Woke Culture is Shite

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  • 09/19/2023

The woke culture being promoted today by the regime’s media and pansy corporations is utter shite. This new shite culture has penetrated nearly every aspect of our civilization. From kindergarten grooming of children to “sexy” underwear ads to college sports to the military, woke culture is in our faces daily. Gender Dysphoria and Critical Race Theory are promoted, celebrated, and pushed into every nook and cranny. The goal seems to be the destruction of Western Civilization.

Every day I see new places I would have never guessed this shite culture could enter. Yesterday I was reviewing the rewritten By-Laws produced by a law firm for my condominium and found this shite:

Plurality; Gender. Wherever the context so permits, the singular includes the plural, the plural includes the singular, and the use of any gender includes all or no genders.

What? No! I don’t condone this shite. As President of the Board of Directors, I will call for a vote—The legal documents of this Association shall incorporate the fact that there are two English pronouns for the two human genders, “he” and “she.”

Apparently, I need to forward this meme to our condo attorney. And perhaps to my State legislators who wrote the Condominium Law, as some of the shite in the new documents was mandated by politicians in Tallahassee telling us how to run our home. Check your pants, sir.

In other shite cultural happenings, biological males are now openly competing in women’s top-level college sports by simply claiming to be a “woman.” A man by the name of “Lia” won an NCAA swimming competition as the “Jackie Robinson of Trans Sports.” Biological male Lia competing with women was fully condoned by his university, supposedly to promote “gender inclusion.”

No, Lia, you are no Jackie Robinson, a hero breaking down bad cultural barriers in 1947. Dude, you are no hero to me or spokesman for the American culture I want to live in, even though I wish I had shoulders like you.


“Cheater” is the kindest term that comes to mind for Lia. What is the name of the woman who trained all her life toward participating in this top-level swim competition—the woman Lia had the balls to kick out? Destroying women’s sports is just another fun side effect of the shite culture promoters.

There are about 37 trillion cells in the human body. Each one shows if a person is a man or a woman (setting aside the minuscule number of intersex cases). “Identifying” as something different from 37 trillion facts doesn't change reality. Males have a Y chromosome, while females do not. This isn’t hard, folks.

“You can ignore reality, but you can not ignore the consequence of ignoring reality.” - Ayn Rand

Wear whatever clothes you want, and pick the name you want. Fine, I could care less. But don’t tell me to use a pronoun that is obviously wrong or one that is not even English. I am not going to participate in this shite culture. I am not going to misgender someone by referring to an obvious human male as “she.”

A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. “He” and “she” are English words with a defined meaning, one that refers to 37 trillion facts. Men cannot get pregnant, even if I’d lose my Twitter account for tweeting this fact.

Though the new shite culture is all around us today, it isn’t necessary to adopt it. It isn’t necessary to support those who adopt it. It isn’t necessary to allow your children to grow up indoctrinated in it. I am not going along with this shite.

Recognition of the problem is the first step psychologically. Then rejection, then the determination of solutions, then action. Reject what you know is wrong. Refuse to participate. Call them out. Expose the shite.

The people and organizations promoting this culture are also in control of politics and hence are in control of the government. Shite culture is now in Congress and in the White House. It’s in the Army, the Department of Education, and the FBI. To fix D.C. requires fixing culture. Fixing the culture requires sound philosophy.

Voting as a solution is working from the downstream end upwards; likely hopeless. It is trying to fix politics when the problem is derived from bad culture and rooted in bad philosophy. It is pushing on a rope. We need good philosophy to promote good culture. Downstream politics will then follow.

In 1776 the dominant philosophy and the downstream culture in America supported individual rights, responsibility, and limited government. Truth and reality were highly valued. The Founders would have considered it ludicrous for the government not to know what the difference between a man and a woman is. The government, politics, and Washington D.C. produced by this philosophy and culture was sound, just, moral, and based on objective reality.

Fix the culture by promoting good philosophy—or give it up as a problem of irreconcilable differences and divorce. A large part of America adamantly opposes this shite. The question is if we can remain a union with such stark cultural differences.

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