The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 1, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) One of the leading authorities on the China Virus, Dr. Peter McCullough, is being progressively stripped of his medical credentials. They won’t be happy, he says, until there is a “needle in every arm.”

2) The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has actually endorsed the Wizard of Oz, saying that Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, has an “impulse to conceal.”

3) Faux News affiliate KTVU-TV has retracted its report that Paul (“Mr. Botoxic”) Pelosi and his attacker were in their underwear. NBC has also retracted.

-It’s called, getting your story straight when Botoxic threatens your licenses.

4) Here is the actual criminal complaint. It does not mention underwear but says the two went upstairs cuz DePape wanted to take a nap. This is weirdorama. Mr. Botoxic wasn’t hit until the police arrived!

5) Illicit Mullah Omar, who married one of her relatives, has spent over $100,000 on Security after a call to defund the police.

6) Glenn Greenwald on the consortium imposing a growing censorship regime.

7) Black turnout, as a test case in Louisiana, is 5% lower than where it needs to be, while GOP turnout is up. In Nevada, an 8-point early vote lead in 2020 is just 3 points; nationally, 17 point early voting lead previously is only 12.

8) More: in the six OH counties won by Rutabaga, early vote applications down 4%, even though everywhere else, the numbers are up 2.7%.

9) Are True The Vote’s leaders going to jail for uncovering election fraud?

-Why yes. Yes, they are.

10) Here is the Rutabaga’s plans to censor free speech.

11) Speaking of the demented Rutabaga, where he is trying to feel up a young girl.

12) The raid on ABC journalist James Meek was not linked to his job, says the FascistBI. And, of course, we should believe those spoogenoodles.

13) A “Weekend at Bernies” scenario where an elderly DemoKKKrat congressman hasn’t been seen for weeks.

-Maybe he’s with James Gordon Meek.

14) AI can speak to animals in a breakthrough that “breaches the barrier of interspecies communication.” Experts warn humans could use this ability to manipulate animals.

-What, like this guy?

15) In questioning about the affirmative action case pending before the Supreme Court, new Justice Ketanji Jackson admits race must be the defining factor.

-Just as we always said it would be.

16) Chelsea Clinton, aka Shreklette, says she’ll do everything she can to make sure Trump isn’t president.

-Which is absolutely nothing.

17) Transoid wackadoodles were literally eating the Bible to protest Matt Walsh’s college event.

-Well, that’s one way to get the Word of God into these perverts.

18) Another poll points to DemoKKKrat annihilation on election night.




19) Consumer credit has risen 8.1% as savings cratered by nearly 60% year over year.

20) ShadowStats, which uses real economic data, not the “adjusted” government phony data, says we are headed for a “deepening economic downturn.”

21) Elon Musk fired the entire Twit board of directors and now is the sole director, sorta like Napoleon made himself First Consul.

-I like it.



22) A new study shows a wide swath of countries side with the Russkies over the west.

23) Some 44% of Aussies regret getting the vax, and 2/3 say measures were too heavy-handed.

24) Euro country's inflation now is at 10.7% overall, Germany at 11.6%.

25) Russian missile strikes—you know, the country that supposedly was losing the Uke war—have left Ukraine in darkness.

26) Shocked, I tell ya: some of the biggest supporters of Russkie sanctions are some of Russia’s biggest importers (Spain, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Germany, Norway). Biggest losers? US, Great Britain.



27)  “Strange structures” have been found inside Mars’s moon Phobos.

-What, like this?



28)  the Brit Parliament has debated vax safety and determined vaxxes are safe!

29) Another sad tale as bodybuilder and fitness author Doug Brignole dies at 63 after getting the booster.


30) A major study on lockdowns in Studies in Applied Economics shows there were no benefits from lockdowns when it came to stopping transmission of the China Virus.

-Told ya.

31) Are these the hidden messages that proved the China Virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab?


And finally...

32) And finally, a new study says picking your nose may raise the risk of dementia.

-Some of ya’ll are really in trouble.



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