Marco Polo: Sex and Drug-Related Crimes

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As the Marco Polo report lays out, Hunter's sex and drug-related addictions destroyed many of his relationships and led to compromising judgment in both his personal and business life. As with most addicts, addictive drug use causes chaos in every corner of the addict's life. Drug addiction, more often than not, leads to other self-destructive behavior. Hunter's circle of influence was not only insufficient to save him from his addictive behavior; it probably reinforced it.

Hunter's access to the influential elite gave him access to the kind of money and power of the privileged few. According to the Marco Polo analysis of the contents on the laptop, he broke laws and avoided the kinds of legal consequences most other people would face. Tragically, most of the time, his inner circle, his Secret Service, and even law enforcement rarely held Hunter accountable, serving only to perpetuate his addictive behavior. Evidence from the report shows his behavior may have compromised him and his powerful father with the potential for bribery and dirty dealings with world leaders, politicians, and foreign and domestic agents.

Garrett Ziegler's report refers to sex and drug-related crimes involving "international human trafficking and pimp networks" and "Biden family drug and alcohol addictions" documented "by the mainstream American press since 2009." Ziegler writes that the two sections are shorter in length because his team's "standard of inclusion" for "crimes committed" was a minimum of "two pieces of direct evidence."

Ziegler says he only wrote about sex-related crimes in the context of federal and state laws that were allegedly violated. "Redacted" nude photos are included only where they could serve as evidence. Footnotes state "with certainty" that Hunter spent more than $150,000 on sex-related crimes over a four-year period." According to Ziegler, Hunter and his drug dealers "used sex trafficking and other illegal pursuits in tandem with narcotics offenses. Ziegler estimates Hunter has spent "over 200k on drugs, just based on the contents of the laptop." These estimates are "merely a window" into his expenditures on his alleged addictions.

Section lll: Sex-Related Crimes

Hunter allegedly violated multiple federal and state laws related to his sexual exploits. Among those were alleged crimes pertaining to interstate commerce with prostitutes, prostitution offenses, frequenting a "house of ill fame," coercion and enticement, and procuring or solicitation of prostitutes. Ziegler listed the potential crimes in the tables below which are later discussed with evidence in order later in the report.

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The report states Hunter was "addicted to webcam" sites based on his "voluminous browser history, emails, and text messages." There are references to his own solicitation of prostitutes or solicitation of prostitutes through a network of "pimps." Phone records screenshots in the report, show text message subscription services "which alerted Hunter" to "sign-ins" of females from the various webcam sites. Evidence from the report also shows Hunter interacted with foreigners via webcam. The report documents he set his username on multiple sites "to mirror Genghis Khan's birth name 'Temujin' and 'temujin01'" and would often capture screenshots and screen recordings of his escapades.

Marco Polo/Hunter Webcam Sex/Screennames

The table below shows the dates and amounts Hunter allegedly spent on "just two of his favorite sex websites, and” Other sex sites are documented as well. According to the contents of the laptop, he regularly engaged in non-consensual pornography by "uploading non-consensual pornographic videos to the internet." Ziegler and his team say they called the women to confirm.

Marco Polo/Favorite Sex Websites/P. 229

According to the report, Hunter was known to solicit prostitutes "using a tool of interstate commerce: Craigslist." He allegedly also often paid for flights for prostitutes. The report also references payments for prostitutes with "prior convictions" and lists electronic sex-related payments from the laptop.

Photos from the report show Hunter often smoking crack cocaine while engaging in salacious activities with females in multiple locations, including The Jeremy and the Chateau Marmont Hotel, according to screenshots corroborating his location on his iPhone. Hunter sometimes sent large sums of money to women and in one instance, he "sent more than $25k to a married female from the Dominican Republic," according to financial documents Marco Polo found on the drive.

$25k to Female in DR/P.255

The report presents evidence showing Hunter used others to do his dirty work. For example, Hunter asked Michael Damien Elisaldez, a "wannabe music producer" and "Hunter's partner in the now-defunct Biden Enterprise, LLC," to help him secure suites and women. He also convinced him to "surreptitiously record Hallie Olivere Biden," according to the report. Hunter often leveraged funding and borrowed money to satisfy his "sexual appetites" and addictions. Ziegler also documents occasions when a former SS Special Agent-in-Charge (SAIC) of the Los Angeles Field Office "evidently ran interference for Hunter" to "presumably handle the fallout" from an overpayment to a foreign pimp."

Most people now know about Ashley Biden's diary. The report states, "page 25 of Ashley Biden's diary summed up the sexual proclivities of Joe's family. His daughter confessed to being [h]ypersexualized [at] a young age."

