As Deadly Hospital COVID Protocols Continue, So Does the Censorship

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  • 09/19/2023

Despite a growing effort to spread the word about the lethality of hospital COVID-19 protocols—which are still in place today—the controversial medicine Remdesivir remains the only antiviral drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat COVID-19 for hospitalized patients. What is driving these contentious treatment protocols, which incorporate death-inducing Remdesivir? With the Biden administration's public health emergency still in place, a coalition of advocates is exclaiming, "follow the money." 

With money flowing in from the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security), it is a logical assumption that financial incentives from the government are a driving factor behind the deadly hospital protocols, especially when the protocols involve lethal drugs like Remdesivir—a drug condemned as being a safe COVID-19 treatment by numerous professionals. Presently, professionals like doctors, lawyers, first responders, concerned citizens, faith leaders, and families that have lost loved ones to the cruel hospital protocols are taking a firm stand to say they've had enough. And although heavily censored by the Pfizer-controlled mainstream media, the voice of those against the ongoing draconian COVID-19 procedures that are undoubtedly attempting to open the door to a new world order is getting louder. Putting the disaster into perspective, the TN Liberty Network's AJ DePriest explained:

"Over a million people are reported to have died from COVID in hospitals. But they didn't die from COVID; they died from the hospital protocols."

One such group of advocates, led by Cast for Truth and Freedom and Medical Freedom Coalition's Nick Caturano, is holding a press conference on Thursday, October 13, 2022, in Kissimmee, FL, to bring attention to the untold atrocities of COVID-19. The conference will provide the opportunity to again sound the alarm on the catastrophe that continues to unfold—specifically the "oppressive attacks against not only Floridians but all U.S. citizens"—and be a platform where individuals can share personal stories. Likewise, Caturano will give an update on his lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company. The press release for the event states in part:

"For too long, many families have been grieving and suffering in silence demanded of them by the federal government, media, and most public platforms of communication. Floridians suffering these cruelties have been denied justice, laughed at or retaliated against for telling the truth, and told their experiences not only are unimportant but are untrue.

With overwhelming data and information that these victims' stories are true and are, in fact, the experience of millions of Americans across the country, it is time to start asking the difficult questions many are thinking but are too scared to face."

Undoubtedly, the recent bombshell revelation that Pfizer did not know whether its COVID jab prevented transmission of the virus when it began injecting the shots around the globe reinforces how critical it is that, with full transparency, humanity is presented with the truth behind the medical treatments being forced upon them. With that in mind, Caturano and his outstanding group of humans are frustrated by the roadblocks they face regarding Thursday's press conference. Specifically, Caturano shared with UncoverDC that on Wednesday, PR Newswire refused to publish the group's press release.

As the lack of scientific data behind the COVID jabs becomes more evident, the list of severe adverse events gets longer, and innocent patients continue to be subjected to deadly profit-driven hospital protocols, the eReleases Team at PR Newswire carelessly referenced "unproven COVID claims" as one of the reasons it is unable to distribute the press release. In an email informing Caturano of their decision, the eReleases Team also noted: "threatened litigation/commentary on a public company" related to Caturano's suit against Disney as a reason for not publishing the release. A frustrated Caturano shared his coalition's spot-on response back to PR Newswire (owned by Platinum Equity), which stated:

"Respectfully, the bases for your breach of our contract are unsubstantiated, and this has caused significant harm to our event. Note that Pfizer has admitted this week to the EU that the COVID shots were untested for the main purpose for which they have been mandated: prevention of the spread of COVID. See attached article that addresses this admission by Pfizer in more detail. Additionally, the lack of testing has been public knowledge from the FDA, at minimum, since late 2020. 

As for legal challenges, please note that the litigation against Disney is currently filed, so this is public record information: Andreas, et al. v. The Walt Disney Company et al., Case No. 2022-CA-001697 OC). We would appreciate your reconsideration of your improper breach of our contract and disseminate our press release asap."

It would be a massive step in the right direction for PR Newswire to reverse course and send out Caturano's press release. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing, that has not happened. You can watch Thursday's Press Conference—titled Your Story Counts—here, beginning at 11:30 am ET.

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