

2) This is rich. Now DemoKKKrats are trying to blame Liz Clusterbomb Cheney for “focusing so much” of the Patriot Day (J6) on Trump.

-Are you kidding me? They ALL only focused on Trump. Now that Republicans may have access to all the raw data showing Botoxic’s complicity in Patriot Day, these clatterpatches are trying to a) bury the info and b) blame Clusterbomb.

3) More Idaho and one Kollyfornia counties have moved to join “Greater Idaho.”

-Could be a thing.

4) Corrupt Maricopa County, AZ, has told the state’s attorney general to buzz off and certified its slatheristic election Monday. Cochise County has still not certified.

COMMENT: Some 21% of locations—not “machines”—had problems on election day. Mine was one of them. Did this make a difference? We cannot say. Arizona suffers from the McTurd disease, which still lingers here, as seen in the 100,000 MORE votes McTurdite/RINO Kimberly Yee got for Treasurer than Kari Lake did for governor. These were Republicans who want the old boy network. My take is that Kari Lake’s lawsuits, as have all previous challenges to elections, will come a cropper, and we’re stuck with the evil Hobbit.

5) Georgia’s Supreme Court has reversed a lower court’s decision to block the state’s six-week abortion ban.

-Come on, Hollywood. Boycott Georgia again.

6) In Kollyfornia, thousands of pedophiles are being released from prison. No doubt to serve in the state legislature.

7) And also in Kollyfornia, a DemoKKKrat city councilman said that the spiraling homeless crisis has left children having to step over needles, human waste, and deal with psychotic behavior on their way to school.

-Yeah, but councilman, once they get to school, they are safe as woke teachers will try to get them to chop off their weenies. So it works out.

8) The Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii has erupted, but so far, lava flows are not an imminent threat to the community.

-Isn’t that what they said about Vesuvius? Asking for a friend.



9) Without Trump, there is no successful tech war vs. the ChiComs.

10) More rot from the Balenciaga campaign ads: the artist features works with castrated toddlers.

11)  . . . while the Business of Fashion has revoked its award from creative director Demma Gvasalia.

12) What’s going on with the crypto whiz kids, who are missing millions and dying, all under mysterious circumstances?

13) While Jay Leno hit a police car (!!) en route to a comeback stage performance in Hermosa Beach, just two weeks after, a fiery accident burned his face.

14) Elon Musk says that the Twit files on free speech suppression will soon be published in Twit itself.

-That’s nice, Muskie old man, but GIVE ME BACK MY 135,000 followers!




15) NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says the Euros’ supplying Ukes with weapons is draining the continent’s resources.

16) China’s crackdown on China Virus protesters causes Rutabaga to push . . .  Vaxxes.

-This will come to nothing because the protesters there do not have guns.

17) Meanwhile, the ChiCom gubment is flooding Twitter with sex bots in an attempt to drown out reports of riots.

-Quick, someone ask Farticus about Fang Fang. Maybe he has some info.

18) The National Grid of the UK has told people to prepare for energy rationing.



19) It looks like in the Disney homosexual movie “Strange World,” people were walking out of the theater, and now the movie is expected to lose $147 million.

20) Not so fast: we reported that Danny Masterson’s rape trial ended in a hung jury, but the judge isn’t letting that happen and wants to start all over again with alternates.

21) Remember the missing ABC producer James Meek? He was finally seen but refuses to answer questions on the FascistBI raid on his penthouse that ended his career.

22) Can’t make this up: “The View” host Sunny Hostin calls Kanye West a White Supremacist.

NOTE: No woman named “Joy” is joyful, and no woman named “Sunny” has a nice disposition. They’re all haterhag slitherchickens.



23) A 30-year-old crypto founder has “died suddenly” in his sleep. Yep. Keep takin’ the vax poison, ya nimrods.

24) Experts have struggled to explain Africa’s low China Virus vax rates and low death rates.

-Easy. Low vax rates, high HQC rates for malaria.

25) Dr. David Martin argues that 3.5 billion could be injured or killed by the China Virus vax. It turns out the vax was the real “pandemic.”

26) Eric the Trainer, celebrity personal trainer Eric Fleishman “dies suddenly” at his home (age 53). But not cuz of the vax. Nahhhh.

27) Poetic justice as a Canadian radio host who attacked “anti-vaxxers” now has to take a hiatus after a heart attack.



28) The Thanksgiving Day football game between America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Midgets drew an astonishing 42 million viewers, or nearly four times that of the USA/England soccer game.

-This is why soccer remains a sport for girlie men and not ‘Mericans.



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