Ashley Biden's Diary/P. 359

Additionally, according to Ziegler, both Hallie's (Beau's widow) and Natalie's phones (Hunter's niece and Beau's daughter) were backed up to his laptop. Suggestive photos were located on the laptop as a result. It was those photos that allegedly "prompted Rudy Giuliani to give a copy of the hard drive to the police." The report contains many text messages between Hunter, Hallie, and his daughters, many of them frustrated over not having access to Natalie due to her mother's concerns about Hunter.

Hunter Texts/

The report states, Joe showed little interest in investigating Hallie's concerns for her daughter. Joe was allegedly aware of everything Hunter was doing, according to Rudy Giuliani. Documents show many in his family and close circle were aware that Hunter was "sexually inappropriate" with his niece. By law, they should have reported him to law enforcement.

Mandated Reporters/Pp.382,383

A 2020 OANN report below references Hunter's inappropriate behavior with his niece Natalie.

Drug-Related Crimes

Ironically, it was Joe Biden who came up with the name "drug czar" in 1982. According to the report, Joe played a leading role in crafting stricter sentences for drug offenders that, if applied equally, would have sent his own son and daughter to prison for decades." One day before Hunter dropped off his laptop at the Wilmington repair shop, "Joe acknowledged his central role in the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine," the report states. Hunter's "electronic drug-related payments" were on the laptop often under code names like "cleaning services" and "Flaking in DC after Joey's run. Really sucked."

Biden's role in Drug penalties/P.470

Hunter's drug-related crimes allegedly include but are not limited to; possession, drug abuse, and distributing or dispensing controlled substances. Per Ziegler, the tables corresponding to the would-be crimes are pictured below:

Drug-Related Crimes/Marco Polo Report/Pp. 400, 401

The report shows examples of Hunter's drug-related crimes. Some involve using while having his way with prostitutes, giving large sums of money for drugs to homeless crack addicts, buying 15+grams of crack cocaine, hot-boxed (smoking in a closet) with an unidentified male, and conspired to commit mail fraud with his crack dealer Voshawn Sample.

Through documented conversations, Hallie is shown to be very troubled, in and out of rehab for crack cocaine use—rehab that Hunter paid for on several occasions. The report states, he once paid for rehab at "Passages Malibu" to the tune of $57,000 "lump sum wire transfers he received from Ye Jianming's companies" and another time, he paid $45,000 for a stay at Caron, "an upscale rehab chain."

Rehab for Hallie/Hunter Pays with CCP linked funds/P. 419

The report alleges that Hunter often seems to hide or obscure his criminal behavior, using multiple methods to avoid culpability. The report details, he gave his "long-time drug dealer" "strict instructions" about meeting locations and concealed his identity with the entry "LA Transport" in his contact list. The report references Hunter would also send a Wells Fargo ATM code to his dealer, who would then withdraw cash also used the Apple Cash app to compensate his "drug mules." Information from the laptop shows Hunter had drug dealers in multiple cities and his "iMessage with a dealer from Rhode Island revealed that not only was Hunter consuming illegal narcotics, but he was also trafficking them."

Rhode Island/Dealer/P.444

The report alleges, "Hunter admitted to his psychiatrist during a phone call that he smoked crack cocaine with the then-sitting mayor of D.C., Marion Barry."

Smoking Crack with Marion Barry/Psychiatrist call/P. 436

Hunter may have seen himself as the family bagman because he often sent "articles about himself—and his role as the Biden family” bagman to Hallie. The report shows he once asked her, "[Do} you see anyone defend me?...[y]ou see one word of denial from dad[Joe} or his staff[?]."

The Ripple Effects of Drug Addiction

Hunter's alleged drug use may be linked to his perverse sex-related addiction because of its disinhibiting effect. The disinhibition, combined with the lack of accountability, may have reinforced a recursive cycle of destructive behavior. As per the report, he often went into "drug-induced rampage[s]" when threatened. His addiction, according to the report, caused "losses to a wide array of people—from U.S. military families and claims adjusters to a gun shop owner and a former Senate staffer for Joe." Hunter maintained bank accounts with USAA—"the provider of choice for the military community" even after he was "'less than honora[bly]' discharged from the military for cocaine use." The report references his having stolen from USAA by "submitting a verifiably false insurance claim." The report states that Hunter's aide, Joan Mayer, helped him lie to the insurance company.

The report shows Hunter evaded prosecution of crimes repeatedly and in one instance, "with the help of the SS and Shauna Stangi, who ran the Grace Grove Lifestyle Center," he evaded the police even though he had cocaine in his vehicle. Officials in Yavapai County, AZ, allegedly agreed not to prosecute. Ziegler's report also states that Hunter lied to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency in 2018, a felony offense, for not "satisfy[ing} the requirements listed on the ATF's Firearms Transaction Record." He answered "No" to the question about the use of controlled substances. He was never prosecuted.

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