The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 4, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A new poll has Herschel Walker leading in Georgia with 51%, meaning he would avoid a runoff.

2) DemoKKKrats in a panic as the Republicans took the lead in deep blue Miami-Dade County EARLY voting (never, ever happens).

3) And this: Saving Captain Sean, as NY Dem DNCC chair, has to put in $600,000 of campaign money to save his own seat.

4) Republican Don Bolduc has taken a 1.3% lead in the New Hampshire senate race.

5) DemoKKKrats must be totally panicking, dropping a stunning $45.9 million into 57 house races and ADDING NH02, IL06, NY25, and NM03.


6) New Kabul (NYC) is significantly underperforming compared to 2020 in turnout (only 37% of 2020).

7) President Trump has settled a lawsuit with so-called protesters who alleged his security team roughed them up in 2015.

-Apparently, not nearly enough cuz they brought the lawsuit, right?

8) Oh? There’s a link between so-called “climate change” and volcanic activity?

-Soon, they’ll be blaming “climate change” on the sun.

9) Yours truly featured on War Room with the “End of the Beginning.”

10) Remember a Little Birdie Told me? Now in CA-26 DemoKKKrat Julia Brownley’s own internal poll has her tied. Again, this is a Biteme +20 district. PS: Brownlee beat Jacobs in the open primary by 16 points!! I’d say things have tightened.

11) What could go wrong? The fine and upstanding CDC has softened rules for prescribing opioids because patients are “struggling” to access them.

12) Did Ebola also leak from a lab? Now scientists claim that a U.S.-funded biofacility may have caused the 2014 outbreak.

13) In the New Calcutta (LA) mayor’s race, the “Hollywood power brokers were mugged by reality.

-Well, let’s not go too far. But they do appear to be scared out of their giblets.

14) Who funds climate lawsuits? Pass through charitable grants, that’s who.

15) Our own Adam Carter notes that signature matches are the key to true election integrity. Course, my handwriting is so bad I don’t think an expert could match two of my signatures.[/embed]

16) If you only read one article, read this instead of mine: this is genius, but it starts really slow. Hang in. It’s worth it.



17) Mortgage applications have fallen half a percent from last week, but refinance applications have dropped 85% since last year.

18) Facistbook/Meta (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) having trouble with the “metaverse”; employees are being begged to use it.

19) Former failed U.S. president Zero was heckled when he said, “Republicans want an economy that’s very good for folks at the very top,” and someone yelled, “Like you.”

-Zero and Michael have at least three homes, a gazillion-dollar Netflix deal for a show no one watches, and the grift train that never ends.

20) How’s this for irony? France’s Duralex Glass company put its only furnace on standby due to . . . increasing energy costs.



21) The Bank of England has also raised its rates by 75 basis points, following the Fed.

22) Stupid headline proves pudgenugget so-called journalists exist everywhere: “Israel elections: Netanyahu election win propels far right to power.” Ever hear them say the “far left” was propelled to power—as in almost every other election?

23) I’d say this is a helluva lot of “election deniers” in Brazil.

24) Leftoid whackadoodles stage car hit-and-run attacks on peaceful pro-Bolsonaro protesters in Brazil. Gee, ya think it’s cuz they really know they lost?



25) Since no one watches these spoogehags in action, I’ll report this for you. View hostestette Sunny Hostin likens white women voting Republican to “roaches voting for Raid.”

-This is from the DemoKKKrat Party that has utterly destroyed the black family, turned inner cities into hellhole cesspools, and driven average women to the brink of bankruptcy. But again, no one watches these haglets, so there’s that.

26) Queen of the hoaxes, fake heiress Anna Sorokin, who was let out of jail by a judge, is under house arrest fighting deportation but still will host exclusive dinner parties of spudgemuffin lobotomized socialites at her East Village apartment.

-Thinking of that, maybe we need a new “View” of Anna Sorokin and Elizabeth Holmes called “The Grift?”


And finally...

27) And finally, well, he does have a point: “We can’t deny our history,” says a Mexican mayor building a $700,000 museum dedicated to drug trafficking.

-I can just see the Rutabaga’s museum. “Strands of hair from the 200+ young girls he fondled, The Hall of Lies, and a list of laws passed while he had total dementia and didn’t remember his middle name.



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