Marco Polo Report: Overview

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  • 09/19/2023

Garrett Ziegler and his Marco Polo nonprofit research group spent 13 months combing the data on Hunter Biden's laptop. Ziegler believes the laptop is "a modern Rosetta stone," meaning it "illuminate[s] previously convoluted network webs of the people leading the charge for global governance."  Moreover, it reveals a "legion of hangers-on and grifters" who relied upon Joe Biden and his family for "introductions, jobs, prestige, and access."

In the most comprehensive documentation of the laptop's contents to date, Ziegler alleges the contents "definitively implicate" President Biden and his family as having participated in hundreds of "crimes and conflicts of interest" involving money laundering and foreign collusion. Ziegler told UncoverDC that "no document is more thorough about the American first family." Ziegler has given the document to every member of Congress, hoping they will have no choice but to investigate the Bidens. The report is not just about the Biden Crime family, but rather it is about how people connected with them used the President and his family to gain access and power. The repercussions of Biden's dealings continue to play out on the world stage even today, with the potential to influence political decisions that could profoundly impact Americans.


Frustrated with the suppression of its contents and a lack of reporting on the laptop, the Marco Polo group began their review in September 2021. The Department of Justice and the FBI initially "took possession of an Apple laptop previously used by Hunter Biden" on December 9, 2019. The laptop had been in possession of a computer repair technician named John Paul Mac Isaac since April 2019, when it had been abandoned by Hunter. However, knowledge of the laptop and its salacious contents did not become public until right before the 2020 election when an October 14, 2020, New York Post article highlighting Hunter's emails appeared on Twitter. Investigative journalist Miranda Devine later wrote a best-selling book about the laptop, The Laptop from Hell. Devine has endorsed the report as "a thorough forensic on Hunter Biden's laptop."

Joe Biden and others used the media to claim the information was "Russian disinformation." Leaked videos and photos on social media of Hunter smoking crack, partying, and having sex with young women made its contents highly embarrassing to the Biden family. Twitter temporarily suspended the Post on its platform, censoring all references to the laptop. Other social media platforms quickly joined in to suppress all conversations about the laptop. Many now believe the suppression of its existence was election interference. Prior to the 2020 election, many people were completely unaware of the laptop's existence. Others mocked references to it, saying it was a crazy far-right conspiracy theory to damage Biden's candidacy.

The Report Overview

The contents of the laptop represent "over 200 gigabytes" of material. However, the Marco Polo group also compiled material from emails, former Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, John Paul Mac Isaac, and other whistleblower information. Hunter's $3,000,000 life insurance policy and his Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) were among the other documents on his laptop. Ziegler and his team were reportedly rigorous in their efforts to verify the information documented in the report, cross-checking public records and corroborating information wherever possible. The report contains extensive footnotes of the source material used to corroborate the contents on the laptop. On page 31 of the report is a timeline of the laptop "saga" beginning in 2010 when Mac Isaac first registered his business in Delaware. The timeline documents many of Hunter's cocaine offenses, his escapades, and business dealings such as Rosemont Seneca and Burisma with business partner Devon Archer in Ukraine, where they "leverage[d] Joe's position as the public face of the U.S. administration's policy in Ukraine" while he was Vice President.

Marco Polo Report/Ziegler/P. 31 Timeline

The contents of the 644-page report are organized by seven headings "in order of their relative importance to the American Citizenry." The seven sections are labeled; Background, Business-Related Crimes, Sex-Related Crimes, Drug-Related Crimes, Influence Peddling, Legal Accountability, and Conclusion. Beginning on page 573, the Endnotes section of the report contains an affidavit from Mac Isaac, various family and "political mafia" trees with photos, statements from "bureaucrats and spooks," receipts for sex toys, pictures and artwork of Hunter's salacious behavior, text messages, and quotes from Hunter Biden.

UncoverDC will cover the Marco Polo report on Hunter's laptop with a series of columns focusing on the Biden family crimes and legal accountability. Ziegler and his team investigated the laptop to expose corruption and to "lessen any potential blackmailer's power, as the threat of disclosure is no longer in the arsenal." However, the fact that the laptop's contents are now allegedly fully disclosed does little to minimize the fact that Hunter's "sexual sins, drug abuse, and business-related crimes" and "evidence of Joe's obvious cognitive decline are likely in the hands of every sophisticated foreign intelligence agency on the globe."

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