The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 31, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) Decision Desk now has a prediction of a Republican Senate.

2) Pedophiles were hired at an Ohio haunted house despite the boss “knowing criminal history”

3) It appears that members of the Squad don’t like being called on their warmongering. Protestors cause Illicit Mullah Omar to melt down.

4) Bill “Stopped Clock” Maher admits recession prospects don’t look good, and people “were already losing a lot of money in the market.”

5) The FascistBI now wants 66 years before releasing the Seth Rich computer information. Evil turdblossoms.

6) Justice, but justice denied: after eight years of litigation, coach Joe Kennedy will get his job back. He better get back pay, interest, and all legal fees paid.

7) In Kollyfornia, a New Calcutta (LA) “bike lane to nowhere” symbolizes the state’s total dysfunction. Yep. Communism at its best.

8) A staffer for a DemoKKKrat congressman was fired after it was revealed he gathered info on other staffers for the ChiComs.

Fired? I think the word that is missing is “squad.”

9) Amit Jain is the alleged leaker in the Dobbs case, yet the corporate media will not release his name. Why are they protecting this Sotomayor clerk?

10) By the way, just a little source here—if you are interested in an ongoing summary of all vote fraud cases and lawsuits, go here: there are a couple.

11) Watch Arizona Governor-to-Be Kari Lake roast a CNN reporterette in three separate ways in 30 seconds. Wow.

12) It’s not enough that we attribute human expressions to animals. Now according to NPR (National Pavolovian Radio), NASA has “caught the sun smiling down on us.”

Wait til Venus pukes on us.

13) Zero, former president who still thinks he’s “all that,” gets into a verbal match with a heckler. Seems the useless former exec doesn’t get people to fall in line like he used to.

14) A Washington Compost reporter admits that the media is “afraid” to tell truths that anger the whackadoodle leftoids.

15) So far in vote-by-mail, the black numbers are down 68%. This implies a massive red wave, perhaps bigger than even I predicted.



16) Fascistbook (i.e., “Meta”—Meta means “death” in Hebrew) employees are reportedly under duress as Meta stock craters.

17) A poll says that 54% of adults say they have stopped or reduced their retirement savings contributions due to inflation.

18) Feelgood story of the day: Mark Zuckerberg, of Fascistbook/Meta (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) sank $36 billion into the company losing $30 billion so far. He has lost $88 billion of his $125 billion so far.

-How, tell me how he will be able to buy Halloween candy this year?

19) The personal savings rate is down almost 60%.



20) 149+ killed and over 100 injured in a Seoul Halloween crush disaster where 200,000 people pushed others down narrow alleys until they were crushed to death.

21) Global food concerns rise as Russia halts Ukraine grain deal.

-Oh? I thought the Ukes were winning the war? Why should anyone care then? (BTW, now the Ukes are denying the attack on the bridge. But I thought they brilliantly conceived the attack . . . unless it was a certain U.S. agency with three letters).

22) Speaking of the Russkies, who are supposed to be retreating, apparently dead soldiers and broken units launched a major assault on Vuhledar and Pavlivka.

23) Israel and Lebanon have opened their natural gas fields to each other.

24) Jair Bolisaro has lost his reelection bid in Brazil to a leftist whackadoodle by the smallest margin ever.

25) The Mounties are investigating Chinese “police” stations in Canada.

-Nothing to see here, folks. Just little ol’ Soros/Xi spying on Canadians.



26) The San Antonio Spurs cut their first-round lottery pick, Josh Primo, allegedly because he exposed himself to women.

Well, at least he didn’t do it on Zoom like Jeffrey Toobin-snake-boogie.

27) Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen have confirmed their divorce. He headed for the movies. Probably to watch “War of the Roses.”

28) Long-time drummer for the Dead Kennedys, D.H. Peligro, died at age 63 after a fall.

-Well, D.H., you made it longer than almost any of the Kennedys.



29) The China Virus came from a lab. The only question now is deliberate release as a weapon or accidental screwup with ChiCom acceleration as a weapon?

30) Here is a nice chart showing the number of stillbirths and miscarriages per year due to vax reactions. Anyone notice that two of these things are not like the others?


And finally...

31) And finally, the long-delayed Adele show in Las Vegas is finally going ahead, with tickets selling for $40,000 on the resale sites.

-Talk about inflation. I bought my ticket for $79 last week!





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