ICAN’s Dashboard: Lawsuits Finally Produce CDC V-Safe Data

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  • 09/19/2023

After two lawsuits filed by Siri & Glimstad on behalf of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), the Network finally has its first set of data from the CDC's v-safe program. The law firm's October 3 press release stated, "following months of legal wrangling, the CDC finally capitulated in a court order that required it to produce this data." A formal legal request to the CDC was submitted in June of 2021.

The data is "voluminous," so ICAN generated a dashboard to make it easier for users to sift through the data on the reported side effects and "negative health impacts" of the COVID-19 vaccine. Both Del Bigtree and lawyer Aaron Siri announced the user-friendly dashboard on Monday.

According to the court order, the CDC was required to produce the "non-exempt portions" of the v-safe data "on or before September 30, 2022." In addition, the court ordered a deadline of October 14, 2022, for "the outstanding portion of Plaintiff's FOIA request and will file with the Court a joint status report that proposes any additional deadlines that the parties determine are necessary for the resolution of this matter."

CDC's V-safe Data Collection with a Smartphone

The CDC collected the data from "tens of millions of v-safe participants between December 14, 2020, and July 31, 2022." It was agreed that no personally identifiable information would be provided. Fields that allowed free-text responses were also omitted from the release of data to protect the privacy of the v-safe users. The CDC announced the launch of v-safe in December 2020.

V-safe is available by smartphone and allows users to report "how they feel" after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Users may register at vsafe.cdc.gov to begin the process of reporting symptoms. Incidentally, the CDC has also added a contractor in May of 2021 named Abt Associates to collect data on pregnancy and birth outcomes to allegedly "provide weekly data to the CDC to inform CDC analyses." The CDC awarded Abt Associates "an $18 million, one-year contract to expand the v-safe COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry."


ICAN's Legal Team Obtains First Traunch of V-safe Data

ICAN's legal team, led by attorney Aaron Siri, has obtained "over 144 million rows of health entry data" from 10,094,310 users. According to the press release obtained by UncoverDC:

"Out of the approximate 10 million individuals that registered and submitted data to v-safe, 782,913 individuals, or over 7.7% of v-safe users, had a health event requiring medical attention, emergency room intervention, and/or hospitalization. Over 25% had an event that required them to miss school or work and/or prevented normal activities."

There were also 71 million reports of symptoms in the pre-populated fields. Approximately 13,000 infants under 2 were registered for v-safe, according to ICAN's press release. 33,000 symptoms in the infants "were significant enough to report."

ICAN also discovered "a disproportionate amount of negative health impacts, including medial events, following the Moderna vaccine versus the Pfizer vaccine." Women seemed to be more negatively impacted than men, a finding that is "consistent with Pfizer's post-authorization safety report that was sent to the FDA." Notably, the legal team also had to obtain that report by lawsuit.

The press release also stated it is important to remember that the released data is not particularly nuanced. Rather, the data produced reflects input from "pre-populated fields within v-safe" that only allows users to input a prescribed number of options from which to choose. As previously referenced, text fields are provided to users, and those fields may well contain additional useful information. However, that information was withheld to protect the privacy of users. The legal team is currently litigating to obtain more detailed information.

The ICAN Dashboard

The ICAN Dashboard is two pages of interactive official CDC data, allowing users to filter and sort various categories. Page one looks at reports of "V-safe COVID Vaccine Adverse Health Impacts." Page two allows users to look at "V-safe COVID Vaccine Symptoms." Both pages or charts allow users to click on various items; charts, drop-down menus, and graphs. There are multiple ways to sort information according to user preference. There is information on the various vaccine brands and their comparative impact on the health of individuals. One can sort by race and gender, adverse health impacts, symptoms, the timing of the symptoms, and more. In addition to the Dashboard, ICAN provided raw data in five zip files that site users can download locally.

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Bigtree and his partnership with ICAN have provided an important voice during the pandemic for the need for informed consent in relation to all vaccines, not just the COVID-19 vaccine. ICAN has championed medical freedom by winning several hard-won pivotal lawsuits on behalf of individuals who wish to know more about the potential harm resulting from man-made diseases.

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