The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 10, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) More glitches and delays in counting ballots in Arizona, with Kari Lake poised to win the governorship and Blake Masters at a very narrow possible victory. Authorities found 17,000 bad signature matches that have to be addressed by verifiers. (They are delaying releasing the good news for Lake and possibly for Masters).

-Maricopa County Republicans are in force at the counting center.

2) An important story, senate poll averages overstated Republican support (for the first time). What’s going on?

-COMMENT: I think two things are at work.

-First, because of the strategy of DemoKKKrats voting early, the remaining pools of voters may still reflect the correct “mix” of voters but ignores the fact that a large pool is already 100% voted out and aren’t even likely voters, they were actual voters. As the pools dwindle, they get redder, but the actual vote totals rise.

-Second, as discussed in the column by Sundance below, there is a new and very effective DemoKKKrat strategy developed during the China Virus called “ballots” over “votes.” In essence, it is to emphasize getting as many ballots out into peoples’ hands—infirmed, dead, incompetent, illegal, doesn’t matter. Then many, if not most of these, can be “voted” by DemoKKKrat operatives. The chance that many/most will slip through is high.

3) Here is the must-read piece by Sundance at the Last Refuge on the different strategies: DemoKKKrats emphasize ballots, Republicans, votes. Yes, there is a difference.

4) Did you know the Republicans won the national popular vote in this election by 5%? Why didn’t this translate into seats? Cuz Republicans are moving to more red areas, reinforcing safe R seats (i.e., Arizona, Florida, Texas).

5) In case you missed it, there is an all-out effort now by neverTrumpers, the media, and Hoax News to present Ron DeSantis as the “face” of the new GOP and to push Trump out.

-Mistake of the century if they push this.

6) DeSantis sees big gains in Florida school board races.

7) This is a terrific recap of the election—though I still caution you we do not know where the final numbers are going to land. He says abortion was bigger than predicted, but not huge, and that the China Virus lockdowns totally restructured the electorate into a large group of Lockdown Lucys who see gubment as their savior. (Explains DeWeenie in OH and Witless Protection in MI)


8) Speaking of abortion, in OH, Republicans swept the Supreme Court races and will likely uphold the abortion ban there.

9) Zero’s boy David Axelrod said Rutabaga should avoid “Triumphalism.” “This really wasn’t an affirmation of policies.”

-No crap, Sherlock.

10) Sick Kollyfornia voters approved a ballot measure to allow a woman to get an abortion at nine months.

11) A tale of two Americas: red states are growing while blue states are mired in lawlessness and decline.

12) NASA may have made a $4.1 billion mistake by allowing the Artemis 1 rocket on the Cape Canaveral launch pad.

13) A crypto-millionaire has drowned in Puerto Rico after tweeting that the CIA and Mossad were after him.

-Nothing to see here folks. Move along.



14) A Biteme plan to tap American businesses for financing “green” has met resistance.

15) Real average hourly earnings at -2.8% in October, 19 straight months of decline under Rutabaga.



16) Qatar is housing World Cup fans in shipping containers in the middle of the desert. What, like illegals?

17) Turkey has arrested the head of the bakers’ union for calling bread-eating societies “stupid.”

-Well, Dr. Atkins would certainly agree.

18) Hospital waiting lists in England have hit a record high. Anyone remember when, before Thatcher, the undertakers were backed up, and there were bodies in hallways?

19) Energy bills in Europe are 90% higher than last year.

20) Yuck. Brit Airways told male pilots they can carry purses and wear makeup.



21) Niiiiice. Disney shares have hit the lowest level in two years after huge streaming losses. I dunno, maybe another woke She-Hulk series?

22) How Taylor Sheridan created America’s most popular TV show, “Yellowstone,” and why it drives libtoids bonkers.



23) Sweden, which did not lock down, had the lowest “excess mortality” during 2020-22.


24) New China Virus variants can evade vaxxes. Folks, it’s the flu. It mutates.


And finally...

25) And finally, money does buy happiness. People given a one-time sum of $10,000 report feeling happier months after spending it.

-Dang it, how do I sign up for this study?



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