The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 9, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The biggest winner of the night, no question, was Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who cruised to an almost 20-point victory over Charlie Crispy Critter. (Like Betamale O’Roarke and Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, this should mark the end of him).

COMMENT: DeSantis got 4.6 million votes, beating Crispy by 1.5 million. The FL House delegation is now 20-8 with pickup of an open seat by Cory Mills, flip of FL-27 by Maria Salazar, and flipped the 13th district by Anna Paulina Luna. Also, Rs took a supermajority in both houses of the FL state legislature).

2) The other strong-anti lockdown governors, Brian Kemp and Kristi Noem, also won (Noem by almost 27 points).

3) Memphis has elected a dead DemoKKKrat. Well, to be fair, Pennsylvania elected Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, so not much difference.

4) Mayra Flores, who won a special election just months ago in a Texas border district, lost, saying, “The Red Wave did not happen.”

5) Just a projection, but the New York Slimes is projecting a Republican House.

6) No matter how much I’d like to deny it, this was not a good night for President Trump. His hand-picked candidates like Herschel Walker, Mehmet Oz, and Blake Masters struggled mightily. Walker may still win. The biggest star of the night was Ohio’s “Hillbilly Elegy” J. D. Vance, who held Rob Portman’s senate seat. This was a big MAGA pickup but was offset by the loss of the Pennsylvania seat to Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, who will immediately resign and hand his seat to his wife after January.

7) Another Patriot Day (J6) butterbucket lost, as Elaine Luria in Virginia was defeated by Jen Kiggans.

8) Florida banned the Department of InJustice election monitors from polling places.

-Good job, FL.

9) The celebrity-backed Republican Rick Caruso holds a small edge over DemoKKKrat Karen Bass in New Calcutta (LA) mayor race.

10) The crime-loving NY Governor Kathy Hochul beat Lee Zeldin, while Brian Kemp defeated Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet. Maybe she’ll go away now.

11) In Texas, Greg Abbott beat Betamale O’Roarke, another grifter who needs to leave.

12) Ultra MAGA Lauren Boebert lost her rural Colorado seat to a leftist caught having an affair inside a storage locker.

13) The Northeast faces a winter energy crisis as Rutabaga promises “no more drilling.”



14) Mortgage rates rose to 7.32%.

15) Twitter growth hit a record in Musk’s first week despite celebrity departures. Sorry, didn’t notice.

16) Legalized sports betting failed in Kollyfornia.

17) The 2022 election cost $17 billion, which is a lot to elect a stroke victim and see two of the biggest money-burning grifters lose in Texas and Georgia.



18) Europe shows a united front against Bitme’s “Inflation Reduction Act,” says it threatens industry.

-As it does.

19) Brittney Griner will be moved to a remote penal colony.

-You read that right.

20) The Ukes have seized more private companies. But they are the “democracy,” right?



21) The “Rings of Power” was such an epic fail that now Amazon plans a full reboot of this disaster.



22)  Pfizer’s CEO has boasted that the China Virus will be a “multi-billion dollar franchise for many years to come as they jack up the price of the vax by 10,000 percent.” Odd. I wouldn’t use “franchise” to describe a deadly disease.



23) The founder of Oculus, and a defense contractor, are developing a Virtual Reality Headset that will kill the user if the character dies in a video game.

-Come to think of it, there are some people I know whom I should introduce to this.



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