IN POLITICAL NEWS 1) The House p..." /> IN POLITICAL NEWS 1) The House p..." /> IN POLITICAL NEWS 1) The House popular vote majority produced few seats but is a good sign for Republicans in 2024. -Perhaps. But this wasn’t about seats. This was about vengeance. We got none. 2) A DemoKKKrat continues to warn his party that the election"/>

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 21, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The House popular vote majority produced few seats but is a good sign for Republicans in 2024.

-Perhaps. But this wasn’t about seats. This was about vengeance. We got none.

2) A DemoKKKrat continues to warn his party that the election results did nothing to address the “Hispanic Problem.”

3) Reelecting Yertle and McCarthy was the best gift the establishment could have given Trump, says this analyst.

4) Robert Barnes: “The 2022 results reaffirm the lesson of Trumpism: the northern working class is essential to a national GOP majority. J.D. Vance shows the better path to national success than Oz-style old-school Romney-lite, Bush-branded Republicanism.”

5) Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see some China Virus investigations in the House.

6) After suggesting President Trump wasn’t the future of the GOP, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem has backtracked.

7) If you can’t beat ‘em, the GOP must learn to love mail-in ballots, curing, legal harvesting and other frauds cuz that’s how DemoKKKrats win.

8) The chief instigator in the Patriot Day (J6) activities hasn’t been charged despite evidence showing he incited one member to engage in criminal conduct. Why? Because he’s a Fed, or course.

9) Meanwhile, in other InJustice news, a judge has ordered some of Jeffrey (he-didn’t-kill-himself) Epstein’s videos to be unsealed.

-Let’s see what names pop up, shall we?

10) While fraudster Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos has been sentenced to eleven years. Maybe she, Ana Sorokin, and Sam Bankman-Fried can form a deviant weirdo prison club called “The Screw-ems.”

11) Republicans had an 81 point lead among those who thought abortion should be illegal, nearly four times that among DemoKKKrats who thought it should be legal (22).

12) Trump has been reinstated to Twit, and his Patriot Day (J6) tweets of “PEACEFULLY and Patriotically” are inconvenient to Grand Moff Garland and the Hoaxster DemoKKKrat analdrippers.


13) After reinstating President Trump—who got more than 80 million followers in his first day—Project Veritas was restored.

-Great. Now Elon, give me back my 135,000 followers. And bring back Milo for the hell of it.

14) As would be expected, Minion Romney and his supporters lied about the impact of the DemoKKKrats homosexual marriage bill.

15) “It’s like living in an igloo.” People are turning off their heat as prices surge. Oh, folks, we’re just warmin’ up . . . so to speak.

16) The evil and vile State Department tells it's staff abroad to promote an anti-populist “disinformation” game in schools.

17) You don’t hear this every day: DemoKKKrat Senator Mark Warner said President Trump was right about Tik Tok: it’s an “enormous threat” and serves as a Commie tool.

18) A Kolllyfornia community is outraged over a “Satan Club” hosting meetings at an elementary school. Wait, I thought all of Kollyfornia was a “Satan Club.” What am I missing?

19) In New Kabul, yet two more men were killed by subways, one by laying on the tracks. For no one knows why . . . .



20) Home sales have plunged and prices have fallen 8.4% in four months.



21) Eggs will be rationed across the UK until the spring of 2023.

22) Confirmed videos show Ukrainians executing Russian POWs.

23) Maybe I need to start a COMEDY NEWS section, because what the FIFA boss Gianni Infantino said about Qatar—that he feels “Arab, African, gay, disabled, . . . like a woman.” I think he feels kinda spoogey to me. Qatar was not amused rolling out a list of western oppressions for “the last 3,000 years” before he should be “giving moral lessons to people.”

24) The Catholic Church is descending into absolute antichrist levels, participating in a pagan spectacle/Mayan cult in Panama City.

25) TheReligionOfPeace (TROP ® ) has executed 26 women for being witches after claiming children suddenly died in Nigeria.

26) Idiotic global elites and their climate hoax war against carbon are leading us to a man-caused ice age.



27) Pop songs do not have key changes any more. Nor do they have musical solos, the element of songs that made them inherently “American”. Instead they have mindless gibberish rap.

28) The jury could not reach a conclusion in the Danny Masterson rape trial.

29) She’s probably not wrong: Hoaxstress Fraudster Anna Sorokin says even under house arrest “I’m probably living better than all of you.”

30) And more of this mentality: diva Adele shuns the suite offered to her by Caesars Palace during her Vegas residncy cuz it wasn’t in the “most exclusive section” of the hotel. Er, honey, the most exclusive section of Caesars is over at the Wynn, which is where yer stayin’ now.

-No pleasin’ some people.

31) Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank took his own life at age 49.



32) A new Swiss study shows that China Virus shots increased the risk of myocarditis by 800 times in young adults.


33) After months of saying that charts were “made up,” more evidence that an Excess non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality problem exists. It ain’t “long Covid.” It’s the vax.


34) The Covid/Crypto Connection: how FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried funded the whole lockdown/China Virus scam.

35) Unvvaxxed kids are healthier.



36)  Am I fat shaming? Well yes. I’m sorry but this looks like a giant fuchsia spider is trying to eat a beige watermelon.

And a head is sticking out yelling “heellllllp.”






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