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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 14, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) After nearly electing Lee Zeldin as governor, New York has contributed to flipping the House of Representatives in DC, Red—quite a feat with four million more registered DemoKKKrats than Republicans.

2) Republicans won the national popular vote by a “wide margin” despite failing to pick up the typical 35 House seats and get control of the Senate.

3) More evidence that the DemoKKKrats mastered the “ballots” over “votes” strategy by the great Salena Zito.

4) With votes still being counted, it looks as though Republicans have taken the House by the slimmest of margins.


5) This flip in Oregon and the forthcoming hold in Arizona will likely seal the deal.

6) Yertle likely to hold on to his position in the senate with the defeat of Adam Laxalt, Blake Masters, and the special election for Herschel Walker.

7) A new poll shows President Trump crushing Ron DeSantis by 50 points in a primary poll.


8) More murmuring about replacing Rutabaga. Now that they have the senate and can control the new vice president, they can oust Kamala Harris and install Gavin Newsome, the deliver the old 25th to the Demented Pervert. A GOP senate would have stopped that.

9) “How the DemoKKKrats outperformed election expectations.”

-Well, cheating via ballots over votes sure helps.

10) Here is just one example: New Hampshire’s senator Maggie Hassan won 1,100 votes from a town with a population of under 700.


11) In one of the few bright spots for Republicans, Joe Lombardo in Nevada defeated the incumbent Steve Sisolak—and much of that had to do with Sisolak’s China Virus lockdown policies. Lombardo got Trump’s endorsement.

12) Federal election officials have cleared Mark Zuckerberg in use of his “Zuckerbucks” 2020 election “grants.”

-Well, of course, they did.

13) The military brass are urging peace with the Russkies.



14) Twitter removed 4,400 of its 5,500 contract employees.

15) The crypto company FTX has collapsed, and users were cashing out of the bankrupt company through a Bahamas loophole. The execs, including Sam Bankman-Fried, were “under supervision” there.

16) FTX was a “money laundering operation on a very large scale” that even funded China Virus clinical trials that would show “favorable” outcomes to what Dr. Fallacy wanted.

17) It appears this cuts off a very significant source of funds for American DemoKKKtats.

18) And another source says that “tens of billions of US dollars were transferred to Ukraine” and then using FTX Crypto Currency . . . were laundered back to DemoKKKrats.”


19) Disney plans a targeted hiring freeze and job cuts.

20) Well, as the Joker said, “Here we go.” The Swiss National Bank has begun unloading its biggest U.S. stock holdings, including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Meta.

-(“Meta” means death in Hebrew).


21) Janet Screamin’ and Yellin’ gives India “permission” to buy Russkie oil.

22) MG&E power company plans 9% price raises next year.





23) The UK has a 50 billion pound fiscal hole caused almost entirely by funding the Uke war.

24) The Huns have pulled out of a 1994 fossil fuel treaty that protected investments in fossil fuels.


25) The U.N. food agency will launch a plan to make the world’s food systems “more sustainable.” In other words, dysfunctional, more expensive, and with fewer choices.



26) President Donald Trump gave away his youngest daughter, Tiffany, in marriage to a 25-year-old billionaire.

-Gosh, she coulda had me.

 27) “Wakanda Forever” had a strong $330 million opening.



28) People were fired, blacklisted, kicked off Twitter, and canceled because they said what NBC News now reports: “Myocarditis after Covid vaccination: research on possible long-term risks underway.”

-Gee, maybe if you do the research before you kill thousands of grannies and healthy young people? Just a thought.

29) A midwest doctor slaps down the argument for China Virus amnesty.

30) China, home of the China Virus, has reported rising China Virus cases in Beijing and manufacturing hubs as it strives for “Zero Covid.”

31) Stanford has quietly dropped the vax requirement.



32) And finally, a sign language interpreter has sued the “Lion King” on Broadway after the director told him it was “no longer appropriate to have white interpreters represent black characters.”

-Gee, I wonder if it’s acceptable to have white liberals represent me in Congress? Will it be acceptable to have Eric Clapton play black blues? Or Rachel Dolezal head Black Looters Matter? People want to know.



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