The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 19, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) The Wall Street Journal is only somewhat on our side. When it says, “Brace yourself for a Republican Wave,” it’s really a warning, “Look out! MAGA is coming!!”

2) New Not-a-DemoKKKrat Tulsi Gabbard flew into Phoenix to campaign with Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

-Mark this down: Gabbard will make a small difference in some campaigns, but she will never, ever hold another elective office.

3) Next to Arizona, this is the most important AG race in the nation, as GOPer Jim Schultz is tied with the evil swagmagger Keith Ellison in Minnesota.

4) Yikes. The Heritage Foundation has rated the U.S. military as “weak” for the first time. Course, I don’t think they were giving out ratings in 1929 when the military was smaller than the Post Office and was using obsolete weapons.

5) Some 26% of Americans are absolute zombified analcrunchers as they think Biteme should run again. Fortunately, 60% say “Nyet” to Rutabaga Redeux.

6) Chris Magnus, Biteme’s border chief, sleeps in meetings, skips going to the White House—ok, I can sympathize with that—and badmouths colleagues as illegal crossings have hit historic highs.

7) Four Oklahoma men who vanished while riding bikes were actually out to commit a crime before they were found shot and dismembered. Maybe the founder of Peloton?

8) A 12th man has become the latest to die after being shoved in front of an NYC subway train.

9) The Rutabaga thinks Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, is an “impressive individual” who is as “capable as ever.” Of course, compared to him, a bottle cap is capable.

10) And just when you think people like Rutabaga and Fetterman Massacre are stupid, listen to this Harvard Ph.D. Neil DeGrasse Tyson who thinks nukes are no big deal—just a bigger conventional weapon.

artwork by Anthony Freda

11) Too funny. Here come the excuses: DemoKKKrats worry they peaked too early ahead of the midterms.

12) Boston researchers have created a super China Virus that is vastly more deadly than the China Virus.

13) Gender-destroying chest surgeries (mostly mastectomies) have increased among teens by 500%.



14) After announcing they would rely on liquified natural gas (LNG) from other nations to fill the energy void left by Russia, Euros discover they don’t have enough port facilities and loading slots to handle them.


15) The Manhattan Contrarian reminds us, “ya cain’t make green energy from . . . green energy.”

16) Halloween candy costs have soared by 13%. Before long, people are gonna have to hand out lumps of coal. Wait . . . .

Joe Biden Chocolate Coins

17) Biteme to release more oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. It ain’t workin’, pinchdimple. Your little tricks ain’t workin’.

18) Cadillac’s $300,000 electric “Celestiq” gets only 300 miles per charge. In Texas, that’s often just a run to the grocery store.

19) The U.S. housing market is in a “disastrous” free fall after the homebuilder confidence survey dropped to its lowest level in a decade: “no bottom yet.”



20) In France, four Algerian migrants were arrested for the brutal rape and murder of a 12-year-old Paris girl who was found in a suitcase.

-But “muh diversity.”

21) Australia has dropped its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.



22) A black hole is releasing strange burps, baffling scientists. Likely cutting loose a bunch of liberal moochdouchers that it didn’t need.

23) U.S. officials have high confidence UFOs are not American but have no idea whose they are. Ya think this guy may be engaging in secret experiments?

24) Speaking of foreign bodies, “bizarre blue blobs” are hovering over earth’s atmosphere . . . but what are they? Did Stacey M1 Abrams take a balloon ride?



25) A massive car collection 70 years in the making is up for auction.

-What are they asking for my 69 Super Sport Camaro?

26) Gotta hand it to Rod: the rocker Rod Stewart found a Uke family of seven a home in the UK and pledged to pay their rent and bills for a year. At least he puts his money where his mouth is.

As he said, “Every Picture Tells a Story, Don’t it?”

27) The 88 million pound sterling Netflix series with Megxit and the Ginger Duke has been delayed a year because, well, they are just soooooo popular.



28) 80 anti-vax bills have been introduced in state legislatures. This is step one. Recognize and repeal. Step two will be a move to end the immunity and get these slockdoggers in Nuremberg trials.

29) And yet, at the same time, the CDC’s advisory committee on immunization practices (ACIP) recommended adding the vax to childhood vax programs. Way to go, douchenozzles: you’ve just now turned more than half the population into vax skeptics of all vaxxes. Anyone wanna bet the total percentage of vaxxed kids begins to fall?


And finally...

30) And finally, I missed it: yesterday was national chocolate cupcake day. Was this too big to qualify?



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