The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 28, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Since it isn’t a real story, I will not be addressing whom President Trump had dinner with or without.

2) The Fifth Circuit has vacated the contempt charges against True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

3) Another story about Rutabaga not running again.

4) One of the pictures from the Balenciaga kiddie bondage photos spelled the name “BAALenciaga.” Appropriate, no?

5) The U.S. faces a serious shortage of children’s antibiotics and flu drugs amid the “tripledemic.” But I betcha there are plenty of China Virus vaxxes.

6) A judge has ordered cushy prison with “no walls, bars or fences” for fraudster Elizabeth Holmes. Tell me again about the conditions in D.C. jail for non-violent protesters who took selfies?

7) Another 106 churches in Florida this time seek to leave the United Methodist Church and have sued over the disaffiliation process. Neil Sedaka: “Breakin’ up is hard to do.”

8) The FascistBI slipped up and admitted that blacks made up 60.4% of known murder offenders in 2021. What? Not “white supremacists?”

9) New Mogadishu (SF) police propose allowing robots to kill in “rare and exceptional” circumstances.



10) FTX owned an $11.5 million stake in a little rural bank in Washington state with just 3 employees. Now, why would Sam Bankman-Fried want that?

11) FTX isn’t just bankrupt: its money has been stolen, meaning a certain CEO is a crook.

12) The looming rail strike, which has been on-again, off-again, is ba-aaack.

13) Some 41% of small businesses couldn’t pay their rent in November.

14)  . . . while consumer credit soars and personal savings collapse.

15) In another blow to the left, Elon Musk shows hate speech on Twit is down after his takeover.

16) Balenciaga has sued the ad producers of the BDSM teddy bear commercial.



17) Russkie lawmakers have banned “LGBT propaganda” among adults. And we’re supposed to hate these guys?

18) Of course they are: Euros are trying to blame the U.S. for the energy crisis it created.

19) The climate grift continues.

20) Riots in China as the subjects resist the lockdowns.

21) Biteme scrambles to track $20 billion in Uke aid as House GOP warns of audits.

-Oh, I can find this easy. Just look under the account marked “Hunter.”

22) The snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere is among the highest in 56 years. But . . Global Warming.



23) Actor/rapper Ice Cube said that he had turned down a $9 million movie role because he refused to get the “m-effing jab.”

-Wise man. Your life is worth more than $9 million.

24) In case you missed my two hours on Steve Bannon’s War Room talking about the making of A Patriot’s History of the United States and Thanksgiving, here are the two one-hour links.

25) Nothing strange about the response to Disney’s latest homosexual fiasco, “Strange World,” as it pulled in under $20 million in an open on a budget of $120 million. Along with “She-Hulk,” “Andor,” and the other recent slugs (and I like “Andor”), no wonder they’re bringing Iger back.

26) Woke Lamar “Lobotomoid” Odom showed his ignorance again by going off on the Phoenix Suns mascot, a gorilla, saying you “can’t find any” gorillas in the desert.

-Dude. You can’t find basketballs in a desert either ya moronski. But just for the record, the FIRST Phoenix Suns Gorilla was a Hispanic named Henry Rojas, a singing telegram delivery guy who worked for Eastern Onion. After his delivery, Rojas was asked by a security guard to dance at halftime, and he did, and he was eventually hired . . . and inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame. He is called by ESPN the “Michael Jordan of mascots” and is the only truly organic mascot in sports.

27) The World Cup saw the America/England 0-0 tie in soccer gain 15.4 million viewers.

-I’m sorry, people. This is not a game. It is people running up and down a field chasing a ball. Learn real football.



28) Vaxxed people now make up the majority of the China Virus deaths . . . admits the Washington Compost.

29) The great Steve Kirsch is really getting under the vaxiopaths’ skin.



33) A man who posed as an oil baron’s son to hire 17 private jets and buy $500,000 worth of cars now faces 20 years in jail. He says his story is “wilder than Anna Delvey’s.”

Well, why don’t you find out? You two chat about it while incarcerated. And maybe drag in the other fraudsters, Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried. Have a fraud party.



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